Lesson Learned

Two skilled lovers dispensing attention  
Just a few things they failed to mention  
Told they wanted to share  
A false statement from this sinister pair  
Told I was beautiful and nobody compared  
Not realizing this would make tempers flare  
Not a hand raised to me  
But anger became all that I could see  
Fear took hold and I demanded to leave  
Secluded, I wondered if I would be freed  
Driven in their car as she screamed  
Then silence would fall and her face would beam  
Realizing I with one so unstable  
I planned to run as soon as I was able  
A highway ride two hours in length  
Gave me time to gather my strength  
Then suddenly she slammed on the brakes  
Off the highway we went, my life at stake  
Screaming at me to get out of the car  
Not nearly near home, we were way too far  
I considered exiting but not thinking clearly  
I refused to leave while she looked at me queerly  
Cursing at her to call the sheriff to get me to leave  
I saw the craziness on her face begin to weave  
Without a word we were back on the road  
Then quietly she told me I would never go home  
I listened as her mood went from anger to tender  
This whole trip a fucking mind bender  
I then said I needed the first rest stop  
Said too many diuretics would make my bladder pop  
Within minutes we arrived and I asked for the keys  
Didn't want her to take my bags was all I could see  
Quickly grabbing my stuff from out of the trunk  
Then away from the woman whose sanity was missing a chunk  
This wild ride was exhausting and dramatic  
Horrifying, suspenseful and way too traumatic  
Almost killed and kidnapped astonishing to me  
The lifestyle I dreamed of I'm now letting be  
Strangers stay strange, not good bedfellows do they make  
And even friends can turn out to be fake  
At someone's mercy I will never be again  
No longer bedding strangers, lovers or friends  
My desires no longer taking priority  
My life more important now I see  
You say the lesson should be natural and simple  
I'm squeezing out all excitement as if an infected pimple  
Never again to have strangers for group sex  
The lesson learned too expensive a check  

Written by Her
Published | Edited 20th Nov 2022
Author's Note
The story speaks for itself - lesson learned.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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