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The Serafino Christmas Reunion

- The Serafino Christmas Reunion -

   If it had been a chilly autumn, the year of the greatest ever Samhain celebration ever undertaken by the Serafino family... the winter was downright cold. Cold, dreary and miserable by any standards of proper weather evaluation. And yet, to speak truthfully, the family loved it! Mostly because it gave the lot of them an excuse to host a family reunion in which some of their more distant relatives could come over for an extended visit without drawing too much attention from more... normal... people. At least normal by the common social and moral standards of that world. After all, this was a family that had no use for common definitions of anything! And so we see that very close to the week of Christmas, on a day when snow blanketed the entire property outside of the great old mansion that the Serafino family called home, and the dead trees were covered with frost and ice upon their skeletal looking branches... with delicately clear icicles hanging from the roof in places... upon just such a time of the cherished and celebrated month of December, the children of the family were beginning to get very excited for the arrival of Uncle Krampus. Now, yes, most children would honestly prefer a visit from Santa Claus on Christmas evening! But not in this family. Besides... Krampus was, after all, a relative and out of the lot of people who oft showed up for the family's reunions it was his visit that made the children the most excited of all! After all, there was the promise that if they misbehaved all year long he would punish them in a spectacularly brutal fashion. And that was something these children found to be a romantic and delightful prospect! Something of the olden days, and of the old country, to look forward to. It was a windy night, on this particular night we are just now chancing upon, and the fireplaces in the mansion were blazing with fire and flame, with burning embers and crackling firewood. The cook was busy in the kitchen preparing Christmas treats such as cookies and cakes, and those would have not been out of place in any home during this heartwarming season. The usual Christmas stories were read in the living room, typically by the mother, Vandella... whom everyone simply called Vanda for short. For those not in the way of knowing, Vanda was not quite human. Point of fact, she was actually a vampire, and an exceedingly ancient one at that! Everyone knew it... you could tell, honestly... and it was just accepted as wholly normal to the Serafino family. I mean, when your two boys are both werewolves and your two daughters are... something wholly otherworldly... it does not do to think strange of the mother. She was, after all, a loving and devoted parent despite her occasional thirst for blood and souls! And she was happily married to the man of her dreams, a fine Italian gentleman named Antonio Serafino, who always insisted on being called simply Anton. Although it was debatable whether he was Italian by way of blood or by way of inclination. Like Vanda, he was exceedingly old as far as supernatural beings go, and though both appeared young and in their prime still... they could remember things that would make most historians jealous to learn the whole of. And they treated such memories as if they were nothing really, like recalling what you might have been doing over the last weekend. It was, to them, old times!

   Vanda looked especially beautiful this evening, dressed as she was in a long, flowing Victorian dress that was the very height of fashion back when it was still that era. The dress was all red and green, with billowing sleeves and a plunging neckline that was totally Vanda's own addition to the dress... it would have been quite scandalous back in the Victorian era. And she was always quite fond of a good scandal! But this was modern times now, and the need for Victorian modesty was a need no longer. She wore a comfortable pair of black fuzzy slippers on her feet, and had about her neck a pentagram pendant on a silver chain necklace, and the pendant had a red ruby in the middle of the inverted star. Her coal black hair was long and flowing, cascading down her back like an ebony curtain. Her eyes were a pale blue, the palest that is possible for a person to have, and she had naturally reddish tinted lips which made the need for any kind of lipstick almost unnecessary for her. She was tall, slim but not skinny, and had very dusky colored skin. She had a perfect hourglass figure, with generous hips and quite voluptuous breasts.

