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Married Man with Lustful Thoughts and getting caught part 5 of 6

Married Man with Lustful Thoughts and getting caught part 5 of 6

With my hands, I then fondled her breasts underneath her bra very gently and carefully. I moved around closer and closer to her nipple, but I barely touched it, I just graced over it slowly. I was very turned on and hard by now! I wanted to do her so bad, but I knew I loved her, and I wanted to take this slow, it would be better for the both of us. I could feel her nipple getting extremely hard by now, and then I gently rubbed them between my two fingers, like pinching them lightly. She moaned a little louder and I could feel her body beginning to be more receptive to my touch. I kept kissing her neck and she liked it, she loved it! I continued to massage both of her breasts with both of my hands now, her body was loving it and I could tell. While still kissing her, I took one of my hands away from her breast and I started to move downwards.

About 30 minutes passed now since we have started to seduce each other, and I could feel her body tremble a bit from the pleasure I was giving her through kissing and fondling her breasts. I could feel them very full in my hand, I massaged and felt on them as though it was my first time, I caressed her skin and licked her nipple gently with my tongue, she went wild! She moaned very loud this time, and I kept softly licking her nipples back and forth, flickering my tongue across her skin. Her body jerked a little bit because it felt so good to her, and I was more than happy to see my wife enjoying herself! I was happy too!

Suddenly over in the corner, I averted my eyes to one side, and I saw Annie rubbing herself under the sheets. One hand was in view rubbing the top part of her body and the other one, I saw was touching herself between her legs! She looked at me with a look of seduction, I realized that she wanted to join us because her seeing me pleasuring Christine like this had made her want some also! Christine then looked over at Annie and then told her to come over; Annie was shy at first but then she came over at last. When Annie came over, the sheets fell off her body and she was totally exposed. I could see her breasts jiggle as she made her away over, and her pussy, I saw, was wet from her touching herself there. That turned me on even more!

While working on Christine, to pleasure and make her happier, I used my hand and starting to rub her legs, each time I rubbed up and down her leg, I made my way closer to the center of where her legs met. I really wanted to rub her wet cunt and finger her, so she would enjoy this more. Slower and slower I made my move…. closerrrr, clooooser, closer…. I could feel the lust in me come alive, it was a great feeling making love to your wife and for all this to set things right between us! I finally touched her laced baby blue panties, and very gently took on of my finger and rubbed the top of her mound. I could feel a little wetness seeping through the panties, I knew she was liking this. I flickered and gently traced my finger across the outside of her panties where her feminine lips were. I traced a path up and down, barely touching the outside of her panties, but nevertheless making her pussy ache more to be touched! She was going wild! “Okay Annie, make love to John like you would to a man you love, I HAVE TO know which one he would honestly choose after! So, I can live with this and move on with my life!” Christine demanded from Annie.

Annie then agreed. So now one of my hands was carefully teasing Christine’s pussy from outside of her panties, while the other was rubbing one of Annie’s breasts! While doing this, Annie was kissing on my chest and neck, sucking on it, licking it. It drove me wild! I loved the feeling of her soft tongue teasing my skin, I could barely control myself through all this pleasure! She then suddenly thrust off my towel I had around my waist and started to suck and tease my penis with her tongue. I never felt something more amazing in my life before! She only did it because I knew she still cared for me very much, cared for me a lot to give me oral sex. My male part nearly melted in her mouth; I came so close to coming each time her tongue would lick the tip of my penis. She would suck gently and seduce it with all the skills she had, and believe me, she was GREAT!

Christine then stood up, and she grabbed my hand and ferociously moved them inside of her panties. “FINGER ME ALREADY JOHN, stop teasing me like that, you know I hate it when you tease! NOW,” Christine yelled at me; I quietly obeyed her every wish. I felt the wetness of her lips the moment I touched her pussy. It was slippery and made it quite easy for me to rub her cunt. I rubbed and rubbed her outside lips, making sure to massage her clitoris, her sweet spot, every time I came up and down. She moaned and moaned and let out a scream of pleasure, it was great to make my wife feel this good. While I was doing all this, Annie was still devouring the energy I had left in my penis, it was too good to be true! Her tongue, her lips, nibbling and sucking on the head of my penis, I felt was though I was in cloud nine!

I then slowly stuck one of my fingers into Christine’s wet pussy hole. I could feel her feminine juice just oozing out more and I was getting MORE turned on by the minute! I slowly slid my finger in…. and then out… and then in…. each time while using my tongue to lick the outside part of her pussy! She loved it and soon her hips were jerking with the direction of my fingers, finger her sweet pussy and my tongue licking her outer cunt. Her hips rocked back and forth, and she grabbed my hair and scream at me,

“Harder John, finger me harder, and lick me faster and suck on my clitoris! Now!” I mean, if my wife demanded it and I liked it, I would give it to her and I did. I sped up my pace and I used two fingers to finger her now, each time I took my finger out, it was covered with her juice, and it was sweet! I sucked on her clitoris as though I was hanging on to dear life, and she moaned as she never did before each time I did so.

