A Visitation

Within a few moments after awakening, and still lying in my bed. i watched, as a strange looking creature flew about me. it was no bigger than a dormouse, and it appeared to have some strange webbing, in the shape of a funnel, caught on its wings, and one thin thread of this, was hanging down, and was caught on my bedstead.
So firstly, i tried to release the thread that had anchored it, as i gently pulled the creature in, like a kite, and spoke gently to it, so as not to cause it to panic. as i pulled it closer, i began to realise, that what i had at first thought was funnel webbing caught onto its wings, was actually part of the creatures body, growing from it's wings. the creature gently landed on my quilt.
Upon closer inspection, the head of this creature seemed to be similar in shape to that of a crossbreed of a kitten, and a dormouse, and i had to admit, i was overcome by its cuteness, but also perplexed at its strangeness!
It then made a sound, which again aroused some more deep curiousity, as it sounded much like between the appearance, a purr, and a squeak. The funnel web attached to its wings, was slightly tacky, so presumably could catch insects mid-flight, within this web, but i saw no evidence to support this theory, as you would a spiders web.
Its wings were similar in appearance to that of a butterfly, and the same colour as the rest of its body, a kind of translucent magnolia. but its eyes, oh, its eyes! these were a multitude of swirling colours, and seemed to float within their sockets, as though in orbit, and their depth seemed infinite.
Although this creature seemed alien to me, and perhaps was in some way, or had come through a portal from a realm of the fae, i was initially tempted to photograph it, then decided it would be wiser not to, as it would be hunted down, captured, pinned down in some science lab, and, or a specialist dish served up with oysters, or caviar, or caged within a zoo, or some such thing, and i had not the heart to be responsible for such a thing
Instead, i opened up window, and let the cool September air filter in, and i saw the creatures ears twitch, as it purred, and squeaked, whilst gently taking flight. it then flew around me thrice, before flying out of the window, into a ray of sunshine, then suddenly, it was gone.
When i went back to the bed, and looked at the part of the quilt it had rested on, i noticed a small circular webbed shape object there, no bigger than a pea, and at first thought, that i suppose even fantastical creatures have to poo somewhere! but then realised that it was some kind of egg that had been deposited, lain there. so with care i placed this upon an old gold coloured, silk tie, and some hidden instinct told me to do no more than this
I checked it regularly, and was amazed at how quickly it grew, and by the time i'd gone to bed, it had grown from a small pea to the size of a marble.
Yet when i woke up next morning, it had gone! i searched everywhere for it, and was completely puzzled as to what had happened to it, or if it had escaped the flat, how? as my windows were closed. i puzzled over this for many days, but supposed after all, it could quite easily have some kind of magic, in which case nothing should surprise me.
What i hadn't realised at the time, was that during my sleep, it had separated into small parts, and gently entered my mouth, as spiders are sometimes known to do, and i'd swallowed this. and slowly roots began to spread within me, linking up these small parts, within my own body, and within a few weeks, i'd noticed strange growths appear on my back, but they caused me no pain, and weren't even itchy, and within a month had formed into wings. and in the deep of the night, i would venture out, and fly around the town! no-one seemed to see me do this, and after a week of practice, i soon took to taking off from my balcony, it was truly exhilarating!
Then on my birthday, in early November, the creature appeared in my room. this time it spoke, and offered me the opportunity to join it, in its distant realm, but would not tell me where this hidden world was.
I have now left this world, and leave this 'tale' to explain my disappearance, be sure to know, that i will relish this new world, but will also miss my loved ones, friends, and family very much, farewell, or perhaps only adieu

by Jemia
Written by missjem56 (Jemia de Blondeville)
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