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Trap House Hoe (Getting Even Steven)

Gee... see these old ass Hoes, got too much mouth    
Plastic living, mental games, and still worry about what I do in the dirty South    
And cannot back up shit      
Not when you they be dangling a carrot but an old ass clit      
How much pain can my Glock afflict when you play with mirror and smoke      
My Queen ease up... we still got the cash and the dope      
Yeah, but this bitch about to get straight dealt will I make her choke      
The game ain’t for the faint, you best tame that collar when you running a lose tongue      
My Drug Empire is successful, Gee... we bring the firepower, we blaze, and watch a bitch moan while they attempt to evade or run      
We took those Cartels out, and brought the crew to their knees      
I live to plug a fuck and then chop his ass up while his mama bleed      
We need to smooth things over with the Cubans, since we set up the Mexican Drug Lords      
Now that we took over their territory, we going need at trap house, to keep their whereabout on a tight cord      
Gee, that fuck sent his woman to do his money transaction and drug bidding      
She must thought when I told her get down on lay down, I was kidding      
Yeah, until I sliced her neck from behind      
And watched her squirt on Hells’ time      
My Queen, I heard she was the same old bitch who tried to stage your demise      
Attempted and failed, ignorant never outshine wise      
Watching her kissing dirt and bleeding out, your stiletto smashing her in the back      
She deserved it and that's a fact      
That dead hoe assumed she was dealing with a soft kitty cat, an old bitch ass twisted Uncle Tom      
You showed her My Queen when you lifted her hand and carved your three initials in her palm      
You know how the East Coast gets down, you play with fire, and you will be burned      
Tossing your ass in your own flames and leaving her peeps crying over her ashes in an Urn      
My Queen, since when did we leave a witness behind      
We 911, and the po-po, and don’t nobody better move, we come strapped, getting yours and saving mine      
Our laws are to put out the trash while we still stay on our grind      
I keep telling these Cartels and they fake ass right hand trap house hoes, watch your step they are not as loud as mine      
I just sit back, then cut at your feet, mess with your head for a national past time      
Stay on your block, or you feel the sting of my Glock      
Whichever color bandana you are known to wear      
You not ready for the streets, my crew or me do not play fair      
Loose lips sink ships      
You get my drift      
One by one taking you and your boys down, scratching your names off my hit list      
Raiding those phony accounts, showing you who’s the real bitch, snitch      
Gee, all of them Cartels and the Drug Lords do is play the innocent act      
Crocodile tears, twisted mentality, that weak shit when cornered after I bash heads with my autographed baseball bat      
Proof is always sweeter when no one has your back      
Word up, Gee, revenge is best left cold, when flushing you out like a ghost, then smiling in your face, keep it real.. yeah just like that      
We set up a meeting, since I'm the East Coast Drug Queen, we got the pounds of that black ice      
Yeah, the sky is the limit when the cash is rolling in and that’s twice as nice      
Silly rabbit tricks is for kids      
You throw stones, trust me those secrets you are hiding, I outlive      
Open your eyes and recognize      
I bring pain and hell to give truth the code of street lies      
Patience in the role of demise      
Respect the silence, until you step on my toes      
You interfere with my dope, getting me some hard dick, or my cash flow      
The green light to go after your tired wrinkle ass, your downfall that’s all I know      
Gee serve that she, he bitch her notice … that fake fucker tried to go even steven on me..      
You got it my Queen…
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
It’s Time To Open Up A Can Of Whip Ass..

The Nun Runner
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