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Brizaiyah ah listen ah please?
Only for an ah minute ah hear me?
Aluv u I ah do though ah funny
Brizaiyah ah let me be thy ah honey?

Brizaiyah I know u are fern
I'm opium cocaine as well
I'm that black rose ah framed
Upon T.V. screens not to excel

But Brizaiyah I ah ask within
This thine ah respect ah Laotia
Let me ah prove why I ah should
Ah drank u as aluv ah potion

U ah bathe thine ah self
Like I always too myself ah do
But ah let me ah do it from now
On just because u mean my aluv u

Ah kiss u ah Brizaiyah upon thy
Ass cheeks and feet as I ah soap ah sud
Thy body if ah Brizaiyah is interested
Within this my Awet aluv

Brizaiyah ah onely u ah captivate
My ah will to no longer alone a day
If ok Brizaiyah u may awetly ah darkly
With me within this ah darkness ecstacy

Politely I ah ask u ah Brizaiyah
Let my ah tongue know her ah rest
My fingers and this my ah deck
Within thine ah pussy at ah best

Brizaiyah ah let me ah bathe'
U with conversation and ah dinner
We'll never ah miss one off schedule
Into these my hands ah zimmer

These ass cheeks ah sweetly
Thy ah kindly I ah do ah fulfill
No credit worries ah Brizaiyah
Because I ah have ah none ah real

My co-sign is beyond hundreds
I ah lie to u Brizaiyah not anytime
Ah Loaotia understand aluv me
The world be ours....always ah thine

If u be ah midget ah Brizaiyah
This I ah still ah mean ah kiss
Aluv u ah Brizaiyah please ah this
My ah great time without u is a miss

Brizaiyah thy ah eyes of
Ah butter ah honey ah golden ah.......
Butter ah peach stranger aluvaz
Even if of ah womanly ah only covaz

We can ah cruise ah ship the ah sea
Brizaiyah intensely ah swoftly aluv thee
If not wanting to ah resist ah me
I ah been ah made thine ah money

Thy ah debts u ah been ah paid
Even if u don't ah want to with me ah laid
Brizaiyah thine aluv has been ah said
U see me ah last but there's no ah clash

I'll let go ah Brizaiyah it's late
U got other things to ah do
Though still feel you're my ah fate
To thy ah time released I will remain true

Written by Sandals (Birchel Devon Robinson)
Author's Note
This is about the incredible Brizaiyah(On sight of his eye ah beauty, she ah tells him how ah beautiful she always is to ah he. The never will ah betraying beauty of everlasting I'm ah here! Married to women or female they are yours ah too!)! I'm hitting a fiction ah write ah maybe. Time and essence just changes upon sight of the Brizaiyah's eyes upon her ah nigga! And within it, she ah nutriously ah doesn't ah lose. Y'all please ah do ah enjoy this ah poem!
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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