   Her husband always complimented her on her fine bone structure, and she could not help but find it easy to smile, often mischievously, whenever he was around. Given he was wholly obsessed with her, he was around quite a lot of the time indeed! Typically with his hands all over her. Her lips were full and she oft pouted when she wanted to get her own way. So it was on this occasion, as she sat upon the comfortable couch in the living room and made her best pout face to her husband who was standing by the fireplace looking somewhat distracted. He was happy to be around her, as he ever was, but on this evening there was clearly something that he was obsessing about. He was a handsome man, and some might have even called him beautiful in his own way. He wore a blood red suit that was the epitome of Victorian menswear, with an elegant jacket and a black silk undershirt. He always had a fondness for the feel of silk, and it was actually something of a fetish he had, which was why Vanda made certain to only wear silk undergarments, which pleased her husband greatly whenever they got intimate. Which to be honest was beyond frequent, and some days almost constant. He could be downright perverse too, and that was something Vanda always found to be highly endearing about him! The man was, by his outward appearance, much like an albino with pale white skin. But his hair was blue-black in color, and he wore it shoulder-length and slicked back. His eyebrows were immaculately plucked, and quite a few women would be jealous of how perfectly shaped they were. His body was wholly without hair upon it anywhere save for his head and his eyelashes, and his eyes were red in color. Most people simply had a mind to assume he had some form of albinism, at least until they saw how strong and healthy he acted. At that point, they scratched their heads and likely just found him to be unusual. A rare case, one out of countless who did not find themselves nearly as lucky or blessed as he appeared to be! He was slim and his face had somewhat predatory features to it, but all in all he was not unpleasant to look upon. He had a proper sensibility to him, and was a gentleman to most everyone. Even his wife, sometimes! When he was not treating her like his wanton whore, with her loving every single minute of it. He seemed to be appearing a bit more careworn at present, and tired of pouting Vanda skipped very childishly over to him and squeezed his butt playfully before throwing her arms around him and licking and biting one of his earlobes in a display of hungry affection. “Lover dear! Whatever is on your mind tonight? I mean, the children are all playing in the dungeons, anticipating the arrival of their uncle on Christmas evening and the cook is baking some truly delicious smelling treats... I do hope she remembers to add the fresh blood into the mix, and not the stale stuff!... so I cannot imagine whatever could be wrong. Tell me, my noble prince of the shadows! And I promise, I will most definitely not be good.” and that elicited from him a sudden fiendish smile, the kind of smile that would make the Devil proud. He said in his usually refined and gentlemanly tone of voice: “I was just thinking about my brother is all! It has been do long since Krampus came by for a visit... most years I just hire someone to dress the part and them we end the Christmas festivities by sacrificing the poor fellow to the dark ancient gods of old. But this year, we cannot do that of course! Since I do love my brother, and have no desire to cut his heart out no matter how much I do love a good blood sacrifice. I hope he has been well is all... and that he plays nicely with the children. He does tend to be a bit overzealous this time of year!” to which Vanda whispered to him: “Oh, my fell lover! It will be just fine... and if you must obsess over something, let me give you this...” and she then reached one of her hands around her husband's front and felt him between the legs, which resulted in him becoming almost instantly aroused. He spun her around and kissed her mouth with as much voracious hunger as she had whenever she smelled blood. “Time to play, little girl!” he said to her in a tone that sounded every bit as creepy as he intended for it to. “Yes, daddy! I've been naughty all year long... and definitely like what is in the package I just felt.” And that was all it took to get them in the mood to go at it upon the floor in front of the fireplace... the maid would have to wash the bearskin rug later on, but she was used to it by now. “Ah, Vanda my love! Silk bloomers... you know how much that gets me going.” Anton could be heard to say as he pulled them off from her, ravishing her roughly.

