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Cain And Abel

How verily unto two nations of thy brothers spiritually rise than fall    
The insights of Revelations foretold of death, destruction, identities to becomes the catalyst that rules the psychic within us all  
In the beginning of time souls that gave us the root of Heaven and Hell  
The nucleus of our chromosomes, our DNA, determining a girl or boy, only the mighty spermatozoon swimming upon the wet passage to kiss and fertilize the egg, from that moment of conception, time will tell †  
The mark of the beast we are the product from what it reaps †  
Holy temples, shines of faith, giving regards to pleasuring our hearts, our minds, and the spirit as our souls seek internal peace † †
Hold out your hand, close your eyes, and allow hatred to climb inside †  
In the defense of self, who dims their morality when stones, beautiful, crystals, and gems within collide † †
The darkness always drinks from a fountain of lies †  
We sit back and in the innocence of our naive, envy partakes in its feat †  
Money, good lucks, fortune and fame can never take the place when intellects tip the balance of fate past ninety degrees †  
† †
Self-contouring found in the dance of my hips †  
Beguiling dialects I speak to sooth from my painted lips †  
The celebration of life in the alluring words allows my courage to drift †  
My independence to self to uplift †  
The sky lays over my soul like a warm blanket when my feet are cold †  
Fierceness in bold italic as my Chi sunders to bow, as the hieroglyphics of my mind, my soul to the stars have been foretold †  
† †
Troubled voices with confused minds laid on couches, trying to find the hindsight of life and a path to find self-love †  
If it is not in you naturally, then pray of its liberation given from above † †
Scorpio stings veiled in words †  
I am the Dove who tells the secrets to the Hummingbird †  
† †
We poison our babies, our younger generation with the mark of the beast grasp in their hand †  
Nano 5G speed wired across nations, erected cell phone towers to reach humanity as virgin minds lay, walk, or stand †  
Cain in his feeble mind, the potential to do unto himself nurtured his land † †
The wonder of divinity was not to be in the Creatorís favor in such biblical times
Separatism of principles will always divide the man from the boy
The one who bring his heart joy, the fruit of his labor displayed he employ
His worth will be looked upon in the highest regards then the false parable of his toys  

Can was devastated, stricken down with discord, no doubt †  
A man who cannot prepare things with his hand, goes hungry with his mouth †  
Was it the less factor of what Cainís character did not reserve †  
You can make a man think, yet the will of his mind must preserve †  
Once hate festers it becomes a sickness within †  
† †
It kisses the nation and make the heart kneel to ta dark Jinn †  
A voice calls out to God, I am a man, doing all unto you I can †  
Why do you not accept the offering by the sweat of my brow, I do not understand †  
I am capable of leading nations
Greatness shall be the rewards, I will till the land and continue to learn †  
Having dream without having the necessity tool †  
Make unprepared fools † †  
† †
Cain loomed in the far distance as harvest unto Abel daily thrived †  
Bountiful to see the benefits of his crops through hard labor for day he strived †  
An offering blessed and lifted to the sly †  
The merit of appreciation received in reverence and Cain could not understand why †  
This angered him to be denoted the presence of his abundance was just as good †  
† †
One day when the sun was shining Cain came up with an elaborate plan †  
He walked and talked with Abel across the land †  
Two nations hidden in the loins of each man †  
When Abel back was turned Cain struck him down †  
His blood slowly seeped into the soul, cursing the ground †  
Last inhales last exhale, then the laid body with sound †  
† †
† †
#Biblical Spiritual Rhymes
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Published | Edited 3rd Oct 2022
Author's Note
I will be all over the place with my nursery rhythms, dark and biblical

All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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