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The Neighbors

The Neighbors

I watched from my front porch
as the new neighbors touched down
in the front yard.

The first to roll down the walkway
on his green big-wheel looking contraption
was the youngest.
A boy I think.
His voice was kind of more like a boy's.
Anyway, that was my assumption.

He rolled down the walkway ramp,
two big antennae sticking out of his head,
blowing back, with a loud, “Yaaah!”
Giggling, he looked at me with his three blue eyes
as the big-wheel thumped to a stop touching the ground.
He smiled.
I smiled at him and waved.
He giggled again.

Next down came a tall, slender-looking young lady.
Had to be a lady from the looks of her.
Her three blue eyes caught me right away.
The one on the far right winked at me.
Yeah, had to be a lady for sure.

“What are you doing honey?” my wife asked from somewhere inside the house.

“Just watchin' the new neighbors moving in,” I replied.

“Oh! Do they look like nice people?” she asked.

“Ummm....yeah. Yeah, I think so honey. You should come and wave hello.”

“In a bit maybe,” she replied.

What had to be the mother and father came down the ramp next.
They were both kind of short and pudgy looking.
The father seemed to be messing with a wedgie in his ass.

“A universal problem,” I whispered to myself, waving back as he waved
a hello with his two right arms.

“Aork Tak!” he barked with a smile.

“Aork Tak!” I tried to call back.

The mother glanced at me with a smile.
They all went inside, leaving their ship
out on the front lawn with the big-wheel
still sitting at the end of the ramp.

My wife finally came to the door
and looked out.
She quickly glanced over to where I was standing
on the porch.
“Oh...oh my,” she started then fainted.
I quickly moved to catch her in my arms
wondering if they were going to get covered parking.

Written by michaelslove2 (Michael S. Love)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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