Roe v. Wade has been reversed !!
First of all, privacy is no realistic basis for legalizing abortion.
Just because the baby is within your body, that doesn't give you the right to kill it !!
You are not an absolute monarch over that baby. Suppose I invite someone over to my house and he slips on the slippery floor.
 So he says "I'm gonna sue you for having that slippery floor." So I say to myself, I can't let this bum sue me !!
So I'm tempted to "wack" this guy - and justify it on the basis that it happened within the PRIVACY of my house.
But does the mere location make it none of the Gov't's business ??!!
Of course not. You KNOW that would be an absurd abuse of privacy, the right to privacy !!
 Well, ditto with abortion !!

But let's move on to the new situation - the post-Roe scene.
Yes, its wonderful to the power of 10 !!
(But I've already forgotten what date it was !! Shame on me!!) Here's what I have to say:
 if a man gets a woman pregnant AGAINST HER WILL,
maybe the definition of "self-defense" should be enlarged.
Maybe it should cover women who shoot men who get them pregnant against their will !!
If anybody has to be punished, why should it be the innocent baby ??!!
 The MAN/MALE is the guilty party.
If a woman would pull out a gun and say "If you knock me up, I'm gonna shoot you,"
maybe there would be fewer unwanted pregnancies !! Let's face it, men need to learn to do what women tell them - about having sex.
I mean if a woman wants her boyfriend/husband to pull it out
 right before it squirts, he should DO IT !!
If you squeeze out all the semen and then dive back into the "sea" of the vagina,
 there literally is NO WAY she is going to get pregnant !!
 The reason "premature withdrawal" doesn't work is this:
men don't practice it wholeheartedly.
They don't squeeze it out well enuff (squeeze all the semen out). Since women are the ones getting pregnant, they have to be allowed to be in charge.
 If men would do what women tell them, there wouldn't be any unwanted pregnancies !! For if no sperm enters into the vagina,
 no baby can develop.
 These people who say premature withdrawal doesn't work,
 they must be talking about men who are half drunk.
 And so they don't drain the penis like they should
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