Endlich auf Wiedersehen Liz! At least there's now a universal consensus that you're actually dead!

By Stanley Collymore    
I just don't understand all this
crudely exaggerated fawning    
as if the Windsors belong to    
a species apart from the rest of us.
All I can detect is that it's distinctly
important to them, their asininely
nepotistic beneficiaries and vilely
gullible serfs to undeniably keep
fostering that quite nonsensical    
idea, else people generally may  
quite logically start to question  
what qualifications, and fitting    
experience, all these distinctly    
unelected individuals actually    
possess, to essentially render    
them uniquely, very qualified    
for their clearly lucrative and    
overtly truly privileged roles!    
You don't, or won't ever silly    
keep any Prime Minister, till    
they die and if one happens    
to do so in office you surely    
would not, so automatically    
then allow his or her son or    
daughter, to then step into    
that job! Therefore why do    
you unquestioningly allow    
it relative to these literally    
rather obscenely wealthy,    
yet ongoingly so taxpayer    
funded, vain scroungers?    
For the people of formerly    
colonized countries the    
British monarchy is    
not a neutral institution. Rather it's    
the racist embodiment of imperial
legacies, which have massively so
benefited Britain, at the expense    
of its crucially enforced colonies    
and exuberantly also financially    
played a crucially massive, and    
an unquestionably undeniably    
hands on distinct prominently
robust, and controlling role in    
the Transatlantic Slave Trade!    
(C) Stanley V. Collymore    
19 September 2022.    
Authors Remarks:    
It's a sobering thought indeed, to those endowed with a moral conscience that is, that however arrogantly, disdainfully and egregiously anyone manages to financially or otherwise exploit any given situation to avidly acquire their much sought after concertedly contrived, privileged life style; delusional self-entitlement, and coupled with this the obscene and unearned wealth that they exuberantly relish, attendant too with the ostentatious and sycophantic status that goes with all of this; that it's essentially all transient and none of it can ever be taken by the deceased when he or she inevitably falls prey to the exigency of Death: which is the only status quo that's permanent in this life; and leaves this Earth forever!
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Published | Edited 20th Sep 2022
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