My Gift

Hello Baby Girl, the name is Me
Why would you be all alone as anyone can see
Sitting and sipping your drink with your head always down
You can't hear the music, your problems are drowning out the sound

Do you want conversation or a willing ear
I'm really tame Baby Girl. so have no fear
I'll sit and listen, while you sip your drink
Then when you're done, I'll tell you what I think

What he does day in and out, to you area mystery
You know little of his present and none of his history
Conversations with him are always one sided
You've told him before that you're the one to confide in

But walks around the park, all he does is listen
With a smile on his face, as his eyes glisten
while touring through the mall, arm in arm
Continually watching like everyone means me harm

Then out to dinner, and it's all about my day
He sits and eats, nodding his okays
When asked of his, it's a different tone
I can tell instantly, he wants me to leave it alone

Our arguments aren't arguments, our fights aren't fights
Even though he claims working late into the night
My problem is that I need him to share
All of these secrets make me wonder if he really cares

After carefully listening to everything she had to say
I gave it some thought and answered this way
If he shoveled shit would you be as interested in his job
If he was a thief would you be interest in who he robbed

Your man loves you Boo, he's interested in your day
He's shielding you from the bullshit, by keeping the outside away
And those walks around the mall, he's doing his job
To love, serve, and protect, that's his motherfucking job

To listen to your boo and her words has you dazed
Either he's in love or his ass is half crazed
Wait a minute Boo, I'm also on his side
And all men have trouble when it's time to confide

Maybe not about the same things, some are more forth coming
But beware of the things that his ass isn't showing
Now I'm gonna do you both a favor, A gift from me to you
Go home to your man, before another Me comes through
Written by I_IS_ME
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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