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Open Letter To My YouTube Troll, Originating From DUP

What, your crazy ass, chagrined, because of my natural inspiring beauty  
You cannot match the slopes of my breasts or my PHAT booty  
Are you bitter of the seductive sashay in my hips  
Mm... the honey of my whispered words my lips sensually drip  
Educating you all around the depth of your unlearned mind  
A rare jewel your intellect will never find  
From Earth to speaking about the spirituality of Heaven, my philosophy, my ideology against your wits, not suitable to ever combine  
Run circles around your presence time after time  
Get a Master’s Degree, complete a marathon, publish some books, invest yourself wisely, be an entrepreneur, own your own production company, your own webcam address, be a social blogger, my life, while I sip on Moet.. now, with that being said go and make YOURSELF shine  
Then you can step up into my limelight where we can discus keeping your pockets plentiful and not with pennies, nickels, quarters, and dimes  
My style, my rhythm, you cannot match  
I suppose I am the kitty you just cannot scratch  
So sorry, there is only one of me  
Thank God to the powers that be  
Giving a fuck about what a person says, or a deranged Troll is the next best thing to swatting away a pesky flee  
As busy as I am, I do not have the time to falter in my path of righteous for His name’s sake or sink    
Lessening my aura to minds filled with hatred, envy, or contempt, coming from a person(s) who cannot compare to my poetic creed or my ink    
Or inhale the influential air I breathe when I ponder my ideals when I think  
I did not know my presence offends you in secrecy when you are the lesser one  
All up in the mix of my dimensions, with your fake YouTube comments relating it back to DUP, yet, you are still crazy and undone  
Playing the victim for sympathy, multi-personality traits, and still a sociopath in every degree  
I am who I am, and that is the person you cannot contend, contain, or deceive  
You cannot bring this French Haitian Creole Nubian Queen down  
Sauntering all on my YouTube page, with your fake ass pale skin, commenting and sounding like a clown  
Only bitches and faggot men talk shit    
Especially when he or she is playing the role of a clit and a dick  
All those minions you present with the same IP address  
Mental garbage sprawled still chasing my dusk at best  
I do not cross your threshold, because I know lunacy when I hear it  
The difference, I get paid quite well for that licensed profession to listen if you can comprehend my drift  
You are not up to par to my standards, or walk in my yuppie class  
I would be less than a lady, but I will tell you, you can kiss my ass  
Wow, it must take a special kind of twisted sickness to come after me, when you are so lost  
Out of the realms of DUP to post what someone said, does it get you off  
Then you are that dumb enough to mention where you be  
Caviar and Pork just don't mix when sowing good intellectual seeds
Stalker, insomniac, midnight walker  
You know the fuck who you are  
Cracker face cunt, who have gone too far  
No worries, I still shall rise like the sun and twinkle like the stars  
You are really mental unstable to try and bring me heat  
I could care less who you are, I do not covet snakes, witches, or bitches, therefore keep your jealous drama far away from me  
You are very old in nature, but the brains of a child, with no sense of direction  
Whomever you are hiding behind, if you are male, female, sheman, I will place you on blast without hesitation  
Four comments you have posted under different accounts out of sheer spite  
I cannot help you my blue eye she-devil, my hellish man because I got it like that, and you know I’m right  
I suggest you stay in your confused lane  
Letting that jealousy of me, fester all up in your heart and your brain have driven you mentally insane  
I got myself, my purse strings, laced with beauty as I stand tall  
Not bending for avatars, of fake profiles, will I ever take a fall  
That peaceful fate, destined by Kismet Karma comes from knowing my true potential and realizing this social site is not my home  
So, if my shit hits you in the face  
Just remember its mine you taste  
P.S. I look good to be… what did you post on my YouTube poem... oh, yeah according to you, someone on here (DUP) said I was seventy-two years old... that is so hilarious, my grann at ninety- eight, looks just as good as me at twenty-nine... they say, black don’t crack… you best believe it... wink  
The next time I will be post your YouTube ignorant comment(s), Monica and Kyle whomever you truly are on DUP… fucking trash.
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Published | Edited 23rd Sep 2022
Author's Note
I am usually peaceful and stay to my moon... until you attempt to ruffle my soft feathers, then that shit is thrown out the window.. and please excuse my tone of speaking..

All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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