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The Witch Patch Ch 7

Only the good die young      
Sawyer came back a few minutes later with the spell book and hands it to Fabian. “Damnit,” I forgot the Sprite Zero and went to the kitchen to get a bottle.        
By the time I get back to the parlor everyone was already enjoying a nice glass of spirits on the rocks.  I pour myself a shot, nice and neat with a side of Sprite Zero as a back. Within minutes Sawyer blurts out “They're Back."                        
Velvet & Rocky come bouncing into the parlor looking like bandito renegades. “Yay!” squealed Honoria everyone's here.  
"I'll drink to that!" Cheers said MeMe, "whoop whoop!" I see Fabian lean into Rocky all chummy-chum-chum & brotherly "hey" he asks with a slight slur from the booze, "everything good?” the talismans up good and tight? "Yup, it’s all good" answered Rocky. "Okay perfect" said Fabian, then takes a mega hit off our water bong— then passes it to Rocky, who hits it and passes it off to Velvet and so on.                        
After smoking and having a few drinks everyone was feeling good and relaxed.        
"It's time" said MeMe.        
“Yes it is, let's begin" said Fabian, and opens the spell book.

He starts flipping through the pages like ravaging winds. Then, his face becomes distorted as it always does. He then starts uttering weird sounds and words, then the clicking starts, then, he says okay, yes, now we’re getting somewhere, ‘flips a few more pages, a few  grunts and a crazy laugh or two later and then,  
“YES THAT'S IT!”          
Fabian closes the book and squawks out loud "EURIKA!"          
We all join hands in a circle and chant.    
“We know the drill, we’ve all done this before.”
Hear us now we call on you
our mother oh mother we cherish you
Hear our hearts they belong to you
our mother oh mother we need you
We repeat the chant three times but for some reason nothing happens. We try again and wait a few minutes and then, just like that, a transparent ( Spirit ) begins to materialize in the image of our Mother. “M o t h e r !" "We all cry out!" while bending down to our knees.”        
“My children she says lovingly,” arise. "Tell me my darlings" why have you summoned me here tonight?” Fabian was first to speak.        
"Cousin Honoria came to visit and tell us about these flash visions she's been having. Until today, she didn't know exactly what is was she was seeing.        
Our Mother turns to Honoria and asks "what are you seeing dear Honoria?"        
"I see Broomhilda engulfed in flames and dead bodies everywhere" said Honoria to her fist aunt, Victoria Breakstone, in barely a whisper.                              
"Please Mama?" begs Fabian, can you tell us what to do?  
“My dear Son, my first born, you already know what to do.”  
“Listen to your heart always keep your guard up, use your magick and remember, there's always strength in numbers. Contact everyone.  
“Mother can you see who’s trying to hurt us?” I ask. I cannot my darling Blake, it's beyond my reach I’m afraid. Our Mothers image begins to fade.  
“Children my darlings you have nothing to fear you are the unbreakable Breakstone family, don't ever forget that. Trust in your intuition, take nothing for granted, and trust and love one another.  
Her image starts to blink in and out.    
“I must go children they’re calling me back now.  “I love you all forever & always.    
A puff of smoke in the shape of a heart appears and then she was gone…                                                              
To be continue…                                                               
Written by Zazzles (Broomie)
Published | Edited 18th Oct 2022
Author's Note
Copyright © 2022 M. Doucette
All rights Reserved.

Hello, plz if anyone sees any typos or missing words or double words or misspelled words or if something doesn’t make sense plz send me a...
Copyright © 2022 M. Doucette
All rights Reserved.

Hello, plz if anyone sees any typos or missing words or double words or misspelled words or if something doesn’t make sense plz send me a pm thank you 😊
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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