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Sometimes I ramble because that's what I do
The oft times vain bablings of madmen and fools


Some believe in chance, others believe in fate
But Janus is the guardian at the gate
There's the key ere the cock crows
Comes the night and curtains close

What is life but a waking dream
And its dreamers of dreams that truly speak
Bottled fire bound within clay
The circle squared as they say
Compass, square and plumb, just beyond reach
Found deep within the temple's keep
Because we don't look within
Its always elsewhere that we seek
Someone, something, somewhere
Remember "ME" the kingdom lies within
Third eye blind
The wilderness lies without
Know thyself

Wisdom isn't learned by rote
And knowledge doesn't make one wise
Knowledge gives the ability to do
Wisdom gives the ability to no

Wisdom: wise dome
Knowledge: no ledge

Its said all the world's a stage
Then symbolism's everything
Discover what a symbol means
And your closer to knowing its true name
Knowledge is power but wisdom rules use
Flesh and blood the sacrament to keep
Osiris's phallus the fish did eat
Intersections and interconnections
From Egyptian fish and the resurrection
Proto-Sinatic sign of a fish meaning Dalath (door)
As numeral, its placing, the number four
Phonician looked like a rough triangle left faced
Ancient Greek a triangle called Delta was traced

Came the christian fish before the sign of the cross
The fish of the martyrs, the cross of church militant
If the "fish" was the "door", why was it closed
The sign of the cross, Taw, the door "barred"

The triangle of manifestation within the temple hid
Three planes, physical, mental, astral
As above, so below
Triangles the star of David creates
Within, the hexagram, Solomon's seal
Do you know what power it wields

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth
In the beginning, in the be ginning
The trapping of spirit in clay
The spirit/the circle
Eternity, Infinity, the circle of necessity,
Ouroboros, the end in the beginning,
The square the material world
Fire and water, as in the beginning
And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters

The throne of Divine Glory was standing in space, hovering over the face of the waters by the breath of the mouth of the Holy One, blessed be He, and by His command, even as a dove hovers over its nest. (1)

Out of Egypt have I called my son

In Egypt monumental triangles as pyramids raised
The great pyramid of Gaza aligned with Sirius
The light bathing there the square stone of God
At the dog star's Son/sunrise
The High priest aglow in this world and next
Come the dog days of summer
Forerunning the Nile's flooding
The New Year
The sun behind our sun
The light behind the all seeing eye
It is the blazing star, the sacred place
To which initiates seek to ascend
The sun of the south which enlightens the mind
The gate to the heavens and the other side
Sirius the dog star
Dog the anagram of God
Written by AverageJoe (Average Joe. AJ. Joe)
Author's Note
Just places my mind wanders shared in not so poetic pieces.

(1) Rashi
Just places my mind wanders shared in not so poetic pieces.

(1) Rashi

Brian Eno - An Ending (Ascent)

Our Life is a dream. But we wake up sometimes, just enough to know that we are dreaming.Ē ― Ludwig Wittgenstein
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