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Image for the poem Feeding The Purr by Tenderloin with Poetess SweetKittyCat

Feeding The Purr by Tenderloin with Poetess SweetKittyCat

The rain pelts the New York sidewalks and that chill in the air
Dictates it to be a leisurely afternoon indoors
Calling for minimal dress  
Mm… my tender poet, I miss you too  
I will have the champagne on Ice  
And garb in your favorite color, of white  
Maybe a nice satin robe  
that falls open with ease  
“You were always so easy to please”  
On full prowl  
Sweet Kitty Cat paces the apartment  
No doubt awaiting a slow honey pour  
Yes, come in let me take your jacket  
Oh, you look so handsome this evening  
For a man who is taking a sabbatical  
Come here baby…  
Mm… I knew you would like this on me  
Baby dinner is ready  
So, why are taking off my robe  
And what are you hiding behind your back  
I love when you think about ways to please me  
Your hands roaming over my skin,  
Kissing every inch of my nakedness  
Inhaling when you kneel on your knees    
Arching my back, opening my thighs wider  
Needing, feening for that wet kiss to my Brazilian mound  
You sniffing my soft folds  
The tip of your tongue parting my pinkish pearl  
Slowly gyrating my wet pussy on your lips    
Griping your hair with one hand, squeezing my breast with the other  
You cupping my butt checks  
Burying your nostrils in the creaminess of my lust  
Watching you lift a surprise from off the carpet  
Oh... sweet mercy, I love you for that  
Drizzled between and on breasts  
Permitted to slowly stream down the smooth body  
To collect between the thighs  
Just a little extra to invite his heated tongue  
To roll along that sticky flow on her bare and sweetened skin  
Starting at the north to make it down south  
His eager mouth greets that purring pussy  
Spending ample time  
Lip to lip  
Hand bracing hip to lick at that clit  
And feeling his tip and the growing length throb in anticipation  
to enter  
And complete the entwining of our souls  
Oh baby, climbing over me  
Parting my things which you robust one  
Fingering my skin  
Smearing some of that honey  
Over my lips  
Caging my presence to the mattress  
Then bonding your mouth on mine  
Moans slipping out between our tongues dancing  
My sugar walls moistening as you reach down, fingering me  
Then another finger joining, double my pleasure  
Tasting my need for you  
Layering my glistening nipple with the essence of dew    
Leaning your head downward,    
Flicking your tongue over the dark-brownish peaks of my breasts  
Lifting them in the palms of your hand  
Mm... hum… suckling one then the other  
My soft whimpers telling of my being satisfied  
Wrapping my legs around your back  
His spirited thrust right in the ache of that indescribable heat  
Up against and fully in  
The fill climbing to kiss the grip of that fit  
Bodies shifting  
The mattress sinking under our seesawing weight  
My eyes closing  
Your tongue dipping in my ear canal  
Our palms blindly clasping  
Oh, sweet mercy  
Your head thrown back  
Pressing down on your hard gluteus  
Sending me to the edge of sensual completion  
My climax kissing the tip of your throbbing erection  
You plundering deeper and deeper, mm and deeper  
Stilling your dick deep inside me, in and out  
Then a hard thrust  
My pussy quivering  
Clenching your width  
Oh Fuck… releasing your burst into the collision of my trickling yoni    
Blending the sensations of our lust  
Slowing your pace, sinking into the contentment of the breathless feeling  you have provoked  
Basking in the accumulation of  our drenched sensations  
Circling your arousal as you feel me glove the pulsation of your girth  
Whew, our mingling labored gasps gradually regulating  
My nails tangoing up and down your sweaty spine  
Your body shuddering from the whisper of my soft touch  
Inching your face back, kissing me, darting that good dick    
Inside me as a reminisce how I surrendered to your will  
“All me to fuck that good pussy in the shower,” you whispered in my ear  
Kissing me under my earlobe  
“Mm... absolutely baby.”
Written by SweetKittyCat5
Author's Note
Mmm.. thank you my tender poet, my charmer.. for the beautiful mental blending of our words and the emotion behind the word.. sizzling.. Much love to you, always.

All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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