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Let My Search Please Be Of End

Everytime I turned
Around I couldn't
Find my ah complete

Even gave up on it
Because of my being
Lack of ah discreet

On the ah situation of luv
And how to ah talk
To an ah woman about

Being ah trust worthy of
Her luv to accept with
No emotional ah doubt

But I ah talk to u
And ah conversate upon
Thy ah basics of ah need

And how to ah continue
Your ah trust within me
Of our luv'z ah proceed

It all fits ah together
Our ah dress ah code
Even our looks of ah skin

Upon first ah sight
Our ah stare of each other
Ah then we ah grin

So I ask u of this
Please ah consider
Being my only one

No matter how tough
The situation is away
From each we ah won

Back into each other's
Eyes again on
The at we each ah stare

Your ah smarts are a skill
And an ah brilliance of
None to can ah compare

Ah help please be of end
Ah let my ah search be
With u as my luv'z appetizing

Bitch u be the equivocal
Of the m ah letter's
Ah word of ah mesmerizing

Your shape is ah such
The ah sweetest of laughter
That I'm about to ah give

Within thy ah soul's ah
Control of we to ah prove
Together we both should ah live

How may I ah serve thy ah deeds
Thy ah needs of ah desires to
Ah fulfill thee from ah me

Ah coffee ah hot u ah be
Ah because owners of coffee
Put hats upon the ah heads of kiddies

What u ah put in my
Ah heart is a dessert
So the ah nutra of ah sweet

To the ah soul of a huh
And her to ah cherish
U evenly ah unique

The glistening of thy ah skin
Is an ah captivatingly
Of film screen ah words

For to live luv u
Until the death's ah walk
With my ah body's ah purge

Me from this ah life and
Ah step until the ah
Silence of new beginning

Oh to luv u if was wrong
Would ah be the ah sweetest
Of this the ah sinning

Your ah care as a baby sitter
For nieces and nephews
Is the ah splendor

My ah heart ah craved to
Ah show u the ah need ah
Know by u to u ah tender

Ah naming this luv for u
Upon this these ah pages
I ah truly do ah write

My one and only ah luhva
The ah pleasantry of my
Ah brain channel's ah flight

Handheld u ah many ah times
In form of an ah hug
As we ah both ah speak

The pleasant of thy ah voice
Ah combined with beauty ah
Makes me an ah geek

Like a high school geek
Smart and honor roll
Ah ready to ah help thee

I wanna ah take my
Money and invest it all
Within thine aching

Buy into anything
Your smarts and brilliance
Ah desire of thy ah floature

And luv u ah tenderly
Just as thy ah life ah
Shows of thine ah koshure

U be an ah sweet to me
That ah dazzles the heart's
Ah reasoning to ah live

All this luv is for u
And the to ah have it
As ah formally to ah give

In the ah spirit of
Thy luv ah search I
Ah beg to be of end

Ah let me ah be of thy
Ah choice woman ah beg ah
Thee my ah heart I to u extend

For the fair of thy ah hair
Is an ah Excellency to
My ah hand's ah swoftly

To ah be without to me
Is ah truly the ah wonder
Of another one's ah costly

Written by Sandals (Birchel Devon Robinson)
Author's Note
This fiction is about a woman coming onto a man, with, intense to luv u ah passions. And, she's ah begging him to see it within the ah hearing in her ah voice as she's speaking to him. Y'all ah...
This fiction is about a woman coming onto a man, with, intense to luv u ah passions. And, she's ah begging him to see it within the ah hearing in her ah voice as she's speaking to him. Y'all ah please ah do enjoy!
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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