I is somebody

I is somebody
Although I may not do right all the time
The times I do right still count  
I ainít neva had much
Canít count the times I had to go without  
But donít think Iím round here complainin
Donít got time to do that  
You see I work
These calluses on my hands are all the proof I need  
And even though at times I want to quit
Somethin inside me just wonít
Because as long as that there ground is above me  
I still got time to be somebody  
Somebodyís body is achin
Somebodyís body is tired  
Somebodyís hands are worn  
Somebodyís feet are sore
Somebodyís eyes are closed
Somebodyís voice is singin an ole gospel song  
Somebody is prayin for somebody
Sunday has not yet arrived,  
Yet hymns can be heard from beyond the walls of this ole home
Scriptures and never endin stories of joy and also pain hang like wallpaper throughout this entire place
This is why you are not able to hear all that sorrow that is resonatin from beneath the ground
Instead you feel so comfortable, you decide to slump on down into that ole couch  
While you listen to these ole hymns that are comin from beyond the walls of this ole home
The world may be chaotic but in this home
There is peace, joy welcomes you inside  
And embraces you and tells you that itís alright now
As you welcome the scent of black-eyed peas and cornbread into your soul
Blockin out the sound of ole worn out slippers against these ole wooden floors  
While attempting to recreate the days when every inch of this ole house was filled with joy, laughter and praise  
These where the days where mama and them would open up the windows and invite the Lord right into the family home
These were the times when prayer cured the untreatable because mama knew that it didnít matter what any doctor said
She knew the Lord had the final say and as long as you were still breathin  
He was still workin  
These were the times when you didnít go into the house until those there street lights were clockin into work
And the only way you were not goin to get in trouble is if you were inside before they turned on
These were the times when all the family came down and popped open the grill and threw on some music and partied all night long
These were the times when a community was really a community  
And although times where hard  
Somethin inside me just wouldnít quit
I told myself that one day I was goin to be somebody
Or maybe I will be that ole blind man sittin on a stump, singin an ole gospel song
Or the wonderin minister who is just tryin to spread the word
Maybe Iíll be somebody great, and get to wear one of them fancy suits
Maybe Iíll just be a forgotten memory  
And disappear like yesterday  
All I know is
I is somebody  
Who is standing above this here groundÖand not lyin beneath it
Written by BlkLyrycE
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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