What do you do when your universe starts to collapse
You're jogging around infinity praying for the last lap
The confusions of the human race has given you a slap
You're traveling an unknown course that hasn't been explored or mapped
Solitude has always been the key to my existence
And it seems the confusion of intermingling is getting more persistent
Attacked from all sides, don't they realize that I've never been caressed
I'm like Shawshank getting more shit after crawling through years of mess
According to them I've done shit that I haven't even thought of  
Devious things and my only answer is "just because"
I live a life of a snake, slithering around on the ground
The words that come from my mouth are nothing but deceptive and destructive sounds
My poems, hahaha, my poems they claim are no more than a trap
I'm one of only a few that no one has seen or heard our rap
To me this shit is poetry that I sometimes associate with my emotions  
I swing a wide range from killing a motherfucker to steady pussy stroking
There are those claiming that my pieces are a message
Fucking pieces designed to impress, because I'm so obsessive
They don't realize that when I speak, I speak truth
It takes more than a computer or a cellphone to sleep with me Boo
As I said vindictive isn't me, I leave that to those of a lesser order
I belong to a higher sect of poets without borders
My imagination and words travel the far reaches of space and back down to earth
I don't tear humans down I try to show your true worth
The ideas that I'm a womanizer only out for another notch in my belt
Be careful what you say to and about someone, words are felt
Accusations although easily made are hard to withdraw once proven wrong
Remember existence and humanity's harmony is supposed to be the eternal song
Written by I_IS_ME
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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