Lighting The Fuse To Set The Universe Ablaze

(A collab by Indie and Crimsin)

Tunnel vision, indecision, here we go again
Down that dark path where dreams have blown out
And tempers have blown up
Shattering the stars into oblivion
Leaving nothing but an empty universe
Where the silence lights me up in black
And I can't remember what supernovas looked like

A twisted maze where the stars have all glazed over
Like the depths of my mind
Leaving holes in the universe
That once left me full of wonder
Now just cold dead rocks.
Angry venom rolls off the tip of my tongue
“Fuck you”, for being just a void in my life
Once you sparkled and left me in delight
Where now you’re tripping me up, shackling my feet

And they're watching us as we're going under
Like we're 5 cent circus freaks
Shackled to desolate desperation
And the universe is just a stage for hire
Our lives nothing more that entertaining pandemonium
For those that get their kicks
Watching beauty drown
And I'd reach out if I could reach you
Take your hand and pull you out
Of this black hole that's sucked us in
To the lowest depths of our despair

I look to you and finally see the stars
Reflected in your eyes, mesmerizing me
You turn the key to the shackles of rage and enslavement
Reach into my soul with tender love
Hiding us from prying eyes
We are no longer circus show freaks
Lovers we are with the wind at our back
You unveil my eyes, and then I, yours
We are free lovely one to see the cosmos once more

For here we can forget the darkness that rode us to insanity
And I know, that for a time, the world can be set right
I am alive in the warmth of your gaze
And your winged embrace, for beneath the filth
And pandemonium of the empty stars and
Circus freaks for hire, we are more than the colours
They paint us with. I see myself as you do
Where I am beautiful, untainted by the black hole
I spent an eternity gazing into searching for an escape

We ride through the supernova to the other side
Where meddling eyes can't touch us
Goddesses we are, my beautiful love
Free from the madness of Earth
Where our hearts are misunderstood
We’re now standing proud clothed in the stars
That once blinked out for us
Black holes can't reach us with their soul sucking nature
No more indecision can cloud our vision of truth
We have weathered the scorn and hatred they spat at us
Lecherous leeches who just wanted a piece of our glorious beauty
Breathe in the free air
As we ride our love through the heavens
Our hearts and eyes wide open

© Indie Adams & Crimsin 2012
Written by Indie (Miss Indie)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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