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Image for the poem Mm... Mesmerized By Those Enticing Moon Drips...

Mm... Mesmerized By Those Enticing Moon Drips...

An undeniable thirst for the taste of his beautiful soul
It’s midnight, an alluring full moon, the veil of my calling when desires I seek to control    
Prowling through the foggy laden forest, seeking an immortal love to console          
His blood I crave        
One stop brings me closer to the art of my affection, my sleekness upon his pave way          
Needing, his DNA, his molecular enzymes        
Once bitten, twice shy, tattooing his heart with love bites, my earthly designs        
The house on the hill he waits for me        
Once inside, hypnotic, transfixed, obedient under the pleasure of my sultry tease        
Raining kisses blanketing my lips, dropping to his knees        
Glamming his heart, wooing him in the absence of my lustful pangs        
Falling from the hunger of my deep sinking fangs        
Loving the controlling passion, he submits under me when draining his juice        
Ecstasy from his scouring touches rapture introduced        
My soft palms to his chest wall my thighs he parts to beguile        
To brand him, is worth the sun, stars, the moon, nature's elements, of eternity free to compile        
Mm…inching up, sliding down and then up his tower of power        
Gyrating, tweaking, his erection, stirring in my silken depth, moaning for him, in the darkest hour        
Hammering my creamy abyss, his lengthen arousal swimming in my seeping raining showers  
Palming my pert breasts, no, he’s not like all the rest        
I need him to share my immortality at best for this is where I roam        
Mmm… flapping my pussy, gloving the hardness of his throne        
My cunt tantalizing the tip of his throbbing dome        
Mm… I feel his seepage, rotating my twat        
His strong hands squeezing my soft buttocks        
Oh...yes.... loving the firmness, he provides with his hard bone        
Leaning upward coveting a breast… oh God make this tight pussy rain…. how long        
Pleading, breathless, this vampiric Queen getting played by the pawn        
Bodies blending, pulling me down on top of his body, souls mending          
Palms locking… oh sweet mercy, fangs in the abyss of bliss, descending        
Oh…yes, sucking my breast nipple, my mind, body weak        
His tongue lapping at the brownish peak        
Essence slowly pouring        
Fangs sinking deep, his body roaring        
My butter rum slicken walls caving in for the streams of his flowing release, his body mine to appease        
Siphoning his life force        
His body parlaying under my spell, tongue bonding no recourse        
No remorse        
Mmm... his immortal love I endorse        
Daybreaks when he awakes        
Will feen for me as I drink of his spirit, as he swims in my orgasmic waves          
Love beyond the cosmos, we fall of each other’s yearns, the climatic slow burn        
The seduction of the twist, turns, the hereafter as we’re reborn, until me, he returns        
A full moon, few and far in between        
Hearts tangled in and out of time for a King, by his maker, the Queen
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
I found this on my memory stick... untitled...

All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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