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Just Trying To Catch Up With Myself.. My Blue Moon Is Bathing In The Nile

Monica Maine commented on your video  
    Progress Is Always Simply Amazing  
Monica Maine  
Careful turning your head. The filter will come off. 😆  
Monica Maine commented on your video  
      A day in my hometown of New York...  
       Monica Maine  
All I see is a bunch of thugs        
Just some of those above vile comments which I had to delete than inactivate my comments on my videos all together.. filters... you best ask these poets on here.. who seen all this Creole Honey by a live video or a classy intimate pictorial spread.. oh.. do I suppose to divulge that.. wink  
I find it apprehensible to my profession and as young professional French Haitian Creole woman who have worked my sectors of life; five years of college and have attained my goals at a Master’s Degree Level in Nursing and now Board Certified, have assuaged my creativity through ever venture to speak of authoring books, utilizing my money to purchase my own production company as my dream.  
Then branching out my talent to post  for an audience, then along came someone who I know, not who I suspect with malice intent, not guessing like we are in a sandbox knocking sticks off each other’s shoulders to provoke attacks, that has never defined me or my creed.  
This is real life, this is not some poetic poem you can summon reactions by words with telescopic eyes, this is irrefutable, a festering sickness by a person of a twisted mind, and how I deal with it is my prerogative, in addition, I do not expect anyone to understand if you are not walking in my shoes when dealing with it.  
Imagine YOU are a painter, and you have painted a beautiful masterpiece(s), and you covered it up for safekeeping. Then you return to your pride and joy to marvel in your work(s) and you realize someone has taken the time to spit upon it.  
I do not mine mental games here, it’s understandable and I will deal with it as it present itself. Subsequently, as I stated previously, when you extend that envy and jealousy beyond these walls onto my words of art and I know who you are it is inexcusable, and it deems to be dealt with and called out, how I see fit, with no excuses.  
I do not mind the dislikes, its life, I am a grown mature woman, but the immature and unprovoked assault on my character, which I refuse to allow.  I do not voluntary bring discord to people, I just toss yours back in your face and more.  
As of late these have been unsettling and recent turned of events. However, most tend to glance from the outside, yet I have to contend with the inside related issues and still smile, say thank you and please...  
I was the adult in not revealing too much about this sociopathic person, however, IP addresses does not lie.  
Henceforth, I am very sane, and my creativity will speak for itself, and in its forthright tone.
We are moving into the month of October, hopefully, I will fulfil my agenda of showing all who are mentally invested and interested how to make some spooking looking candles to add a festive display to any window.  
I will advise you what items you need well in advise and you will be looking more at my hands moving... Until my honey and organic egg white mask tutorial... a morning video… yeeks... lol  
All in all... I am truly thankful for the poets who have taken the time to make sure I am still sane though this blindsided from a very mentally stalking trolling poetess on this poetic site whose mind is not stable, and suffers from countless mental disorders to name...  
It is a sickness to be Blue and depression it really is... trust me... and suffer in silent such a festering jealously, thank goodness I love myself not to ever feel the need to be someone I am not or be enviousness of someone’s else success.  
I really tried to remain quiet and be understanding in all this, and my YouTube dilemma, until the nasty comments where coming from both ends different profiles, same person, as on here.  
As you can see, from some not all of the nasty comments I included. I had to delete and the ones for the other profile, under Kyle, they were assaulting  and just nasty and related back to DUP  
That wheelchair comment on my video you told me to roll down Times Square you need to worry about that ghastly jagged facial scar behind your ear God placed on you old face.. a reminder to the universe  just so people can realize the ugliness behind the person who bares it.  
Have a blessed day everyone in spite of when clouds try to hover.
SKC, Interim DON, APRN  
P.S.. To the pretending male poets on here... if your accounts were made after 2015, or I have not seen you in person, talked to you on Snapchat, Instagram ...sent you a morning Kittygram, WhatsApp, or you have not sent me a more convincing pic of yourself with some grunts… please do not inbox with any sweet words of engagement...  This does not apply to all.. but if the shoe fit.. keep it on  
If I need something from you... I will ask on your page in open…  
It is too much, I mean a lot of catfishing on this site. Men as women and Women as Men  
Thank you in well advance...
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Published | Edited 30th Sep 2022
Author's Note
Just peeping in between patients sipping on an organic banana and natural peanut butter smoothie infused with granola and flaxseed, mixed with plant based yogurt ... so good and healthy and pack a...
Just peeping in between patients sipping on an organic banana and natural peanut butter smoothie infused with granola and flaxseed, mixed with plant based yogurt ... so good and healthy and pack a lot of each serving

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