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The Witch Patch

It was a beautiful spring morning in early April, when 9 powerful families of Viking witches set sail from Scandinavia, to the new world in pursuit of promised land for purchase upon arrival. The year is 1694.                                  
The journey across the pond was long and tedious and proved the ocean is alive and extremely emotional. After only a few days at sea a vicious sea-storm irrupted; the water was so violent it damn near sank the boat, but instead swallowed two children alive never to be seen again. During the rest of the journey many fell ill from the element's even claiming one witches life due to what we now call pneumonia. And while this clan of witches are some of the best medicine workers and healers of their time and they were, there are just some things magic can’t fix.                                                              
Finally at the tail end of the second week of October and nearly 7 long months at sea, the witches arrived in America off the coast of Plymouth Massachusetts. “Amerika! Vi gjorde det!!” Announced the portly witch manning the helm.                                                           
With utter and elated excitement and without hesitation the witches docked their boat and found their way into town. And as promised, purchased 9,999 acres of unwanted land. At the time it was thought to be useless swamp land and as such the witches got it for pennies on the dollar. Of course the sellers didn’t know they were witches so they were more than happy to off their land to “unsuspecting foreigners.”                                                                       
Legend has it the land became prosperous seemingly overnight. Houses, mansions and shops suddenly appeared. Wild flowers, lush green grass, ferns and wild clover covered their entire landscape of property. They even had Maple, walnut, chestnut, apple and cherry trees as far as the eyes could see.                                                                  
As you can imagine the “local folk” had plenty to say about the swamp land and what was going on there. Being Puritans and Pilgrims and whatnot. Not to mention having just went through a total melt down with the Salem Witch hysteria a little more than a year ago. “Yup!” they were convinced, they absolutely believed it must be “Witchcraft!!”                                                                                                  
Well, It wasn’t long before the rumors started, and not long after that the name calling began to which the name Witch Patch was coined. And so after years of fighting and discord the Witches Council decided it best especially after the recent witch hangings, to put a hex around the entire Witch Patch to keep the ordinary people off their land while hiding it from plain view altogether. We are a self sustaining community and need nothing from the ordinary world. Any outsider/s who walk our way will get confused, lost and turned around.                                                                                                  
About a month after their arrival it was decided it would be a good idea if at least 4 families moved out of the Witch Patch to spread out and build a stronghold in Massachusetts, there was a vote, it was unanimous.          
One family went to Salem, another went to Boston, one went to Cape Cod and one family went to Springfield with their 13 children.  
Meanwhile the remaining witch families stayed put here in Plymouth Massachusetts and laid down roots. The Witch Patch, or “The Patch” as most call it today became a village and over time a thriving community.                                      
Now living in the 21st century the year is 2022 and the hex remains in place. To the outside world our world is invisible, being thought of as only foolish folklore. However, some folks that do believe think the Witch Patch is somewhere in the Deep Woods on the other side of Garrison‘s Farm & Orchard. They’d be right of course, but ordinary people don’t come to the Deep Woods.                                                                                               
To be continued…                                                                                                
Written by Zazzles (Broomie)
Published | Edited 17th Dec 2023
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All rights Reserved..
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