i often feel a disconnect; though i breathe,  feel, and see the aftermath in full effect; i'm mentally already there-observing the wasteland of what once stood there....          
     "trash" made "treasure"-was "treasure" made "trash" since the beginning.... centuries passed-yet the core "wrath" still lead to this path of collapse....          
life's been a walk in the desert with many mirages in ones' path; from "happy family" pictures framed-to couples holding hands.... the essence of one's whole life-the concept of "cash"....          
bittersweet end to all of that.... most of it was show and tell-and "make sure you wear your masks ...."        
one's confidence in the balance due to "head down on desk" or lack of "keeping up in class"(life experiences/life's expectations)          
now it's all gone; all the glitter and flash; all the mind control displayed, that enslaved the majority of the mass....          
not saying that it's all bad....but might as well be.... we're like, just living, breathing, walking documentaries....          
i feel like i'm on a city roof top observing the mass like a human ocean and its tidal waves....          
and the pending damage done to one another set for yet another date....          
Written by PeaceFlpw (Peace Flow)
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