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Mm... The Seductive Shapeshifter I

“Men, spread out, I thought I seen something up ahead.”  
I have a warlock, a wizard, and sorcerer who all want me tied to their bed  
We hear you breathing sorceress so come out wherever you are
You are surrounded in the forest, and once you slept with me, I took your powers, and you will not get that far  
I looked down at my palms and flicked my finger in rage at the bark of a tree  
The branch did not split or break... oh dear me  
I had to take the sorcerer’s word and sadly believe  
I saw the illuminating light bathing the green forest, looking up  
Where is that moon so I can shapeshift with some luck  
My skin begun to tingle, my hair inverted under my soft skin  
I dropped on all fours 
Adrenaline seeping out my pores  
My soft paws kissing the soil  
A black panther I shall roam as three magicians I will ambush then toil  
I am the shapeshifter through the space of time  
Ruby red lips the taste of wine  
Prowling the land calling to the full moon  
Before your eyes, desires and lust you swoon  
Footstep heard in the woods  
Hiding behind a tree, as any shapeshifter should  
I heard the voices  
Flaming torches grasp in their hand, I pondered about my choice  
My fangs descending, my womanly body slowly contorting  
Hearts and minds no longer supporting  
Wandering the night for the aura of a man’s sheets  
Shapeshifting to a female in front of his eyes as we sniff each other after the meet  
The feel of his hands outing my hips, lips to lips, weakening from his kiss  
Before, I could completely turn  
And dissipate to my skin the slow burn  
A hand covered my mouth  
I could not scream or shout  
I wiggled in fright, with all my might  
I was pulled back against a man’s chest  
You move, you get what’s dealt  
I sent the others away, I am the only one who wants you aching for me and wet  
He spined me quickly around, my eyes cast down  
He uplifted my chin I cannot get you out of my mind  
Touch me like you did the last time  
Make me feel alive in your arms  
Keep my bed sheets warm  
And I will return your powers to you  
I smell you all over me, like you are the salvation of my food  
And you keep me hungering for the bliss of your femineity as your juices rain on my tongue  
Just looking at you in this moonlight, I need to cum  
Losing my way deep inside your soul, my heart and mind let me quiet it as a console  
Let me make love to you once again, I need this, I cannot tell you why  
I need to feel the sensations when your legs are wrapped around my back, while I dive between your thighs  
He snapped his fingers with an arrogant smile  
We were back in Egypt bathing in the Nile  
He lifted me out and settled me on the soft moss  
The moonlit glistening off his wet muscular body, I was at a loss  
Opening my legs, my arms held out to him  
Passion, lust, and desires given on a Warlock’s whim  
I needed to feel the thrills of his hard and slipping dip      
Mingling the ecstasy of his sexual foray robbing me of my honey drips      
His tongue darting inside my mouth      
Arms held behind my back, hammering his lengthen girth up inside my wet south      
Slowly taking his erection out      
The pulsate, the addiction, the pleasure, the thrill to please him, I feen for it no doubt      
His long fingers making love to my sacred hole      
Then uplifting my hips licking the seepage of my soul      
Smearing the taste of me on my pelvis mound he tastes      
Hips seesawing up to his face mm... moans… his tongue inside me love making      
Body shaking      
Pussy aching      
Addictive rush from the first touch      
On his knees, quickly slipping inside me with a hasten rush      
Hungering for me, for that something in as much      
Taking his body, his desires, taught well to please under lust’s insatiable condition      
Groaning to give him entrance inside my sacred benediction  
Drilling his length even harder, fucking me senseless for my climatic permission      
My scent, my taste, his magical addiction      
Promises, wishes granted, the craving in his needs      
Power in my hand for that consent, that spiritual master key      
His tongue, slowly to my pussy, he hungrily licked      
The essence of my saturation drooling off his lips    
My body provided the yearns for him in the vile of dark, submitting to his beguiling carnal parts      
Ancient souls, a finished masterpiece asunder we fell into a broken work of art      
An affair to relive of old from another land, another place by his designs      
Yet, once moving under his body, all the secrets of the world are mine      
Promises he groaned to my ear, fucking me repeatedly, like unstoppable sand particles in time      
Heaven and Hell, once he is locked deep inside me, I could never tell      
His Queen sorceress, his earthly whore        
My body under his, the insatiable appetite of me, he pleased even more      
Strong hands to my curvaceous body they console      
I needed him inside me, his fusing juices, as his release inside my yoni patrol          
No other man permitted, his fate, there eminent demise for his sole possession      
For my honeyed juices in our supernatural world was now his earthly obsession      
Kissing my inner thighs      
My back arched, derailing the fruit of my soul until sunrise      
Marking my body with welts so fine      
Spreading my legs even farther for his deepening drive      
Oh…yes… the feeling of letting go…gush… after… gush ... passion interlaced      
He loves holding my pussy over his lips, the crown of my slit      
Settled on top of his face      
Supping at my lust, groans heard with each swallow of that butter rum equate    
I need you to stay with me longer  
What about my powers... your need of me will only become stronger  
Then you will be a prisoner of my fate  
Until the flavor of your skin, I crave dissipates  
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
I never lose an opportunity to speak about my obsession: humankind and the environment.

Yann Arthus-Bertrand
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