   Whilst their parents were engaged in their usual debauched and depraved behavior, the children were indeed playing happily in the dungeons below the mansion, in particular the ones accessible behind a certain old and at one time off-limited secret door in the basement. Nothing was off limits any longer! And so the torture chambers from the old country... rebuilt brick by brick in their new home here in the United States of America... saw plenty of new use. At present, the two boys were busy trying out some of the more horrid devices upon each other, whilst the two twin sisters were debating how to surprise them at some opportune moment. The oldest of the two boys was the sadistically cruel Vito, who was fourteen years old and pretty much the exact image of his father. For tonight, he wore a pair of black knee-length knickers paired with a blood red silk blouse that was actually a girl's blouse. However, it was no secret that Vito had inherited his father's fetish for the material and he actually looked lovely in the blouse... so his sisters never teased him about it. His brother Anthony, whom everyone called Tony for short, was a great deal more effeminate looking due to having been born a hermaphrodite. Try as he sometimes did to fit in as a boy, Tony was increasingly more and more finding living as a girl to be a lot more to his liking, and his entire family supported him in doing so. He still wanted to be called a boy, however, so no one changed his pronouns yet although his mother was sure they would need to before too much longer once Tony made the decision to fully embrace his feminine inclinations more definitely. Tony was twelve years old, and resembled his mother to an almost uncanny degree! One odd little secret was that Vito found Tony to be very attractive because of this... after all, Vito was totally his father's boy and like his father he found the type of girl that Tony presented as to be very much to his tastes. Tony was Vanda's favorite of the two boys, and she oft spoiled him with pretty dresses and jewelry, and pretty scented perfumes. At present, Tony... who wished for Vito to call him by the name of Antonia rather than Tony... was wearing a pretty green girl's dress which was knee-length, which had short puffy sleeves and a delicate scarlet red ribbon around the waist which was tied in a big bow in the back. Red silk bloomers peeked out below the skirts of the dress, which came down to the ankles, and upon Antonia's feet were soft green slippers. Antonia's hair was long and held back with a red hair band that looked lovely on the child. Tony... rather, Antonia... had the exact same raven black hair of Vanda, and Vito had the blue black hair of their father. Vito's hair had turned that color following Halloween, whereas before it had been the same color as Antonia's. Like his father, Vito kept his eyebrows plucked and shaped perfectly, as did Antonia now. Both of them had their father's red eyes, but other than such details as that, they were not identical twins, quite unlike their sisters. But they were very, very close as far as siblings go. At present, perhaps too close! Antonia was chained to a stone slab, and Vito was looking his sibling over approvingly. “You look beautiful tonight, Antonia!” Vito said, licking his lips lustfully as he pulled up his sibling's skirts to regard Antonia's silk bloomers. “Very, very fine and lovely indeed!”  Vito menacingly said, running his hands over the soft material of the undergarments that Antonia wore. “You know how much I love the feel of silk!” Vito hissed, to which Antonia was very noticeably blushing. “Oh Vito! You are such a bad, bad boy.” and Antonia licked his lips in a way that was playful and in answer to Vito's own lip licking. “You have no idea how bad I can be!” Vito so said after that, before running his hands over just between Antonia's legs. Vito kissed Antonia in a very savage way just then, and it really would be better not to relate what passed between them after that. But suffice it to say... Vito did not ever brutally bully his sibling quite as much anymore, and the two became almost inseparable following their forbidden tryst in the dungeons. Their parents, noticing how the pair resembled they themselves so much, totally approved! Nothing to the Serafino family was off limits, after all. You could say that Vito and Antonia had fallen madly, passionately in love with each other, and since incest was not uncommon in their family they would following that moment engage in it with increasing frequency. The twin sisters, however intrigued by seeing this as they were, got busy speculating on what the visit from Uncle Krampus was going to be like when Christmas evening came.

