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Golden   (Pt. 1)

Two tall Mojitos
Buzzin' like two honey bees
I'm feelin' kinda' righteous
For ambiance, we share a couple of "trees"

"Lay back babygirl"  We kick our garments aside

"Kick back and relax pretty baby"
Tonight is Golden......Let's cruise
let's take a cool sensual ride....... Atlantis.  Or maybe even the moon.  Doesn't really matter.
You just let daddy drive
Let your beautiful hair down and ..........ride.

"What are those scarves for?"  
Beautiful silk, scarlet red.
I gently pull your bee stung lips inside of my kiss
I move your shapely arms up over your head.

Carefully, I tie them to the bedpost
Affirmation, you greet me with a smile.
Next I restrain those svelte ankles to the footboard
cuz it's about to get buck wild.

All evening long, I've wanted to kiss you on your neck
a decidedly erogenous zone, taste cherry sweet
My body slips down to the end of the bed
to suck your toes; to lick the souls of your sexy azz feet.

Another sip of my libation
Ice cubes in mouth, shall we begin
Swollen nipples upon thy breast
I begin by sucking the "right one" in......

.....side my cool mouth.

Mmmmmm....yes daddy, yessssss......

I feel your body straining and pulling
against your sexy, red restraints.
There is something extremely exotic, damned erotic
having you tied up that way.

It's making me burn; making me boil.
Making my clear nectar
bubble from my head the evening slowly toils

.......and you moan deeply; I suck the left one in.
The ice in my mouth evokes beautiful, sensual pain
Nipples standing cool, long and tall
I suckle each one again and again and again.

Your body trembles as I pinch them firmly between my lips.
Teasing their hard texture with my teeth
I can feel them aroused, getting harder
Pressure building inside; no imminent sign of relief
from the ........

......."Joy and Pain....Sunshine and Rain"

Your body simply "flows" upon the bed like
burning hot wax.
Your sexual urges are making my body tingle
My dick is so damned hard; on your back, legs apart
wondering what's coming next

Eyes open wide-your mouth opens wider
Looking like a lady bug caught up in the web of a very large black spider.....

The flow





.......flows down upon your chest
dripping along beaded sweat like golden honey
stimulating those erect "nipples"
following the silhouette of your
full, rounded breast.......

.....your back deeply arched against the strain of
your sexually charge body, hips thrusting
in the throes of the haunting refrain of
Maze's "Joy and Pain"

Tender titties feeling both hot and cold
Body rockin' the bed against the wall
completely loosing control, how *wet* you are my pretty. : )

"How does it feel?"  
Your mouth wet, open and dripping
Body trembling at my touch, copious erotic beads of sweat

"Mmmmmm fuck me.  Fuck this damn pussy right now.....Ooooooooo"

"Slow down baby" I chuckle. "Mmmmm, not just yet."

I straddle and press against your body.......

......a hard, stiff cock and
swollen balls on your belly
Clear, copious puddles of man-juice
collect on your flesh like apple jelly...

...why must my strong hands tempt this raging volcano to blow?
Thumb rotating against your swollen clit......two large fingers deep inside ur sweet pucci hole.

Moving in and out of your wet, hot fire
tightly against them, that sweet, sticky thang slips



How badly I want to slide my body forward
and shoot my scalding, hot cum all over your chest.......

a mixture of cooling ice water, hot wax and nature;
one hell of a sexy mess......

......with your body, more than aroused
still tied tightly to the bed
The moonlight illuminates your body
Part 2, yet to be read.....

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Written by MusicallyMrM (Mr_Mahogany_Wood)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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