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Image for the poem Mijana....Always....I.......Ah Will

Mijana....Always....I.......Ah Will

Mijana(me-hana) aluv u aluv u
I aluv your gay as my ah lesbian mine
Mijana thy ah twettz are so thankful
To ah feel the ah swoft there of ah kind

Mijana thy ah bwutti no matter
The ah size Mijana ah u aluv
Mijana come lil a closer
Always ah need u there of

Mijana if I had to ah wait
This the my ah days at thy ah word
Mijana we're already ah here
Look u Mijana just ain't at all obsurd

Mijana ah let me ah tickle thy ah feet
Mijana remember the first time we meet
Mijana how big u want the bowl of grits?
Don't move...just point Mijana I'll get it?

Mijana if to aluv u was wrong....
Mijana ah brush my ah lips
U know Mijana is an ah flava I ah dips
By this ah flava I've ah been ah grips

Mijana u still want those ah tights?
Mijana here those pants u seen last week
The T.V. commercial said for Mijana buy
Mijana my ah heart in thy ah hand's a sky

I......ah will.....mi Mijana always
To aluv u is my ah funny's ah strength
Mijana is an ah beautifully that
Is original and never ah lent

Thy boriqua been ah seen
Ah Mijana has her within her ah need
Mijana Mami chuliti don't ah cry
Damn ah Mijana u ah blaze me ah fire

Take my ah hand ah Mijana
Let us ah bachata the ah night
Closer to my ah lips again Mijana
I just ah kissed thy ah country

U got a puerta riquense Mamicita
In ah divine eternal immortality ah mind
Listen the flava of those lips are come
Very ah close again and ah taste thy kind

Mijana ah smell my ah kindness
That ah rests upon my ah breath
Thy ah pussy and how it ah tastes
See my ah beauty...thine ah health?

Mijana I ah stole thy ah piss
And ah drinked thy ah feelings
I also replaced it with ah mine
So u will know I admit thy ah sympathy

Mijana..........a Puertamana ah luciously
Could never find u to her a plague
Thy ah thighs for I ah cried
Victoriously....u are my ah sexy ah ways

Mijana can u see one thing
And Janami see this ah for me
Look in the mirror at ah u
Effervescently....see what I ah mean

Boxing knockouts is what they
Could ah say to thine ah beauty today
Keep looking at u and u Mijana
Will see how beautiful is my ah gay

Oh Mijana I apologize
U need thy sausages and bacon
And take also some cake with
Hold up.....damn...that's Greene Layton

Mijana let me ah brush thy
Ah teeth for u ah later
This Puertamana did upon luving
U become something ah greater

Ah lesbian lay I aluv ah u
Gayly I ah watch the essence
Mijana I didn't meet u ah then
But u gotta be from my ah adolescence

Mijana my ah bad ah bebe
I got some cherry glazed chicken bake
From thy ah fingers Mijana ah
Let me embrace some of that ah cake

Mijana if thy ah tickle was
An ah person two ladies I'd have
I'm bout to come onto her but she's
U who is already my ah salve

Written by Sandals (Birchel Devon Robinson)
Author's Note
My thoughts are within this pretend to be a funny woman, but, that Mijana(older mexican beautiful is just flourescencely ah stunning) is the ah cryless to die ah for. Puertamana(Boriqua u right I...
My thoughts are within this pretend to be a funny woman, but, that Mijana(older mexican beautiful is just flourescencely ah stunning) is the ah cryless to die ah for. Puertamana(Boriqua u right I will marry u ah now and ah later DA BEAUTIFUL). They cuss like cubanitaz and party like niggas. And, they have the beauty of thy natural ah surroundings! Y'all please do ah enjoy!
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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