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The Sultry Whispers To A Beguiling Wizard

Sweet Kitty, what is this I am hearing
You got the village men laughing, fist-to-fist bumping, and jeering
Say what  
A Warlock is claiming last night you gave him some pussy, mouth, and then the butt  
Girl, you know in our paradox that is a no no  
You now have every supernatural being within a one hundred mile radius of Transylvania making bets whose tongue can make that butter rum flow  
And girl, I even heard the Witches Counsel have on the street their Crow’s eyes, and their concealed spies  
With wicked intentions to seek your divine power and weaken you like kryptonite. And girl get this, all using their dicks in the sexual demise    
Then draining that tasting creamy gift to makes their nature rise, those trickles of euphoric between your thighs    
Encase it for the worth to give the joy of the Heaven feeling to their women to make them feel like they can fly to the sky  
Girl your loving is in demand and the natural high  
Elvira, you read too many romance novels, but I can understand why... it’s that butta love  
Ordained and blessed to give unto the right man’s loins above  
But seriously, witches, mixing the pangs of their spooks and spells against the diplomacy of our ordinance is death by instant burn  
A price some are willingly to sacrifice when it’s known can send them to Hell in an Urn  
Have you seen these new millennium witches  
Not the old Cronies of old, the high arc ones they are so fine looking btiches  
So, watch yourself and that is a fact  
They will be the ones sent for the attack  
You made need to place more than salt around your doorpost to ward off that temptation and trust my word they are no longer wearing black  
Mm… interesting… I have nine lives sayeth the cat  
Not worried, my elements never lack  
And I would love a Wizard to have my legs in the air, moaning, while laying on my back  
His witch can watch.. but don't touch, until I drain him of his nutt  
Girl, I heard their dicks is ruler long, solid as a rock, and can do some strange things  
While they tongues, please at the same times if you know what I mean  
You are too much, just be prepared to hide your castle, I heard the search party is going down tonight  
I will need a pedicure, manicure, partial Bikini waxing, my hair shampooed and styled, I have to look irresistible to set this right  
Kitty... I know you are not thinking about entertaining that madness in that pretty head  
And how many dicks you think you can tease, then please, having them make you climax one by one, putting them under a spell to have then on their knees in your Queen size bed  
So, no threesomes, you do remember what happened on Halloween many moons ago with Freddie Kruger, Jason Voorhees, and with Michael Myers  
Yes, after I let them, all fuck me, they start fighting, I saw Jason pull out his machete, and threatened Michael to hack him to pieces if he did not leave, then Michael got peeved flung off his mask and raised his knife to strike in defense, the melee angered Freddie, in the end he ripped their skin with his bladed glove and set them both on fire  
 I never seen grown men run so fast while their skin was smoking, calling each other punks, and they are the best lover, and bold face liars  
I will be good, although my fingers were crossed, what is the harm in a little fun  
A few bites here and there, letting their throbbing girth pump and dump all up in this sensation, giving me some bed shaking vibrations, before the rise of the sun  
A Wizard and his bedroom skills, getting dominated and fucked by his will    
Breast teasing his hard pulsating knack  
Surely, he will keep me dazed in a stare of euphoric, whereas, I may not want to come back       
I have to go Elvira, talk to you soon  
Yes, and be weary, this evening there is a full moon  
And you know how you get, when you send out those sultry pheromones    
I am a sorceress, I suppose to make men swoon where they never want to go back home  
Bye girl  
Looking around my castle... strolling into my bedroom laying across my bed  
Closing my eyes, listening in on words floating on the comic’s air, blended dialects, attuned to what was being said  
Yeah, I fucked her, and I fucked her really good  
I broke her off a chunk of this hard wood  
Had her talking in French and in Haitian tongues  
Then I sunk my dick in that tight pussy, around these parts, known as some addictive butter rum  
Surely, to make a man fall to his knees to want to lick it, then stick it, then let her make his Kingdom cum  
I swear I thought I had gone to Heaven when I start long stroking all up in it  
Then she seesawed those curvy hips and damn my mind started to drift  
Peep this, I swear I saw the Birds, the Bees, and the Honey Trees  
Made me pop off and give up the dick in the late twilight hour  
On the read deal  
Yeah... and get this, she sucked me twice, licked my asshole all in the shower  
Took me deep in her mouth… whatever she is... “A sorceress my love.” Ya’ll hear that.. Oh Yeah, a sorceress... Well anyway, took this Warlock’s mind past the Eifel Tower  
So, my dick should be dipping in that sweetness real soon, without, no wait or no maybe  
Don’t be fooled, she looks damn fine, smells really good, intellect up to par to match, and a very shrewd lady  
Once you get those clothes off  
Damn, her skin so soft  
The body of a Greek Goddess and knows how to seduce  
Under her soothing voice, whispering in your ear, you can’t lose  
I just might creep back in the woods and pretend to be lost  
We move out on your command, you’re the Boss  
She left me still feening for her, I need her when I am not around  
It may sound crazy, but I feel the touch for her and its strong like it’s a human pulsating sound  
My soul just cannot get close enough  
I need her aura around me, her scent, her mind, I don’t know what I’m saying, don’t look at me like that ya’ll... what  
She already got you pussy whip with one droplet of her pussy drips  
I am a Warlock, I have never got my dick stuck in a pussy I cannot and walk away without the Key  
“Yes my Warlock... until in my bed, you thrust deep inside me, my emotion transferred after you gave me your mysteries fulfilling the ancient rite to give you clarity of your destiny.”    
Ya’ll hear that… she speaking to me  
Man, you are losing it... and be ready when we move out  
I need to see what’s all the fuss about this woman who has a pussy like all these other village maidens with nothing but chest and mouth    
I suppose my handsome Wizard the proof will be one kiss upon my lips as yours travel in the path of ecstasy, rapture to soothe you in aftertaste of my wet dewy South  
What was that man… what about South  
Let’s go… we are going to do this... no doubt  
Mm... so the hunt is on.. sorry Elvira but tonight unto a Wizard my skin will sing such beautiful lustful songs…
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Published | Edited 1st Oct 2022
Author's Note
I do love this time of the year.. Spooks, potions.. that Creole universal devotion

All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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