   The twin sisters looked like two ethereal little ghosts. They had the blue black hair of their father, and inherited his albino-like appearance. They had, however, the precisely identical eye color as Vanda had, which if anything increased the otherworldly aspects of their appearance. The two little girls were both the same age, both thirteen, and despite how identical they appeared to be the two girls were opposites in almost every imaginable way except when they plotted together. The girls names were Christina and Maria, and at present they were long green muslin dresses with red bloomers peeking out from beneath their skirts. The dresses' sleeves were long and fully with frilly cuffs, and around their waists the twins wore red sash belts the same color as their bloomers. A match for the pretty ribbons they wore in their long wavy hair. They also wore ankle-length socks, black of course, tucked into red dress shoes. Their outfits would have not been out of place on porcelain dolls, that is just the style they were, very much Victorian and more modest than the sorts of styles their mother favored. Antonia would be wearing the same or similar types of dresses more often in the coming months, and soon the Serafino family would be losing a brother in Tony but gaining a third sister in Antonia. The twins were not in the least bit of the sort that would be jealous, and instead they looked forward to letting Antonia join in their games... and in their schemes too. Normally, everyone in this family wore black or red or some combination of both, but this was the holiday season, and almost Christmastime, so that meant being festive. Chrsitina remarked to Maria: “Well, sister mine, do you think that Krampus will have gifts for us... or do you suppose he will just have to punish us? I mean, we have been very, very bad all year long!” to which Maria replied: “I think he is going to probably hurt us very badly.” but Christina found that thinking to be far too gloomy even for her macabre tastes and stated: “He'd better not! I mean, that is usually more Vito's job... hurting family members badly I mean.” and the two debated in this way for some time, as they inspected the tools of torture that were laid out upon one old wooden table in the corner. Maria did like this one scalpel quite a bit, and said to Christina regarding it: “That old thing is rusty... we'll have to steal some new ones from the hospital the next time we send one of our visitors there.” to which her sister giggled and remarked: “Halloween was fun this year, wasn't it! So much blood, so much carnage, so much dark, evil energy unleashed. I simply don't know how we are going to outdo it come that time next year! I suppose we will just have to get creative is all. Nothing else for it.” and with that said, the two sisters sneaked off into a dark side room and spent some time exploring each other's bodies and experimenting with each other in sensual ways. There was something lusty in the air that night, and it was affecting everyone in the family. The servants did not notice, and were the only ones to be wholly unaffected by whatever it was as they went about their duties with dignity and professionalism. Pretty much the whole family suspected the twins were a budding lesbian couple anyway, and so as with the romance that was dawning between Vito and Antonia no one found anything about it to be a matter in need of discussion. The servants would discover the children in the midst of their playtime later, and would of course inform their parents what they had all been up to... but that would be the extent of it. “They're our children, alright!” Anton would say to Vanda, and they'd be as proud of parents as ever.

   The wind was picking up strongly outside, as a snowstorm blew in from the northeast, and the boards of the old house were creaking loudly at times. It was a spooky sound... and one that the Serafino house had heard countless times previously. Sometimes, it was drowned out by the screams of visitors who in turn became victims... but for the most part like the screams it was something everyone was used to and regarded as one of the elements of the season. The servants busied themselves putting up all manner of Christmas decorations, and setting up the family's Christmas tree in the living room. They made sure to top it with an inverted star, of course, rather than an upright one. That was tradition, after all! Beautiful angel statues with black wings were set up, withered wreaths were hung, and winter-themed paintings were placed upon the walls to replace the autumn-themed ones. It was hectic, but everything was ideal!

   Naturally, the children helped their parents to set all of this up along with the servants once everyone was no longer otherwise engaged with other pursuits, and they all had a very, very great time indulging in these holiday pleasantries that come but once a year. Antonia sneaked a cookie from the kitchen, but that was hardly unexpected given the boy's tremendous love of cookies! Especially given that only the fresh blood was used in their making, not the stale stuff. Vito was inspecting the arms room just to be absolutely certain that all of the right explosives were fully in stock. He had decided that if Santa Claus did have a mind to show up after all... he was going to be in for it big time! Naturally, he told no one of his plan to murder Santa Claus, but he knew that Uncle Krampus would most definitely approve of the idea if nothing else. And the twins would help! Antonia, however, was busy dancing about pretending to be a fairy tale princess, which everyone found to be quite delightful. Especially when Antonia was singing about burning down the whole magical kingdom so that no one else could be the fairest in the land. That was how they knew that Antonia was still one of the family! After conducting his inspection Vito took Antonia to go and see if together they could discover which room in the vast house that the Christmas presents were being kept in, with a mind to raid the room and get their gifts early. That was not really a concern given the sheer size of the house, and the skill with which the parents always hid the presents away. One of the first things they made sure to tell the kids was that it was they as their parents who were the ones that bought the