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I Can't Explain

I'm not getting my way
I never do ah really
My brain is thumping
Gruesome are these feelings

I fuck up so much on dates
I'm clumsy my ah friends ah say
I eat pussy but I'm not that
Truly good at it anyway

Dear knife in my hand
I think I'll just put u down
I'll use u to debone some chicken
My neck instead I will not hound

My girl and I aren't through
We just needed time and space
Let me clean up this broken glass
And just pass the ah night away

A nice chicken-n-dumplins supper
Will teach me how to ah think
My ah heart hurts for this ah bitch
I can kill myself is not on the ah brink

Glass is off the ah floor
All shards are up all away clean
I haven't really made her that mean
She's right......she should live with me

I drank gas like she knows
And also she does ah too
Maybe I need to tone up my
Body some more...that'll reign ah true

Damn this kaiser blade...let me....
Let me move this to the storage room
Artichokes within these dumplings
Damn....I hope that ah soothes

This bitch and I been fighting
I almost cut myself from my room
I would've ah stepped within that glass
From that dresser ah bare feet doom

This shit ain't right to her
To ah kill my ah self
Whole Cloves, Oregano, and
Pumpkin Spice will tonight's ah health

I really need to treat her
Put more mouth upon the pussy
I'll start drinking her ah nwutt
Eyed to eyed at ah looking

I can't explain these actions
Of mine to her but I will do this
Be more open to her ah kisses
Also ass eat my fine lil bitch

Some Rubbed Sage, root turmeric,
20 drop shredded cylon cinnamon sticks
Within these dumplins-n-chicken
And as begged let her suck my dick

Steaks I apologize for my actions
Of wanting to ah kill myself
That sugar bwutti ah need me
Dying beside each is better ah health

I can't leave her alone like that
Without it being a real fault
Imma finger fuck her too
Together drink some wine mault

I pledge to myself from now on
I'll treat her as her bond from her is
Please her in an affection of how
To myself I really wanna live

Plus I have a paid for ah place
I can ah country fry these ah steaks
Use the same ah seasonings too
Put a smile upon my ah babe

This a 3 bedroom house with
Two bathrooms a step up for me
My girl's 32 and I'm only 23
But she believes in me.....I should she

Dark Manuel u are going
On my damn ah book ah shelf
I'm not leaving u at all
That'll ruin all her ah health

Imma throw in some celery
Dice em up a little bit
Chop some green onion too
Our relationship will become lit

80 bunches each will ah do
This Imusa 32qt. is really big
About (20) 15oz. chickens will
Ah suddle my mind into this gig

I'll ungig it in thought
See the relationship
For what it is to be

This bitch is fine with
Damn dreams and really
Gonna eventually show she need me

Let me go to the refrigerator
I got enough eggs within for months
And yes months of fucking three
I use to drink Pluelle by myself with me

I give her some of this plant Opium Black O
This should ah suddle us a bit
My life to her really would ah toast

One more thing to this meal
In dumplins also I have to do this
Chop up some onions.....160
I'll never miss from her an ah kiss

Damn I forgot this pot I
Prepped for me ah today
7 leaf a bundle of twenty
Collard green ah chiseled ah suflae

With these hogmaw within
Two hour thirty minutes fix
1 hour fourty-five for chicken-n-dumplins
Yeah....she gone suck my DICK!

Same seasonings I'll gone and use
For the ah greens and hogmaw too
Oh mirror reflection life goes on
And I ah wine aluv u ah true

Written by Sandals (Birchel Devon Robinson)
Author's Note
This is me pretending to be suicidal! It's strong strictly fiction(make believe) writing. I'm that movie script write good at my away from high school with no college experience studies! Yall please...
This is me pretending to be suicidal! It's strong strictly fiction(make believe) writing. I'm that movie script write good at my away from high school with no college experience studies! Yall please do enjoy!
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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