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Married Man with Lustful Thoughts and getting caught part 6 of 6

Married Man with Lustful Thoughts and getting caught part 6 of 6

Her pussy was so amazingly tight, it felt like a virgin I was making love to, and I had no complaints whatsoever! She was rocking up and down and rubbing her breasts with one hand while rubbing her soaking wet clitoris with the other. I could see her massage that part of her outer pussy so nicely each time she came up and down on me… then suddenly, she moved up and down faster and faster each minute, harder and harder each time, my penis could not take any more of this. My tongue was busy licking Christine’s vagina lips while my finger was also fingering her, and my penis was making love to one of the most beautiful women on this earth! How can I handle much more of this? Annie kept moving up and down faster.

I felt her muscles inside her pussy clenching on my penis tighter and tighter as though she was going to orgasm soon. Her pussy wrapped around my penis, and it felt great! Up and down, she goes…her wet pussy lips spreading each time to let my penis in…up and down she goes…her lips closing again, the pattern was amazing, this pleasure was amazing, this night was amazing, the two women I adore most in the world was amazing! She then rocked so hard she nearly split me in half, and for a minute she was fucking the life out of me, I nearly fainted from all this. Then I felt her vagina contract and expanded because she was having her orgasm.

She moaned very loud, simultaneously rubbing her cunt and her breast more feverously! Her female sex continued to contract and expand while having my penis inside her! It ate it alive; I could no longer complain, this was one of the best sexes I have had in my life.

After she regained composure from her orgasm, she continued to move up and down, sliding my penis inside and out of her pussy, and slowing down then she got off me while still rubbing her gent softly. I saw her fingers and they were so wet. Her pussy was still wet, I could see the juice on the outside, but she was satisfied. She came over and kissed me and took my hand to let me rub her wet cunt one last time, I rubbed and rubbed, and I licked it, I took two fingers and moved apart her lips and veryyyyyy slowly…. veryyyy gently, I gave her pussy one good lick right down the middle, I spread it a little more apart, and I licked it right in the middle up and down again, and then one last time, I savored every moment of this! Some of her juice then gushed into my mouth and I could feel her orgasm coming on again from my tongue.

She came on me! I continued to lick her pussy for all its worth, her softly moaning each time! I licked and licked… while fingering Christine. Then I gave it one good final lick exceptionally smooth, and I took my time, I wanted to feel her flesh on my tongue and to remember this feeling and this night, and to remember her. She then moved away still rubbing her cunt and she laid down to relax herself and to catch her breath.

I finally decided to go all the way with Christine. I undid her bra, and I pulled down her panties, I took her, and I fucked her missionary style. Her cunt feeling as tight as Annie’s but for some reason, it gave me a pleasure I never felt before. Even with Annie, to whom I had just made love. I looked at Christine and her was the most beautiful creature I have ever seen on this earth! Her nose, her ears, her mouth, her lips, were all so beautiful, but the most enticing quality she had about her was her eyes! Oh, how they were so beautiful! Her dark blue majestic eyes took me to another plane that I never knew existed. She took me to a magical place that only existed in dreams. It felt like pure blessed when I stared now, I loved while making love to her.

I did her faster and faster, she was so seduced now because I gave her oral sex for a good hour! Her cunt was so tight and so wet, just like Annie’s. Her body wrap around my penis as I entered and exited out of her. Her flesh getting a tighter grip each time we went in and out. I spread her legs further apart to have easier access into her body, but it was still hard because she was so tight. I rubbed her breast while rocking back and forth, delivering this pleasure that we both loved so much! I massaged and cupped her breasts with my hands, played with her nipples and kissed her on the lips and on the neck! I touched her all over her body, her waist, her butt, her legs; everywhere and it felt magical!

Mine and her body started to shake and scream because we both were nearing our orgasm. I rocked faster and faster, and harder and harder. Christine moaned each time I thrust myself into her! “uHhHh, oOoOhH. Oohh. UHhhhh…. AhhHhH…it feels so good John, keep it up baby!” she would moan. Then finally after an enjoyable time, I rocked harder and harder as I was going to cum. I entered harder and faster as my penis never felt so good before, feeling her pussy and her juice all over it, made it so slippery and nice and wet and so pleasurable.

Then she gasped “AhahH, oOoo…. UhHhh….” as she was having her orgasm. I felt the same when Annie was having her orgasm. Her pussy wrapped itself around my penis and it took the last energy I had left with it. Her cunt gushed out more juice and made her vagina and penis more wet, I kept pushing myself in and out of her, feeling her orgasm as mine was close to ensue afterwards. Finally, my penis exploded, and I came inside of my wife. We always wanted a child, and we were going to have one tonight! I rocked harder and harder as my orgasm intensified. I felt her body orgasm with mine and for a moment in time, I felt as though me and her were one. It was magical, a feeling unbelievable to make love with the person you love. It was heaven.

Soon after, we were all exhausted from this event, and we were cleaning up the mess that we made of this tree house. Both women were getting dressed again and I began to put on my clothes as well. Christine then turned to me and asked, “So John, who is it going to be? Me or Annie, make up your mind for the last time so we can all get on with our lives and forget about this event that happened here!” Without a hesitation I answered, “Of course it is you Christine, it will forever be you, and a mistake like this will never happen again! You know I love you and I look forward to spending the rest of my days with you and to move on with our lives.” Annie had a smile on her face because she was happy for us and that she did what she had to do to move on and to not live with this guilt.

Days gone by and all our troubles and memories of this event has been completely forgotten. A month or so later, I tore down the treehouse so there would be nothing left of what had happened, things became okay again, and I liked it that way. One day, I climbed on that tree and sat on a branch just to reflect on how my life has changed around and how good it felt too finally be free from all this. I was gazing at the sky and noticed how the sun was beginning to set, it was a beautiful site. In a way like the setting sun, I had let go of all my troubles and worries and began to cope with life again. Everything was nothing more than a series of unfortunate events. I sat there and let out a long deep breath and I felt better because none of this would ever happen in my life agian. I was given a second chance at a life I loved so much, and I would NEVER do anything to jeopardize it agian. By letting go, I was FREE at last!

Written by nutbuster (D C)
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