gifts each year... not Santa Claus. Oh, the children all still firmly believed in the existence of Santa Claus! But they regarded him as an unwelcome visitor who stopped by to eat cookies, drink milk, and leave nothing for anyone... he was worse to them then would be miserly old Scrooge, because he had a workshop filled with toys that he just never delivered to their home, and never had in all the years the kids had been alive. They meant to ask Uncle Krampus about Santa Claus this year and ask him how he could stand the man. But Vito, always an overachiever, had a mind to blow Santa all the way back to the North Pole if he dared to finally pop down the chimney at last... and Vito was quite good with explosives, knowing just how much to use in order to create the right kind of explosion for the right kind of situations. The mail delivery man could attest to that! Or rather, that one mail delivery man could have had his body ever been found. Not that it ever would be, having been blown to bits so completely as it was, as luck would have it! That was how preparations were done for Christmas evening, on that year. Anton and Vanda had a look through the library later on, and made sure to retrieve a copy of Paradise Lost by John Milton so that they could read the kids the inspiring story of Lucifer's rebellion and fall from Heaven, always to remind the children of the proper religious message behind the Christmas season. Because the Serafino family inverted all such religious connotations surrounding the holidays. After all... everyone already knew all about the birth of Jesus Christ, but not too many people knew just how many good ideas Lucifer had come up with, to the degree that so many other angels were willing to follow the fellow, even into Hell itself! And so... they celebrated the sacrifice that Lucifer had made for their sake by creating such a shining example for all the infernal kindred to follow. Anton and Vanda had always taught their children that the Christmas star was actually created by Lucifer (who was out and about and away from Hell for the occasion) in order to brighten up the sky when Jesus was born, to show the heavenly hosts how it was done since they had all been too busy singing that night to be bothered when it came to brightening things up properly. Of course, the lot of those hosts were ungrateful and God was likely irritated that none of his own angels had thought of the idea... but Lucifer was used to it, and the fallen (but still beautiful) angel's attitude was simply: “I'm fabulous! Deal with it.” and that was kind of a personal motto in the Serafino family. So now you know the reason why they always hung the star on the Christmas tree upside down. And this year, the idea of being at one's most fabulous was something that young Antonia found particularly inspiring. Easter was always interesting in this family, too! But we are here with the Serafino family to celebrate the Christmas season at present, and so it is best to not get ahead of ourselves with holidays.

   The night before Christmas evening was just as special to this family as Christmas evening itself was! Everyone stayed up clear into the next day (after all, none of them actually needed to sleep in the ways that human beings do), and then again until Christmas day when all of the family's official celebrations for that holiday were ended for the year. Then, Vanda would retire to her coffin to rest up, and everyone would likewise rest prior to taking it easy for a few days before getting back into everyone's usual daily routines once again. This Christmas, the arrival of Krampus and some of the other relatives meant that things would be particularly hectic, but fun, for all concerned! Black stockings were hung up just above the fireplace, and mistletoe was suspended from the ceiling in the most opportune of places. Everyone knew the meaning of the mistletoe too! It was to remind everyone of the death of the ancient Norse god of light, Balder, whose death due to the machinations of Loki, the god of mischief and evil, insured the onset of Ragnarok, the end of all things. Armageddon, if one were to use a Christian analogy for such an event! Since the onset of such darkness was something the Serafino family found to be romantic in the extreme, it made sense to kiss beneath the mistletoe and be happy for Loki's triumph and Balder's doom. “I want to be just like Loki someday!” Vito exclaimed the first time that his father had told him that story, to which his father encouragingly said: “But my good boy, you already are.” and ever since then, Vito had given himself over wholly to mischief of the sort that would have made Loki smile very much. And so here we are on the night before the day on which Christmas evening falls... the relatives came over that morning and were assigned to their guest rooms accordingly. There were a lot of them this year! At least one cousin had actually been officially discharged from the psychiatric institution in time for the holidays too, so everyone was happy to see her among the guests. She was a pretty enough girl, about thirty years old and still human (she was coming around more and more to the idea of being turned into a vampire, though!) with long curly black hair and deep brown eyes. She liked to dress in medieval clothing, and believed herself to be the reincarnation of Maid Marian from the Robin Hood legends. Everyone, however, called her Mad Marian because she had a penchant for kidnapping men in the search for one who could serve as