Annie then now was done giving me the best oral sex of my life. She stood up, looking at the view of me fingering and licking my wife’s pussy. She stood in front of me, so I could see, and then she started to spread her pussy lips and fingered herself too! One hand she was playing with her nipples, I could see them standing erect, while the other hand, she took her middle finger and started to masturbate, and this was all in plain view! She spread her legs to give me a beautiful view, I could see her vibrant soft white skin from her legs, moving up to her knees, into her inner thighs and then meeting at the soft pussy she had between her legs. She moaned each time she thrust her finger deeper into her wet pussy hole! At times she would spread her pussy lips to let me have a view and then gently rub the outside of her cunt. When she did so, I could see the wetness of her pussy on her outer lips, I could see her juice, her cum…This moment was only getting better by the minute!

I never looked at the time by another 35 minutes has passed by, while I was still fingering my wife, and licking her juicy cunt at the same time! Annie had been masturbating for a good 20 minutes also, while seducing me with her oh so sexual body! Slow rubbing her pussy up and down…. back and forth… I could see the fat of her outer pussy lips move along with her hand…… back and fourth… up and down….

Rubbing her cunt, her pussy was getting wetter as time went on! Using two fingers, she spread her pussy again, and inserted her middle finger and started to pleasure herself! She then teased me with words, and she said “John, this finger could be your finger, don’t you want to touch?” I then eagerly nodded my head. She pulled up closer to me and I began to rub her inner thigh. I made my way gently up her inner thigh until I felt her soft sweet and oh so wet pussy! I used two of my fingers to spread her pussy lips apart, and she took one hand and started to rub that sweet area in between! Both the girls were moaning more now, getting louder and louder! I was hoping the neighbors was away so they could not hear any of this.

Annie then spread her legs open wide, and I inserted two of my fingers in her pussy.

She moaned so hard the first time I stuck my fingers in there! So now I was fingering my wife, eating out my wife, and fingering Annie’s luscious pussy also! Both women were getting ready to cum, and their hips were rocking with the movement of my hand! I could feel the wetness and the tenderness of both of their pussies, each felt so warm and so nice, and they were both so tight! I could barely finger them at a fast pace because I was beginning to tire. Annie suddenly took my hand and pulled my fingers out and she made me massage her outer cunt lips! I rubbed them back and forth like an animal, like I have done to my wife. She also stood up and used her hand to guide my hand while I was rubbing her smooth-shaven cunt. She pressed her hand harder on mines so there would be harder pressure on her pussy and harder pressure on her clit, and she was enjoying every minute of it.

She moaned and let out a gasped of pleasure as I knew she was nearing her orgasm!

She then took my hand away and since I was in a laying down position, my penis was erect, and it stood straight up! She moved closer to my penis, and she got in a position to sit on top of it. She took one of her hands and guided my hard dick and she slowly lowered herself. She controlled my penis in a way that she made my forehead of my penis touched the outside of her lips, rubbing it gently back and forth so her pussy juice would get all over it. I could feel the slipperiness of her soft cunt skin. She teased me so much! I wanted to ram my dick into her and give her the best sex of her life, but she was taking it so slowly! Gently, smoothly, she rubbed my penis against her pussy, up and down…. Back and forth…. Teasing me by opening her lips apart but not letting my penis enter. Her body was so beautiful, snowflake white skin, straight long hair like

Christine’s, her hair flowing down her back while and curves that would have seduced any man! Her beauty was one unbelievable and if she wanted, she could have started another Trojan War because she was like a goddess. Tonight, I was one lucky Asian guy. Hell, I was lucky to be a MAN!

After 15 minutes of torturing me with pleasure, of how she kept rubbing the most sensitive area of my penis on her supple soft pussy skin, she finally lowered herself, so I was inside of her! As my penis entered her, it moved her cunt lips apart and she was so tight! It took her awhile to lower herself all the way into me. I felt as though I was in a dream when her vagina fully engulfed my penis! She slowly rocked side to side and up and down, ever so gently.

I felt my penis slide in and out of her each time she moved up and down, her pussy was so wet and my penis slide in and out so easily feeling better each time. I felt every sensation of how it spread her lips apart each time it came in and how her pussy closed again each time it went out, there was no other feelings like it in the world! She picked up the pace because she was feeling the sexual pleasure herself. She moved her body up and down…. up and down…up and down…. side to side, moving her hips in a circular motion to further pleasure my penis to heaven! Up and down…. gently…. then faster…. then gently, it was a mystery what she was going to do next! She rocked up and down harder and harder and harder and harder each minute…I could hear my thighs making a “thump, thump” sound against her smooth white thighs each time she came down so fast.

To be continued
Written by nutbuster (D C)
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