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Early retirement Chapter 18

Early retirement Chapter 18

“everyone knows that, Bob. Why don’t WE go back to bed?”

“We can, but after your lesson. In fact, after lunch we can stay in bed the rest of the weekend, if you like.”

“I have a feeling I would be a wealthy widow if I did that. Lucky for you I love you more than I love money. Okay, let us go to the club.” She cleaned up the mess which was not much and then drove me to the country club in her new BMW. “Have I told you lately how much I love…my new car!”


“Well, I do…as much as I love you. No…nowhere near as much as I love you, Bob.” She leaned across the console so I could kiss her.

“I guess that makes it unanimous—I could never love anyone as much as I love you.”

“I know. I borrowed your magnifying glass while you were on the phone. I cried when I read the inscription on my ring. How would you ever think of doing that?” She looked at me while we stopped at a light. “I am glad I rescued you, Bob. You are a wonderful lover and an even better husband.” She pulled into the parking lot, moving once again to the back where she was certain her baby would not be dented. We walked hand in hand to the storeroom for our clubs. A few minutes later we were on the range.

Suzanne was an excellent student. She paid the closest attention to what I showed her and then she replicated every single step. Within an hour she was chipping and pitching the ball as well as I was. I hugged and kissed her, much to the amusement of the other members. “You deserve a reward,” I told her.

“Are we going back to bed,” she asked excitedly.

“We’ll see,” I teased her, “after I treat you to lunch. C’mon.” We returned our clubs, went to wash our hands, and walked into the restaurant. We were seated at table for four. I looked at the waiter questioningly.

“We are expecting your friends shortly,” was his reply. We sat down and ordered two margaritas on the rocks while we waited. As we had anticipated, Steve and Sandra joined us a few minutes later. I laughed when I saw Steve.

“Hi, Sandra you look great; Steve, you look like you’ve been ridden hard and put away wet.”

“Huh? What does that mean?”

“Essentially, it’s a polite way to say you look like shit.”

“Well, if you were up half the night….”

“Ha…been there, done that, friend. Remember to whom I am married.” I continued after hugging and kissing Suzanne, “Actually, I am thrilled for both of you. You both deserve a lot better than you have had lately. Unfortunately, your lesson is already over.”

Taking Sandra’s hand Steve replied, “That’s okay, I couldn’t get away and I didn’t want to, either.” He leaned down to give her a quick kiss. I suggested we sit and enjoy our lunch. We had another exciting time even though the food could not compare to the Red Stag. Keeping my word to Suzanne we went home afterward and stayed in bed the rest of the weekend. Luckily, I survived—barely. Suzanne must have had twenty orgasms. I had five. Suzanne was ecstatic Monday morning; I was exhausted.

Suzanne and I had a long discussion just after we were married. It went on for hours as we looked at the subject from every conceivable angle. Then, together, we reached our decision. That is why we phoned her mom and dad almost six months later. “Hi, Mom.”

“Oh hi, Suzy—hold on a sec; I have to get the door.” She opened it, shocked to see us standing there. “I do not understand. Why are you on the phone?”

“We wanted to make sure you were home.” I rolled my eyes and began to laugh.

“What’s the matter, Bob?”

“Nothing, Margaret—it is a Methodist thing. You would not understand.” Suzanne scowled at me, but she could not keep a straight face either.

“Where’s Daddy, Mom? We need to tell you something.”

Stan walked in then. “Geez Margaret, what with all the noise? I cannot hear the game. Suzy…Bob, why are you here?”

Suzanne held my hand and took a deep breath. She had a huge smile on her face, one matched only by mine as she said, “You are going to be grandparents! We wanted to tell you in person. We are so happy!” Her parents stood there in the living room for several seconds before they realized what Suzanne had said. Then they rushed to her hugging and kissing her in their joy. It was not long before Suzanne and her mom were crying. I stood off to the side until Stan came to shake my hand.

“This is wonderful news, Bob and it’s so nice that you came all this way to tell us.” Then, overcome with emotion he pulled me into a long hug. My religion was not particularly important.

