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Image for the poem Mmm.. The Dark Seduction Of The Handsome Warlock (The Castle On The Hill)

Mmm.. The Dark Seduction Of The Handsome Warlock (The Castle On The Hill)

When goblins and ghouls hollow under the full moon
Vampires and witches netting souls in their decoy to seal you in a darken tomb
My shelter is where your heart seeks high upon the castle on the hill  
Under the fixation of my seduction, marring his back with soft scratches as you’re sinking in my creamy sexual appeal  
Our blending moans and groans ringing out like a twilight melody song, as he loses his way in the abyss of my moisten seesawing thrills  
Deeply inhaling my fresh honey under his nostrils, my sweet yoni scent, on the breeze I softy send  
“Where is that floral smell coming from, man I would love to breathe all that in, foe or friend  
Closing my eyes, I see his image so clear  
I know he is near  
My ears attuned to the night sounds, alluring him to me as his boots prowl the path of the wind  
Finding his way through the dense forest to my adobe as I gave him rest upon his feet  
A Warlock no doubt I sensed it all over his person upon the greet  
Tenderness in his calloused hands  
Robust in his stance, the heat of his passion he would bring while moving his muscular body over mine in an intimate dance  
I love the definition of a man when he lays in my bed, or lift me when he stands  
The appraisal in his hypnotic eyes once he knocked on my door asking for something cool to drink for his parched throat, allowing me to step aside  
His body brushed mine as my titties to his chest did collide  
Leaning his spine against the doorframe slowly assessing my womanly attributes drinking in the loveliness of my beauty, wondering how long before he gets the booty  
I’m silently thinking how long I will have him falling under the spell of my illicit commands  
His hot mouth, frisky fingers, and the tautness of his dick will be under my demand  
He reached out drooping the straps of my camisole  
“What are you, a witch.”  
“No, a sorceress with generational sacraments of power given to me by blood rites in the dusk of the midnight hour.”  
“Then I want to see it all.”  
And quickly I wanted to say, this eager tiger is stepping up to my salacious call  
Just to feel my skin after spoken words has led us to this greet  
“Mm... you look sexy… and I never tasted a sorceress, I read they are good, and I am hungry enough to find out once I eat  
Oh, sweet mercy, he was making me wet in the anticipation of him lapping his tongue  
His mouth waiting for the soaking of my pussy as it drools down his chin, then the gushing trickling of my butter rum  
My nipples were perky, he got me so hot, and his nose hasn’t even sniffed all up in my g-spot, the curl of his darting tongue, sticky upon the licky icky of my honeypot  
Wow... my eyes canvasing down to his groin… his jeans advertising all that hard wood  
Can my mouth handle the width of that long gift if he asks I definitely could  
Standing in full view, in our hasten hunger, clothes hitting the floor  
Lust mirrored in our eyes, I needed his oral pleasure to be fatigued in the tease  
His face swinging in the please    
After a good head to toe honey pour  
I could suck the taste of me from off his skin    
Once pasted against mine as our soul’s blend  
In the wet mist of good loving, my tight pussy gloving  
His eyes following my hands as I dragged them up my inner thighs, opening my legs winder, as I played with my soft folds circling my clit  
You want some of this  
Inserting two in my sugar walls, tasting the flavor of my slit  
Come here handsome one his knuckles denting the mattress, leaning his face in my essence smearing on his lips  
Palming his face for a sweet kiss, our tongues locked, my back went down in the drift  
I felt the tip of his dick sliding up and down my pinkish pearl  
He dipped his hand down, and cupped the arousal of his size, fishing for the opening with a twirl  
My eyes opening, back arched in discomfort, oh my  
His girth was bigger than I imagined to my surprise  
He rubbed the side of my face with the faintness of his beard, whispering in my ear  
“Let me in, once in there, you can scream, pull my hair,”  
I want my dick to give you a night of magic, making you cum over the tip in the height of pleasure  
To fuck a sorceress is a rare found treasure  
He gripped the headboard and held one bent leg up  
My palms pressing down his buttocks making sure he was getting every droplet of my lover's cup  
The pasting sounds of sex laden in the air, he was getting all my wet nasty sups  
Rotating my head, lipping his hairs under his underarms  
Fuck... fuck.. sorceress you got me...  I now know you can keep my bed hot and my body warm  
Encircling my legs around his back    
Kisses over each blood seeping inflicted scratch  
Mm… hum... clenching him tighter in the pursuit of satisfaction invoked by this handsome Warlock  
My essence bathing his animalistic lust the taste of immortality my pussy had on lock    
He grunted and released his seed deep inside me, and the full moon will be our duality    
Mm... you feel so good, sorceress...  
His head dropped back, his mind too far gone as our bodies clung to the night of Nirvana in a state of internal bliss  
My tongue worshipping his chest, my love bites made his body flinched in ecstasy as he felt, a lick of his salty skin, then a searing kiss    
Thunder echoing in the far background  
Our bodies slowly gyrating, you could not even hear a pin drop or any sound  
My love ordained by blood of rites with each thrust of his deepened in and out... to the tip, then the pounding of his dick..    
Mmm.... hummmm oh, yes... oh yes... he was hard so still  
He caught my mouth and smothered it with a long tongue bonding kiss    
Coveting his soul now mine, in the cloak of night  
Hands grasp his spirit combined felt so right  
Can I come back tomorrow...  
I can show you my love potion  
Squeezing my pussy... I do love your.. your devotion... would you like something to eat  
I thought you would never ask... my sexy sorceress...
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note

My Goddaughter made this picture for me out of one of my photos... thank you dear little one.. and yes, I did use it...

My Goddaughter made this picture for me out of one of my photos... thank you dear little one.. and yes, I did use it...

All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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