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In The Silence Of Chaos

I sat against a tree and closed my eyes, resting in the sun for while
My mind drifted as I got lost in my mere thoughts
I heard the rushing water from the flow of the Nile  
I inhaled the air as I slowly exhaled  
Ancient stories the land will never tell  
I saw weeping willows swaying in the breeze  
Magnolia trees and ginger vines    
Calling for me to comes to listen to the parentage of its history  
Hoofs of thunder galloping on the soil to the riding sun  
In the Motherland, colors were fused as one  
Serendipity of dialects blended so beautifully  
Money was not the root of all evil, morality surrendered of heart, mind, body and soul, as far as the eyes can see  
I felt the cool refreshing water trickling down my face  
No chemical pollutants or manmade elements that makes H2O unsafe to consume, and unhealthy in the taste  
I heard voices, I sensed people stirring  
Opened my eyes gun fire occurring    
Men upon the sacred throne of mammals riding past me before sundown    
Riding elephants to their death, their tusk taken after shots fired all around,    
Their ivory gold to sell removed without sound  
No one cared if I was present, or not                                                      
Blood tied to a land like a Gordian knot  
The vision of my eyes has seen the coming of the glory  
Laced with strife and purgatory    
The dynamics to anyone who survives the path of their own life story  
Take upon your cross    
As we sit in pews, bowed heads where are mind get lost  
Giving humble thanks    
The trinity of Father, Son, Holy Ghost professes out of our mouth the hierarchy to its resurrection ranks  
Caressing the tree in a faraway paradise  
The soft winds upon Eve's skin as her teeth sank in that apple for the first bite  
The rippling current of use now knowing wrong from right    
Reminisced in the flavored of Adam's lips    
The lingering flava of his forbidden kiss  
The smell of primeval times, the savor of a Moorish King’s wine  
A glimpse into Heaven, Hell, such spiritual fables, sweet to the tongue and bitter to the heart when entwined    
In the silence of my tongue, a gift as sure as the rapid rivers runs  
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.

Lou Holtz
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