her prospective Robin Hood. She had never hurt any of them too much, and had never killed anyone, at least not yet, and so she was insane but harmless for the most part. Her attempts at an elegant sounding English accent were excellent though, and Anton had often admitted that he found Mad Marian to be quite sexy in her own twisted way... much to the irritation of his wife, who would then imitate the same accent for several days just to show her husband that she was capable of doing it. She actually did it better than Mad Marian could, and it oft led to passionately intense lovemaking on those nights! Everyone was dressed in the outfits mentioned earlier, with the exception that Vito wore over his blouse a black velvet vest with red trim. The planned reunion party was in full swing come midnight, and all of the relatives were in attendance mixing and mingling, with Anton and Vanda being the gracious and dutiful hosts that they were for such celebrations. There was plenty of food, drink, and music for everyone to enjoy! A stereo with big speakers was blaring heavy metal music very loudly, and the thundering of the drums and blaring of the guitars was to everyone the perfect holiday music. Naturally, all of the chosen songs were about the Devil in some fashion. That was all part of family tradition after all, at least since the invention of heavy metal music anyway! Prior to that, they typically employed Castrati singers from Italy... always ones who owed Anton some favors, of course... and got them to sing satanic hymns that were mostly twisted takes on Christian versions of the same songs. But that proved to be less popular in modern times, so things had to change! At least one of the relatives was a great uncle who was a priest, they said... but he did not really look like much of a priest. He was six feet tall, bald, dressed in black tight-fitting leather robes, and he had tiny dot-like scars that covered the entirety of his head and face. Everyone said it was because he had an acupuncture addiction but no one was really sure about that. He also had totally black eyes (with no whites in them!) and had a fondness for wearing black lipstick too. He was great with kids due to a fondness for puzzles.

   The party would continue well until noon the very next day, and in the meantime everyone tried to get along and have a great time. There were dance contests, scavenger hunts, and prizes for whomever was in the most fashionable (by their standards) outfits. Christina and Maria always won the scavenger hunt games, since they always were able to find where the body parts were hidden. They had good instincts for those sorts of games! Vito and Antonia declined to partake in the scavenger hunts since they both had the unfair advantage of heightened senses of smell, which allowed them to find the body parts too quickly for it to be sporting. Last year, they even turned into werewolves to make it even easier, since in that form their senses became even keener still! But that led to a family fight and certain relatives not talking for the longest time due to feeling cheated. So this year, things went much smoother. Antonia was the darling of the party, and sang for everyone, having memorized the words to several classics of the heavy metal genre throughout the year... which was totally at odds with the boy's appearance being like the classic Victorian era good little girl. Every one of the relatives was informed about Antonia's transition and the stage of it that the child was it, and they were all for it one hundred percent. Vito was so obviously smitten with Antonia that all during the early phases of the party he could simply not take his eyes off of his beloved sibling. The twin sisters were skipping about holding the party parts that they found triumphantly, banging their heads to the music and tossing the severed appendages and heads off into the crowd for people to catch. “I've got a head!” someone cried out when they caught one of the heads, and another person laughed because this had the ring of a joke to it, but no one was sure what sort of joke so they simply left it at that. There was no one room designated for the party, and the whole of it spilled over into pretty much every room of the house as the festivities went on. The uncle who was a priest kept trying to get Antonia to go off with him in order to show him a new puzzle he was in the process of inventing, but Vito kept eyeing the tall man suspiciously. He never liked him, to be very honest, and there was always something off about him. For one thing, he had no proper name! For as long as anyone could remember, he had only ever been called simply “The Priest”. But he had no real official papers of ordination and had certainly never set foot in a church to do anything except raise a bit of hell every once in a while given that he had a penchant for committing acts of blasphemy. And an equal love of committing acts of torture on people too, the rumors said! Vito did like that aspect of him, but for the most part the Priest was not someone Vito ever fully trusted. At one point, the Priest did at last get Antonia to go with him and the two withdrew done a side hallway. Vito waited a bit and then had a very nervous feeling in his stomach so he decided to follow and see what those two were getting up to. “I'll be back shortly, Christina.” he told one of his sisters, who herself let Maria know so that all the siblings would be aware of where everyone was at. The music played on, and the party continued.

