Seriously, who in their right mind wants to be Head of State of vilely white racist, colonial mindset Australia?

By Stanley Collymore
Aussies have so little pride in    
themselves? Maybe it's to    
do with their ingrained    
criminal and genocidal tendencies.    
So why with basic commonsense    
in actual attendance, with one's    
genuine evaluation, essentially    
have a UK monarch or literally    
any other foreigner - come to    
that matter - as their Head of    
State? Do these morons, of a    
stolen island continent, truly    
believe they're still a colony;  
for they sure as hell literally    
do behave as one! Basically    
If a British monarch: clearly    
rather ludicrously solely by    
birth-right, plus unelected,    
wanted so much to be the    
ruler of Australia, crucially    
surely he'd be living there!    
Instead, this entire British,    
preposterous royal family    
is actually holed up in the    
UK and prominently so in    
Windsor! Which prompts    
a quite obvious question;    
is no one, other than the    
indigenous but distinctly    
sickeningly quite racially    
excluded Aborigines, up    
to the job over there, in    
Terra nullius, Australia?    
(C) Stanley V. Collymore  
13 October 2022.    
Author's Remarks:  
The asinine notion of people being born to rule their subjects has long passed its sell by date especially for self-hating, feudal mindset and intellectual challenged serfs.    
White genocidally acquired and both idiotically and delusionally declared Terra nullius Australia - never mind that the indigenous Aborigines were and have been living continuously on their island continent for in excess of 60,000 years before the white man or woman ever knew of its existence - began for these same whites after their vile and odious presence there as a prison colony; and in all probability will finish up as one!
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