Killing Me

It's so easy isn't it?
To just go buy another fifth
Or pint
Or big ass
gallon of wine
Just go get whatever
to kill the fucking time
and destroy another day
All my plans get swept away
But hey
I'm recovering
I'm not a tweaker anymore
Never did I ever
sell my body
like a dope whore
But that doesn't really
make much difference
when I was so lost
Couldn't measure the distance
between being a mom
and being nothing at all
I thought I was functional
Yet I can barely remember
a thing at all
Really isn't anything new
It's just another day
another drug
with the same perceptions
that are skewed
Strewed, strewn
Blurry splizzer skeen amoon
I mean I want to say
Something that's important
to me, it's impertinent
to you, if you
can hear me,
What I'm tryna sayiz
is jus wut it is
Ya know whadd I mean?
Am I in sane?
Naw, no , no
I done think so
I jus drank too much Cuz
But is o kay becuz
I min recov'ry an I'm bedder
than I Usta be an is gone be ok
Bay Bay..
Hey bay bey
Hey bay bey
Do you know that song?
That's all I member so
I can't sing along
Anymore today
Or yesterday
That was a nice one tho
Blackbird singing
All nice and low
I just love Paul McCartney
Don't you too?
All his words are so nice
like my own little slice
Of heaven
I hope when
we get there
We can meet again
and maybe finally understand
Each other
Written by Medinda
Author's Note
Take these broken wings and learn to fly.
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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