   Vito finally found Antonia and the Priest in one of the storage rooms that were where the extra things for the holiday season were kept, decorations and the like. But to Vito's horror, the Priest was doing a very disturbing thing! He had Antonia bent over, and one of his hands was over the child's mouth. His other hand was pulling up the boy's skirts and preparing to pull the boy's bloomers down. Vito was old enough and had himself engaged in sexual activities enough to realize what was happening here. “Hey, what do you think you're doing to my Antonia, you weird disgusting pervert!” Vito cried out, to which the Priest turned and said in a deeply sinister sounding baritone voice: “This... is not what it looks like, boy! I am simply going to remold Antonia's flesh and make it so that only the female remains, and not the male. Naturally... I have to remove some of this clothing, in order to access your sibling's genitalia. But once I am finished... there will be no more Tony, and only Antonia will remain. Regrettably, this is a painful procedure, and that is why your sibling is resisting. But the boy will thank me when he is the girl that his heart wishes to be!” And Vito said: “If that's true then uncover Antonia's mouth and ask my sibling if that is really what he wants.” and the Priest did exactly that. Antonia was shaking and scared.

   Antonia then exclaimed loudly: “No, that is definitely not at all what I want! Not like this. I still want to be able to choose for myself, and whatever my heart may be longing for, my mind has to consider it fully first. So lay off, Priest, and let me make up my own mind about my gender! This is my body, and my life... not yours.” to which the Priest remarked: “But it is your desire that called to me, and...” Vito then stepped up to the Priest and punched him as hard as he could between the legs, which caused the Priest to then double over in excruciating pain. Vito helped his sibling to arrange his clothing properly and then said in a stern tone of voice: “Come on, Antonia, let's get on back to the party and leave this phony priest to contemplate how exquisite suffering can really be.” and he kicked the Priest as hard as he could, causing the man to fall unto the ground in even more pain than before. Vito then warned the man before escorting Antonia back to the party: “If you ever touch my Antonia again, I'll chain you to the walls in the dungeons and flay your ass and pecker raw before cutting your dick off and feeding it to you! You got that, mister puzzles? Now go off and play with yourself, you big jerk!” and that was the last anyone ever saw or heard from the Priest in that family every again. He seemed to vanish after that, which in hindsight was probably for the best. The party went on with no further incidents, and when the time came for the party to end there were the customary orgies held (for those consenting people who wished to participate in them), along with several animal sacrifices that were holdovers from the old country. Mad Marian was sulking come the end of all this, complaining that she couldn't wait for good old Krampus to arrive since then everyone could finally receive all of their presents... she wanted her presents, and disliked having to wait for them, acting very much like a big child over the whole matter. Soon, the day of Christmas evening was flying by and even the children themselves were becoming so noticeably anxious for the big moment that it was pretty much something you could feel in the air. This was a welcome change for Antonia after that incident with the Priest... and it felt at last like Christmas!

   No one slept at all between the previous night's party and the onset of Christmas evening, which as stated before, was pretty much the way things always went on Christmastime for the Serafino family... the orgies had been a fun diversion for everyone, and the sacrifices had been bloody, brutal, and sure to please the powers of the dark realms of the damned. Anton and his wife, as always, performed the most heartfelt of the sacrifices, and you could tell they really gave it their all this year! Instead of just animals there were several people... mostly condemned prisoners who were mysteriously released early from the local prison, and so no one who would be missed by anyone anyway... who were sacrificed in quite the spectacular fashion. Slow flaying, lemon juice on the exposed muscle tissue to increase the pain, and the removal of the hearts prior to sawing the heads open and removing the brains. The brains and the hearts were burned in the fireplace, and the spilled blood was collected and shared in a beautiful gold communion chalice filled with delicious black wafer-shaped crackers. It was hoped this would serve to summon Satan, so that the Devil could participate in the family get-together along with everyone. And sure enough, all the signs pointed to the fallen angel's imminent arrival. And so it was Satan, rather than Santa, whom the children most wished would pop down the chimney before Christmas morning would come. At the stroke of midnight on Christmas evening, Krampus knocked on the front door and was allowed in. He was a big shaggy black-haired demon with a goat's head and glowing red eyes... pretty much exactly the way the children remembered their uncle looking from when they met him before. “Merry Christmas kids! Who has been naughty all year long?” said the demon, setting down a massive cloth sack that was filled with who knows what. He brushed the snow off of himself and the sack, and was escorted to the living room, the children chasing after him excitedly whilst bragging about all of the naughty and terrible things they had done all throughout the year leading up to Christmas. Anton gave Krampus a big hug (which was awkward given that the demon was eight feet tall and the man of the house felt rather small when standing next to his brother), and said how happy he was to see him.

