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Hush Little Baby

Hush little Ferret donít say a word
To the slaughterhouse in union, you fly with the birds
On a Hallows Eve the Crows we hear squawking in the night
The Owl and Parrot soaring to the stars to take flight
As the Pink Panther hunts for his prey
In his hand a dagger used, a pheasant he will slay
Vultures in feast
Rejoicing in the stench of rotten meat

Unto the Red moon black robes joined at the hands
Around the flickering flames we all will chant our offerings, swaying to the drums as we dance
Ghosts, Ghouls, Goblins, and Vampires, roam the graveyard for an afterlife dead romance
Bowing our heads to hymn our incantations to the twilight air
Unto the wicked witch is dead, we have burned her broom and now a lock of her hair
If that spell, we cast in her blood does not work
Ask the High Priestess to choke her with the twirl of her smoke until the worms in her flesh squirts

Unto the school of fish who swam from the depth of the sea now marooned upon the land
Baited and hooked in the fins with no legs to stand
Cut them up, dip them in hot oil, and let them sizzle as the fry in a pan
Serve it as Cod Filet to Jack and Jill and Raggedy Ann

If those rhymes do not make you shine
Or give you a frightening tingling up and down your spine
Wake up a Zombie kiss the cheek to reverse the hands of time
Hush little Ferret donít say a word
Mama Rose gonna feed you all her dead birds
If the flavor is not enough to savor
Then throw her in the fire
And set her out to the ocean on a burning pyre

Poem Based Off The Nursery Rhyme Hush Little Baby
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
Nursery rhymes were political when they were first written! To me, that's what it's about: it's about using it to say something more than just what the story is.

George A. Romero
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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