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Image for the poem Mm... The Sultry Shapeshifter II (Passion By The Glow Of The Candles)

Mm... The Sultry Shapeshifter II (Passion By The Glow Of The Candles)

I must get out of here my skin is now tingling for him and him alone
In his sheets, my pussy becomes his mounted nightly throne
My yearns are strong for the fever of his touch
Hocus Pocus, my thighs, slowly parted, clenching him in as much
Plummeted inside me over and over, the smell of my impending climax, driving him insane, thrusting deeper inside my trickling rain, his grunts getting louder in the rush of my creamy gush
What has he done to me, I need to overdose on his lips on mine in the midnight hour
Parting my thigh even wider, darting his erection deeper inside, the dependence for him lassoing me in its addictive power

My wrists he apprehended, raising them above my head
The need in my moans, resonating from our bed
Turning me over, lifting my hips, his tongue to my buttocks, his tongue started to downward drift
Parting my pinkish pleasure, a smack to my cheeks, then a lick up and down the lining of my clit
Oh, sweet mercy, weakening the will of my temptation not to submit
His finger joining the tip
My eyes fluttering close,
He already knows he possesses the power he stole from my soul
Can I get it back, if not, his loving skills my body will never lack
“Tell me you love me, I want you to say it”
More suckling to the soft folds, coveting my slit

“Say it.”
His fingers going deeper, the pleasure in the wiggling inflict
“I love… I love you.”
He snapped his finger, in his hand, a vail of honey appeared he poured
Where the stream drip over my skin ... mmm... his tongue toured
My sugar walls were soaked
The smooth golden stream… the sticky licky, pushing me forward, laying for his taking, relishing in his tongue strokes
Squeezing my soft derriere, provoking me with little groin to my ass grind
Tender kissing up my spine, his muscular body hovering over mine
He pivoted my neck, and captured my lips
Mm…on the slopes of my butt, feeling his lengthen arousal, in between my crack, his hard width
The scented candles floating around the bedroom, my body his spooned
Our locked silhouettes dancing on the illuminating walls
He laid on my body, covering my body and all

Inching his physique back, cupping his erection, easing inside the craving of my dewy womb
A cave of wet passion, his hungry desires encased in a raptured tomb
“Move for me, sorceress, move those hips”
Let me know can you handle all of this
Coveting my palms
The backward of my hips moving, my butt crashing into his groin edging him on
Oh God, I am gone

Passion marking my neck
The sound of loving making, and the pasting sound of the swoosh when the dick is good, and the pussy is wet
Oh… Let me feel you tighten on me
No sooner after he whispered that in my ear, his girth jerked, on his throaty groan, I felt the exploding on his hasten release
Mmm… let me go, please, Halloween is coming soon
Not just yet… maybe on the next full moon

To the elements of the air
Allow the blood of my ancestral rite to release me from the chains of my captor in his lair
Unto my freedom, I sacrifice my heart
Where I shall roam the night as my skin kisses the dark

Your incantations do not work on me, you are mine
You salvation is found in my bed, as my spirit flows into you like the sands of time
He yanked his manhood out of me, and ran to door, closed it, and pull it close with a bang
I heard a key being twisted from the outside, where I will sadly remain
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
I think that the ideal space must contain elements of magic, serenity, sorcery and mystery.

Luis Barragan
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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