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Image for the poem Babe Hear My Ah Cry?

Babe Hear My Ah Cry?

Nicuaguaina hold up ah pleasure?
It's strange to me ah too
I'm only 38 but ah needly
I can only see it being u

Thy ah butter ah honey ah golden ah
Butter ah cantaloupe.......oh these eyes
This ah hair, those ah lips ah color same
Nicuaguaina babe ah hear my ah cries?

I only wish to suddle within thy
Ah words ah pleasure each day
The ah casual of thy eyes ah stare
Ah takes my ah breath away

Ah flawless are those ah lips
My eyes be ah hands that ah brush
Ah kiss u anyway ah mentally ah for
This ah such ah beautiful ah plush

May these ah passions ah not
Ah scare thy ah funny in any way
But I'm a female in aluv with women
Intertwine my I'm truly ah gay

Thy ah skin's ah butter ah golden
Ah butter ah peanut ah butter
Brings an ah tranquil ah wind ah
Peace that keeps my ah mind unclutter

Baby thy ah bowlegs cause me
To not desire to u ah stalk
But I became lifeful within thine
Ah presence of my eye's ah walk

U ah caught the ah bus here
But I ah walked just to ah visualize
Me coming home from work to u
To ah cook for as if be my ah thighs

I'm ah fernyah and I'm wrong but
By ah taste of essence relatiae I'm right
Thy ah dips ah ramba ah waltz forgive
Me eyes upon u ah tight

Thy ah fine empowers ah mine
Nicuaguaina ah luhva u ah too
Ah kisses to u from a heart that's
Never ah plague unto doings of u

U are such the ah beautiful I
Should be oh damn u I ah need
I'd just go with it Nicuaguaina but
If can't have u my ah heart will ah bleed

Thy height is six foot eight thy
Ah weight one hundred eighty-three
Nicuaguaina I'm Awet ah funny ah
Please Nicuaguaina do ah luhv ah me?

My ah cheddar ah stacks are only
84 Abresidez but to u ah pledge my ways
In humility I ah say ah humbly
Be the honor my ah night's days ah gays

I'm seven foot three inches with
Weight at one hundred eighty-five
Ah beg u ah Nicuaguaina ah be to
We mine with thee ah deared alive

My ah body ah fat is at truly
Percent ah body ah luhv u ah 5
I'm an ah seeker of ah death ah
Because u will just ah keep us alive

Within that ah darkness ah displayed
Ah calling as it's awet ah divine ah taste
And again I apologize if at all my ah
Voice to u has been an ah time ah waste

Oooo.....Nicuaguaina got my ah damn
My ah legs too be ah bow but for u
I'm at the ah will of thy ah service ah
Lick they accomplishments ah held too

Nicuaguaina babe ah hold my
Ah hand before u ah release ah me
My ah steps are ah samba ah bachata
Awet dips of thine ah breathless hear me

My eyes are ah butter ah golden ah
Butter ah yellow as these other two
Like my eyes my ah hair and ah lips
Ah yes.....I ah pledge these to ah u

My ah skin adores thy ah slanted eyes
And what her ah knowledge can ah see
Ah butter ah honey ah golden ah butter
Ah beige is this to u ah color of ecstacy

In my ah heart thy age ah matters
For party for u throw of birthday only
And to not be granted this by u ah
Nicuaguaina will ah leave me ah lonely

Though ah still ah normal I ah can't
Be without babe ah please ah eye
And ah show this ah concern ah
Babe for to u this aluhv u ah cry?

Written by Sandals (Birchel Devon Robinson)
Author's Note
Nicuaguaina(The Bolivian so ah beautiful, that, only funny female shy girls be ah stunned within their ah tracks. And, their nigga homeboy counterparts ah shy up with no harm intended. She's that...
Nicuaguaina(The Bolivian so ah beautiful, that, only funny female shy girls be ah stunned within their ah tracks. And, their nigga homeboy counterparts ah shy up with no harm intended. She's that muthafukan ah sea calm peace ah beautiful!)!! This woman is an ah radiance that neon colors find so damn ah singly ah fine. Y'all please do enjoy this ah funny ah fiction!
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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