   “Brother! At last... welcome to our home once again.” cheered Anton, to which his brother cried in a merry though of course demonic sounding voice: “Merry Christmas, brother! And happy holidays unto all, children and adults alike.” Anton and Vanda brought out the presents they had gotten for everyone, and all of the relatives brought theirs out likewise... gifts were exchanged, and a good time was had by all. Krampus brought out torture instruments and lumps of coal from his sack and passed them around to everyone present... the children were especially delighted to get theirs... until he got to Mad Marian, who appeared sad even though she genuinely liked hers. “What is the matter, Marian?” asked Krampus to which the gloomy acting woman answered: “I'm lonely... every year I keep wishing I could find my Robin Hood, but no matter who I abduct they never turn out to be the right one. What I really, really do want for Christmas is to find the one I am meant for! And, to never have to go back to the nut house... I hate it there, and just know I'm going to end up there again.” Krampus felt sorry for the pretty maiden, who did after all look very much like a medieval princess. And the demon had a fondness for medieval princesses! That was always one of his fetishes, after all. He walked over on both of his hooves, licked the lady's face in a way that he thought was like giving someone a kiss, and said to her in a romantic tone of voice (or least he thought it sounded that way): “Baby, are you ever in luck! Let me take you on back to my place after I'm done here tonight, and I'll show you how I look in my Robin Hood costume. It just so happens, I've one that fits me good! And I do love me a pretty princess. So... going my way?” and she agreed to his offer, finding him kind of cute in a demonic Christmas monster kind of way. And so it was that never again did Mad Marian ever have to go back to the psychiatric facility... nor, did she ever again have to kidnap men in search of her Robin Hood. So her story had a very happy ending! As the presents were being passed around, Vito hid several firecrackers and a smoke grenade in an empty bag and decided to make certain that if Santa Claus was coming he was going to get the surprise of his immortal life. What convinced Vito that this was imminent now, was that all of a sudden the flames of the fireplace began to glow green... surely, the boy figured, this was the sign of Santa's arrival. And so he crept over to the fireplace, everyone paying no attention or seeming to notice, and he tossed the bag into the fireplace after pulling the pin from the smoke grenade. “Fire in the hole!” the boy screamed at the top of his lungs before running over to Antonia and holding unto his sibling tightly, almost a bit nervously. The explosions were spectacular, and the smoke was thick like fog... there was a bit of an out of control fire after that, but the relatives got it put out quickly enough. “Did I get him? Did I get Santa good?” Vito kept asking, and then suddenly Antonia whispered to the boy: “Oh yes, my dearest, sweetest brother mine! If the jolly old elf's spirit was ever here, you most definitely sacred him off good and proper. In all of the countless thousands of years of my existence, I doubt I could have done much better had I a mind to.” and Antonia's eye were glowing with a green light that was identical to the color of the flames in the fireplace. Satan... Lucifer... had arrived just in time for Christmas! In the body of the one child in this family who was most like unto Lucifer's own favored form as an angelic being: that of a beautiful hermaphrodite. “Now it is time for a Christmas miracle!” the Devil said and looked deep into Antonia's mind and heart. In that moment, sensing the time was right at last... Antonia made one final decision, one powerful wish, and in doing so was changed by the power of the fallen angel into a full girl with not a trace of anything male about her any longer. “Merry Christmas unto all, and to all a very bright and joyous night!” exclaimed the Devil to which everyone bid Lucifer a fond farewell. The Devil never stayed long when summoned for these sorts of gatherings. And Antonia was now finally in body the girl that she always secretly longed to be in her heart and mind. She had finally come to terms with her truest and best self, and looked longing at her brother Vito, smiling happily. He smiled back at her, proud of her and happy for her at the same time. The twin sisters hoped this day would come, and were pleased to greet their new sister, who was in turn pleased to look upon everyone with new eyes. Antonia was now also cured of being a werewolf... and instead had become a vampire, like her mother.
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