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Dear Advice Temple

Dear Advice Temple,
“I shall regard all phenomena as the particular dealing of God with my soul
and from there to  
To Exist  
The Writings of  
Hermetic Library  
Thee Witchcraft  
(excerpt from Freedom is a Two-Edged Sword)  
⚫height Don Quixote, Oriflamme, February 21, 1943  
Adolescent Radioactive Blackbelt Hamsters January 4 - March 4, 1946 EV • Samurai Penguin, in the Book of Samurai Penguin) The Birth of Penguin (poem, in the book of Penguin) •  
Analysis by a Master of the Temple of the Critical Nodes in the Experience of their Material Vehicle  
WE ARE THE WITCHCRAFT. We are the oldest organization in the world. When man was born, we were. We sang the first cradle song. We healed the first wound, we comforted the first terror. We were the Guardians against the Darkness, the Helpers on the Left Hand Side. Rock drawings in the Pyrenees remember us, and little clay images, made for an old purpose when the world was new. Our hand was on the old stone circles, the monolith, the dolmen, and the druid oak. We sang the first hunting songs, we made the first crops to grow, when man stood naked before the Powers that made him, we sang the first chant of terror and wonder. We wooed among the Pyramids, watched Egypt rise and fall, ruled for a space in Chaldea and Babylon, we tutored the Marian Kings, we sat among the secret assemblies of Israel and the  
(excerpt from    
5 Oct 49  
Dear Candia  
That which stirs in you now is not madness, is not sin, is not folly, but is life, new life, and joy and fire that will beget a new face, create a new heaven and a new earth.  
When you were a child, did not the wind speak to you and the sur? Did you not hear the mountain's voice, the voices of the river and the storm? Have you not heard the tidings of the stars, and the voices in  
the silence, ineffable? Have you not gone naked in the forest, with the wind over your body, and felt the caress of Pan? And your heart has swelled with spring, blossomed with summer, and saddened with the wolf of    
winter. These things are the covenant, and in them is the truth that is forever.    
Whiteside Parsons’ Lodge  
A Psych Profile of JPL's Magickal Scientist by    
The Vestergothland to which Magus De La Verte from the local village brought Mr. Wallis, who was traveling around information for reasons scholarly. He visits, collecting more information, a guidebook to Scandinavia, and the manse-house of Räbäck which had been built by the keepers of Crom in the early seventeenth century. The inn-keeper has tales to tell. Court Magnus is piqued by this, had been so in fact, ever since the M. R. Michael Staley James story wherein a protagonist in Sweden inspires Mr. Wraxally’s curiosity via a suggestion that, “The Count, who has been on Pilgrimage, has brought themselves back  
JOriginally from "StarFire" magazine, a Thelemic publication  
Later, while examining the Count's papers, Mr Wessall finds a book of alchemical tracts and is delighted to discover  
I height Don Quixote, I live on peyote  
by John Whiteside “Jack” Parsons  
Agape Lodge's Oriflamme, Vol I, No I, Feb 21, 1943  
A flagon that brims with ambrosial wine  
I went only a madness that burns at thee heart  
Where chalices meant to be supped and not sold  
Where thee wind and thee sky and the thee are all ours  
i see imps at play  
Each charwoman gentle, ecstatic, angelic,
The mountains church steeples,  
The stars all awaken at festival bright  
To thee world of thee faire and emboldened
at night  
I say: “See,    
Dear people, And may I be twice damned  
1943, I height Don Quixote  
I live on peyote, marihuana, demotic, divine  
Each wagon a dragon  
Written by Em-ily
Published | Edited 8th Oct 2022
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