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The Second Turning

Museum employees bitten and are no more than ghouls
In their quest to be turned, performing as fools
Her coffin was chambered, her position secured
She only worked night shift and that was assured

Cataloging and archiving after luring her prey back and digesting
She had several bars totally designated for meeting and harvesting
Taking them back to the museum and then seducing them with dreams
Of slow loving deaths with pain and soul wrenching screams

She was feeding good flashing a little thigh and teeth here and there
Luring them all back to her museum for her erotic type of care
A new display had arrived and yes it emitted a different darkness
There was a sarcophagus within it that emitted it's own darkness

She could sense the darkness but couldn't recognize it
She could smell the ancient evil but didn't despise it
Della's late night suppers among artifacts that she recognized
Became sacrifices to the sarcophagus right before her eyes

The beheadings and ripping open of the chest cavities seemed to satiate
The sarcophagus began smoking as her ripping and tearing couldn't wait
Della was always totally aroused as the sarcophagus digested all that was left
She always found herself naked, nipples hard and sore, with a pussy that had wept

She ground her pussy into the sarcophagus smeared in blood and body parts
Leaking pussy cum all over the runes until a hand appeared from within requesting a heart
Della threw three human hearts in as the sarcophagus closed moaning "Me"
With that one word she finger banged her pussy until darkened ecstasy

With the hearts thrown in the sarcophagus ceased smoking
Della slid off of the sarcophagus as it opened with her fingers steady pussy stroking
She extended her fangs fully as Me rose from his tomb
Della realizing that a more ancient evil had just entered the room

As Me stepped from the sarcophagus his clothing fell away
Della reached out and touched it there was nothing else to say
As she slid it into her mouth she could taste centuries of uses
The darkness entered her through his dick and she tried to abuse it

She used her fangs, yeah she loved the sound of his screams
Della clawed her way up his stomach and chest as if in a dream
Me cupped her asscheeks, lifting her, and offering her his neck
As he slid his dick into her leaking pussy showing nothing but disrespect

Della held onto the darkness as Me pounded darkness into her pussy
For centuries nothing had ever felt this dark and filling in her pussy
Della slid from Me's neck to his chest ripping and tearing at his pecs
Me's fangs extended farther as he slid three fingers into her ass to inspect

Della offered her neck with both of them covered in blood
Me reached down to the floor and started feeding them both what was
Could this be the first time in centuries that she achieved ecstasy
Not since the night of her turning had she faced darkened forces such as these

Me had fed from both sides of her neck and sucked dripping blood from her nipples
The darkened orgasms were double clutching but had now began to triple
After putting that forked tongue back into her pussy and ass
Della hissed and shrieked her approval, fucking loving it like that

So intoxicated by the darkness she hadn't seen the ghouls gathering and kneeling
Cheering them both on as they fucked with nothing but darkened feelings
As Me entered her again his tearing darkness showed the many meals they would share
Bloody visions of savage feedings made them both cum without a care

With blood still dripping from Me's chest, he looked down into her face
Della sank her talons into his shoulders demanding more with the same taste
Della felt the darkness harden again as Me's eyes glowed green
She hissed and shrieked until just before dawn with the ghouls chanting Happy Halloween

Written by I_IS_ME
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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