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This Litte Piggy

This Little Piggy went to market this Little Piggy still trying to find her way back home  
Where once upon a time her evil sisters and mother turned their back on her existence leaving her all alone  
In her father’s eyes she never measured up
Where can a small child get love if it is not given from the crown of her generational cup  
No matter how hard she tried, dysfunctional and slightly obese  
Hiding her true self behind baggish boyish clothes worn down to her knees  
To everyone else she was a mistake, a disgrace, now scarred face, and lack luster of no worth or great taste  

Within the mind walking in everyone's shoes because Miss Little Piggy has swine feet that cannot shine  
Only to wait and assimilate, copy styles because in her young mind  
Not leading, but following in contrast by the flow of someone else who is great, a favorite in the heart to give and show love to others in this day and time  
To escape her prison walls once and for all  
Married the first man who make her swoon and then fall  
Abused by the dominance of his hand  
Frigid and cold to initiate a passionate dance  
Mental abuse hidden by society's ruse  
Kept her mouth closed she needed love and not the “I told you so” from her sister, mom, and dear old drunken dad  
No one wants to fail his eyes when he’s sober when his daughter has no accomplishments, and unhealthy and looks bad  
Sleepless nights in reminisce as time has moved on  
No longer a youthful any longer, Miss Little Piggy, or could not sing that ageless song  
Dear daddy or mother never truly cared for the welfare of Miss. Piggy’s twisted mind, dealing with the chemical imbalance of pre-conditioned mental related issues and to this day never has atoned  
The sins upon the father and the mother shall be vised upon the children, and sadly it has  
Mundane and offset of human behavior to Miss. Little Piggy, where you begin to notice it, only time can give a pass  
A feeble mind locked in a stage of denied youth existence
Trying to destroy greatness with true persistence   
Grandeur than a Peter Pan Syndrome, in the lieu of coveting footsteps under the guise at best,  
Does not the soul give the gateway to the mind rest  
Becoming diabolical in mental obsession to become like a lost sick pet  
I only feel sorry for any swine, Little Miss. Piggy when you really break down a person psychoanalysis profile, and that is only a form of observation.  
Some of my favorite study cases f I had to do doing my college dissertations  
So many disorders peeking through, a classic class of dissociation” a short version of mental illness from my profession lips.  
Miss Piggy, if you want to be like me  
You have to do real work, and trust me my shoes are expensive, and my hotel suites are no cheap  
Who eats breakfast, lunch and dinner all through the night on here, do you ever work... oh, silly me, you interchange square boxes as times throughout the day flies by..  
I think these readers are on to you... for all the nursery rhymes images I have not poked at, please, no more lies  
We get you, Miss. Little Piggy you were denied attention when you were young  
Now you’re just and old hag, with the mind of an adolescent trying to run games with your many images, and now an attention seeking bum  
It does not matter how many words you spill out, or use you’re paid voice apps for you to read with, you are still the Little Piggy in your room back at home  
Denied that contact from mama and dear old dad, the mental abuse of your sisters, left you mentally damaged in a world you created with your other inner voices to give you comfort in your world of make believe  
No… on second thought, I do not think you can be me... I get paid very well to get into your mind and still be creative to bring handsome men to their knees  
Poem based off the Nursery Rhyme This Little Piggy  
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
My main thing is obviously mental health and well-being, and then my second passion would be politics; the third would be fashion.

Karamo Brown
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