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The Sarcophagus

She had arranged for them to discover her coffin
But not discover that she was a vampiress accepting offering
She needed night shift at the museum inventorying and cataloging artifacts
This way she could visit local bars at night satiating her carnivorous acts

Her name was Della a descendent of Huitzilopochtli, a needer of blood
She needed the collection of ancient history and the feel of what was
Della seduced them at the bar bringing them all back to the museum
Lying her sacrifices on top various artifacts that's until the sarcophagus began to steam

All blood unconsumed ran down into the sarcophagus
This was a new piece swelling and vibrating as if ready to bust
The only word that had been deciphered upon it had been, "Me"
She psychically connected to the sarcophagus with it controlling when she was hungry

It was as if a darker force had been awaken and had taken a hold
One that demanded she savagely feasted until the blood dripped cold
Every ounce of flesh and fat was consumed and regurgitated back
The blood was consumed, the spillage was smeared across the rune's tracts

Within her darkness Della grew wary of the sarcophagus and it's depths
But yet she was drawn back to sacrifice with the rune's help
With each sacrifice more of the runes and the mysteries were revealed
The runes instructed her to return to her local bar and "Me" would be revealed

Yes within her next victim she saw his face and eyes
Darkened pools of coffee flavored with darkened despise
He summoned her from beyond eons with her never having been led
He promised psychically that tonight Huitzilopochtli would be fed

Dressed as if he had just stepped out of an episode of Miami Vice
He brought along a snack also, because she was so easy to entice
She observed with fangs extended as the snack sampled him
Then with an erotic hunger upon the sarcophagus Della tore into both of them

As the owner of the sarcophagus shrieked and laughed
Della fed with ripping and gouging covering them both in a blood bath
The snack was gone with nothing but bones left
Me lifted her kissing her mouth as she ripped at his chest

The taste of "Me" was ancient as he offered his neck with "Feed"
Nothing could surpass his essence as she fed with greed
Not having noticed that her clothes had been removed as she hungrily fed
With pussy wet and nipples harden, she gorged off of the dead

Totally aroused Della felt his mouth upon her nipple
As he sucked and nibbled with fangs her body responded with orgasmic ripples
Covered in blood and gore, Me supped his way to her toes and back up to her mound
Della hissed and shrieked as she came with his forked tongue like a snake moved around

As he sucked, nibbled, and worked her mound he rotated onto her face
It had been a millennium since she had given a hard dick a taste
As she throated it with fanging gouges
They both shrieked as darkened pain arouses

Sucks and bites covering them both as the blood flowed freely
Della guided Me's dick as he entered her pussy
Both totally unkempt, it was as if the darkness had placed it there
Her human body had been tiny, but they still took it there

She expanded to accommodate, the living's blood was aiding in the lubrication
The dick and pussy, both hungry was bring each other devastation
Me rolled Della on top allowing her darkness to control her being reamed
As Della orgasmed tearing back into his chest she screamed, "Happy Halloween"    

Written by I_IS_ME
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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