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The Parable Of The Truth

Is there ever a time when honesty and truth must be revealed when vicious attacks in the form of comments have been displayed with malicious intent and has been processed without provocation, without warning.                            
It makes you question several facts in the beginning, it is jealousy, is it racist, is it just ill-will because you shine within your own skin and this person does not.                
My agenda as of late has always been to bring you medical advice going forward, to bring you spirituality elements from the stars, stirred by the wind.                                
Let me propose the question to you.                  
What if you are successful in your endeavors; professional, creativity, goals, do not cross people on social sites, let me reiterate, without reasons, try to bring masses educational information, rather through, philosophical, or intellectual thoughts, until someone from this poetic site, (DUP) has taken it upon themselves, under the guise of a female and a male with the signature of several laughing emojis 🤣🤣🤣....continue to flood my poetic videos I have posted from here with derogatory remarks and related their attacks back to comments from DUP; reveling what someone is telling them from this site.              
I do not interact with anyone from this poetry site; therefore, I do know this person has some form of Mental Health related issues.                                
Most people I relate to on DUP male members of course have seen me live one way or the other.                  
Here comes the pondering question if you were in the dilemma now that you know the predicament not in the form of a poem.                               
Would YOU be honorable and worry about who it may impact if you know who the person is; more questions arise from a split decision such as, asking ourselves should we expose the person in open, or leave trivial hints.                  
The same person with several IP addresses that somehow was made known to you.                
I am not a Moderator therefore, I never believe what is exposed to me, until…. that same person creativity looms under the falsification of several females and a male on this site, with several closed accounts as well.                  
That same poetess or poet who I have blocked due to the fact they are the same person, consequently, who really has time for this, or we not mature adults here lead by exemplary behavior rather by our deeds by our beautiful words. If we cannot be civilized by the population of our craft, then when.                              
Thank goodness that information somehow came to me, by the grace of God, blame that on the blessing of the universe.                
In as much, that is why people, we must always be true to ourselves, uplift ourselves, and be a beckon of light for others, I state that proverb in the essence of not knowing how others around us can affect our lives.  
Maybe that person who revealed that information to me moons ago knew I would need it in times such as this. I was never a person to bring discord to anyone, that has never been my creed, I am here to enlighten, not bring anyone down, too many goals I have already reached, this is my creative playground, however not my main ingredient to thrive.                  
You attempt to hurt me, yes, I will push back, and I will always stand on that oath, with no excuses rendered.                  
Now I am pondering as what to do.                
The parable of the truth and exposure of it is entwined in such a vague fashion, however, does both really set you free. Does it give you pleasure, or can it bring you hell when setting the mind free, when accepting the consequences, it may adhere.                  
This Straight Talk Live piece originated from a dilemma that has originated from DUP that has overspilled onto another site. In regard to a female poetess masquerading as man who is a member here on DUP who has openly harassed my YouTube page until I had to block their comments, and how I felt to deal with this person and bringing her due process in possible retribution.                
As I sit back, would I had been calloused to have just mentioned this member for others to know how calculating and callous this particular person really is and mentally unstable as claimed, not to forget the methodically way she seeks such mundane rhetoric as to gain sympathy in the form of fabrication with long prose of crying wolf in questionable behavioral or in her male profile manifesting terminally ill fables making a mockery for those who really do suffer from the challenge to survive the expectancy, or succumb to the fate, as a nurse I find it aghast in the least.             
It goes to say if you say it with false tears they will believe it, yet it comforts me when I know the truth, I will leave at that, however, I know Karma is a Bitch, and on here, yes, she is, and the beautiful notation about that clarification, I know who she/he is and how to deal with her and the false illusion of her male alter ego profile.                
Until Our Souls Relish In The Truth, Stay Blessed And Stay True To Yourself                
SKC, Interim DON, APRN
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Published | Edited 26th Sep 2022
Author's Note
The Truth Shall Set You Free...

All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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