Margaret and Stan came for a visit about a week before Suzanne was due—Margaret to help with the baby, Stan to watch ball games and drink my beer. I had just finished the twelfth hole with the Men’s League when we paused because a cart was barreling down the fairway toward us. It was one of the club pros. “Bob, you must come with me. It is Suzanne—she must go to the hospital.” I dropped my $500 driver and jumped into the cart. Five minutes later I was racing home, only to find Suzanne sitting calmly on our porch with my in-laws.

“It is okay, Bob we have plenty of time. Mom phoned the doctor, and she is expecting us.” Wonderful! Suzanne’s calm and I am already a wreck; we have not even left for the hospital, and I am wasted. I put Suzanne into the passenger seat and her folks followed us in her car. I thought that might be a ploy to keep me from driving too fast, and I was right. Suzanne admitted it once she was in the room. I was holding her hand when she told me to call Sandra and Steve.

Sandra and Steve had become a couple after that first weekend together. They went home after our lunch—Sandra insisted he treat—and went back to bed just as we had. However, they did not leave until Wednesday afternoon. Sandra moved into Steve’s house the following month. They were obviously completely taken with each other, but held off on getting married, not wanting to rush things. Considering Sandra’s recent experience with Frank, I thought it a wise course of action. I was surprised—astonished, actually—at the friendship that evolved between Sandra and Suzanne. They quickly became the absolute best of friends, doing everything together. Of course, Steve and I were often involved when we were not playing golf together, as well.

We had checked with Detective Ross about the two criminal proceedings in which we were involved. Suzanne and I would have to testify against Dana and Lisa. Sandra was the primary witness against Frank although I also had to testify. I found it interesting when we were called to identify Frank and Janet in police lineups. We had to go separately to ensure the integrity of the process, but the whole thing was silly. Frank had let his hair grow and had grown a beard as though that was going to confuse us—it did not. We could pick him out in a crowd of five hundred, let alone six men.

We had several months before we would be needed so I organized a honeymoon to Hawaii. Flying first class enabled us to take several bags so we each had a suitcase as well as our clubs. We spent three weeks there, hopping from Oahu to Kauai and finally to Maui which has always been my favorite. We played golf and snorkeled and sat in the sun, but mostly we made the most beautiful love to each other. Not only did we make love, but we also made a brand-new human being—our daughter, Ashley. We had a wonderful time, but then every day with Suzanne was a wonderful time.

In the end we never had to testify. Dana and Lisa pled guilty to sexual assault, sexual battery, and the drug charges—possession with intent to sell among numerous others. They were sentenced to thirty years, less than one-third what they would face if the case went to trial. We knew it was an open and shut case. Frank also pleaded guilty to several counts of grand larceny, forgery, and wire fraud. He was sentenced to fifteen years. Janet pled guilty to being an accessory and was sentenced to five years. Sandra got all her money back, including the deposit on the house and the cars because of the fraud Frank and Janet had perpetrated. I was glad that Suzanne and I could move forward with our lives.

We decided to try for three children, and we wanted them as quickly as possible so I would be able to know and love them as they grew into adults, and they would know their father. Fifteen months after Ashley we had another girl—Jessica—and fifteen months after that another girl—Amanda. I had a vasectomy then—no more children for us.

I had read that there is no love like a child’s love. I found that statement to be one hundred percent true. Holding my newborn daughter for the first time was an experience that words cannot describe. Seeing her crawl and later run to me brought me indescribable joy every time. I could not wait to take her and her sisters out to the range. They were so much like their mother. I was sure they would learn the game and love playing as much as we did.

I knew I would die many years before Suzanne. I was twenty-one years older. Life, however, was incredibly good to me. I lived long enough to see my three girls graduate from college before passing in my sleep at the age of ninety-three. Suzanne followed me eleven years later and now we will spend eternity together. We are young and fit again and we can make love all day, every day, day after day. Yes, there is great sex even in Heaven.
Written by nutbuster (D C)
Author's Note
hope you all enjoyed this as much as I did writing it
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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