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Image for the poem Mm.. Swooning Under The Touch, The Need Of The Sorcerer

Mm.. Swooning Under The Touch, The Need Of The Sorcerer

Elvira, let me tell you how the night and past the sunshine went
Mm… you know after the Wizard left, the Sorcerer showed up at my doorstep highly chagrined because the Warlock and the Wizard have had my legs in the air and throughout the night, my back bent
He told me I am nothing but a flirty tease, with a cunt to please, with an alluring ancient scent  
Who have weakened men in pursuit until it become a madness in the relent  
Girl, I know you was not having any of that  
Elvira, I had to put this tight pussy on him while making him lick the asshole and then my kitty cat  
He must think he was talking to Morticia, she is the easy one  
I have heard many will dial her up for some dark fun  
Centuries ago, we were a twosome to give the Warlocks and Vampires carnal desires before the ascend of the sun  
What ever happened to that girl  
In this lifetime we lost touch, whoever she is, I am quite sure anyone she lays under will feel that rush  
As I was saying  
I really think he had it in for me because we were not parlaying  
Then he barged into my castle demanding I put a stop to this  
I unloosened the belt, and off my robe slipped  
No you didn’t  
Yes, I did, his eyes enlarged over my tits like I was a candy store, and he was a big kid, and was about to get lost in all of this  
I saw the hunger, the need, the want in his eyes, he tried so desperately to hide  
He stormed over to me, lifted my clothing from off the floor  
Threw my night covering at me and demanded I cover myself up, I suppose for him, no honey pour  
He angrily told me as a sorceress I cannot do this to any unsuspecting supernatural being of magic anymore  
I turned around, and tossed over my shoulder, please leave and on your way out, softly close the door    
I marched up my flight of stairs, skin tinkling in anticipation from his resonating baritone voice    
Mm... swollen chest out in his arrogance, his faint beard, oh God he was my preferred choice  
I was transfixed in his words, his stance  
Feening for his testosterone, I wanted to feel once he lets me peek at the bulge behind the zipper of his pants  
In my creamy happy place, I would like his two fingers to dance  
While cupping the back of his neck, drawing his head upward while my soft folds and his nostrils romance  
My head thrown back, gripping his hair, controlling his movements, making sure my pussy juices become no waste  
Slowly gyrating all over his face  
Letting his tongue relish in my creamy taste  
My passage to my sugar walls drooling down his chin  
V-shaping my clit... he palmed my upper thighs, twisting his head while his tongue darting farther and farther in    
Girl that sounds more than hot entrapment that sound like a sin  
Mmm... that is how it usually begins  
He had me at hello if you must know  
And trust me I was feeling his aura, wondering which way this night was going to go  
I love to kiss my taste off a man’s lips, then bob my mouth up and down his throbbing dick  
Holding the length, tapping the width against my lips, jacking him from his groin hairs to his mushroom tip then a quick spit  
Cocooning the length between my big tits  
The sensations of his throaty sound taking him inch by inch until he bust a nutts, then he can plunder it deep in my dewy slit, the elongation massaging my g-spot... to him, a magical gift    
Fingering myself then smearing my flavor over my tits    
Excited, I was so wet...    
Wondering if he was between my thighs can he make my pussy cave in the melt  
I slunk my robe on the bed... what magician refuse the color red  
I stepped in the shower, letting the water cool my naked skin in the late hour  
The door slid open the sorcerer stepped in... he slid it close  
Excuse you but... but… you cannot just invade my space like times of old  
He placed both hands on the tile and caged me in, I could not move  
Is this what you do, when those bastards touch you    
He brushed my wet curls aside, as his tongue down my spine did grove  
He parted by hips and pulled me back, parting my buttocks and kissed my kitty cat  
You like that... and please don’t fight back  
He pivoted me around  
Kissing all over my Brazilin waxed mound  
Mm... Imprisoning my hands to my side  
His tongue opened me wider as it wiggled where the tip did reside  
Lifting my foot resting it on his shoulder my sole    
Palming my cheeks, and dipped my body lower, his face, my pelvis did console  
The water cloaking us for all it may seem  
He had me panting on a mist of steam  
He stood hoisted me up, my pussy slid down his hard wet dream  
He turned me around and place my arms above my head  
He made love to me like we were on a waterbed  
My nipples his mouth attacked, arresting my lips  
Bouncing me up and down getting the sup of my abyss, my crème coating his dick  
Oh yes... let me cum deep inside you just this one time… you feel so good to this man  
I want to be the one to bring you to the states of Nirvana on a bed of sand  
How he snapped his fingers and he had me on my knees in the desert the sunrays beating on us  
My ass in the air, where he parted my pussy, his dick ramming my cheeks, every inch of him penetrating for that gush  
Oh, sweet mercy, my hair he pulled back, my hands embedded in the softness of the earth  
Moaning for him to go deeper with his pulsating girth  
Oh...yes... yes... losing my audible breath  
He was fucking me without any rest  
He held me by the back of my neck  
Pushing my head down  
His monstrous release was like a thousand tremors shaking the ground  
I closed my eyes, and climaxed uncontrollably, my pussy juices would not stop  
Bathing his erection in the loving of my rapture's slop  
The sensations radiated from my head to my toes, merging into the river of this pearly infuse  
He quickly withdrew  
He entered my soaking butter rum I wrapped my legs around his spine  
I swelled cider wood, we were in his castle on his sheets, he loved me so tenderly until our hearts became nothing but pure sound  
Girl, you done put some ju ju in those covers  
Yeah, you could say that... being that will be the last time I will be seeing those handsome magical three lovers  
Elvira, hang on, someone is pounding on my door and on my windows… I will hang on while you go and see  
I peeped over my balcony... the Warlock, the Wizard, and the Sorcerer... oh no it can’t be  
And each had a torch in their hand, it better be for lightening through the forest to see and not for me  
We know you are in there you sorceresses so come out  
I snapped my fingers, and where am I now... in the twentieth century hiding behind the façade of a sweet cat, thank goodness no one knows I am here...    
Facing the elements of their handsome magic is enough to surrender or fear
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Published | Edited 4th Oct 2022
Author's Note
I think that the ideal space must contain elements of magic, serenity, sorcery and mystery.

Luis Barragan
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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