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Early retirement Chapter 17

Early retirement Chapter 17

Once home we stripped out of our clothes, placing everything in either the closet or the hamper. I reached out for Suzanne’s hand, leading her again into the shower. It was not that we were dirty—we just loved showering with each other. I especially loved rubbing my soapy hands over her sexy smooth body. I spent a lot of time on her breasts and even more on her ass cheeks and she almost jumped when I ran my hand up and down her ass crack, stopping to finger her anus. She leaned into me, her head on my chest as she sighed in contentment.

I dried her carefully and thoroughly, throwing the damp towel over the rack before drying myself and leading her back to the bedroom. “You are such a good man, Bob. Do you know what my mom said when I phoned her the other day?”

I interrupted, “Not bad for a Methodist?” Suzanne scowled, slapping my butt playfully.

No, you…you…aright! She said you are a real man—strong physically and mentally, but not overbearing or abusive. She said you are gentle, and she is right. A gentle man is always strong. Did you know that? I realized that the first time we met. Only someone like you could forgive someone like Sandra. I am giving you a reward.”

“I thought I saw Sandra’s picture in the post office. Do I get anything for that?”

“To show you how forgiving I can be-- I am going to forget about that feeble attempt at humor; that was lame, Bob. Now I want you to lie here on the bed, legs over the side. I have not had you in my mouth in a couple of days and I miss it.”

“OH…don’t I get to do you?”

“Not tonight—tonight I’m giving you a gift.” Her tongue extended, she leaned into my semi-hard cock. Talking like this with Suzanne always got me excited. Around my helmet she licked, barely touching me. Oh God, she was driving me crazy. Blood rushed into my cock; I was rock hard in seconds. Suzanne chuckled as she saw how effective her tongue was. Up and down the sensitive underside she went, washing my cock with her tongue. My fists pounded the bed, demanding –pleading—for more. “Okay, darling—I know what you want.” My cock disappeared into her mouth. Ever so slowly she withdrew until only the head remained. Then she sucked me deep into her throat again. She fucked me with her mouth for several minutes—sucking and licking and bobbing up and down driving me wild with lust and love.

“Suzanne!” I tried to warn her. She had sucked my cock before, but only a few times. I had to warn her, but my warnings went unheeded. My hips drove up and forward as I exploded into her throat. I came so hard I was sure much of my semen went straight into her stomach. I lay back on the bed exhausted and I had not done any of the work. Suzanne climbed up next to me to hold and caress me just as I had so many times done with her.

“I love you, Bob and I always will. My love for you is eternal. I could never even conceive loving someone like this until I met you.”

I looked over to her in my post orgasmic bliss to kiss her. “Did you ever read the inside of your ring?” She gave me a quizzical look. “I will give you my magnifying glass in the morning. You will need it to make out the words. Now, Ms. Young may I suggest we go to sleep. I must give Steve a short game lesson at ten. Why don’t you come, too?” I kissed her cute little nose, pulled the blanket over us, and snuggled up against her butt, savoring the feel of her skin against my chest, stomach, and cock.

Steve and Sandra stood outside the hotel watching us walk to the car. There was an awkward silence as each was trying to decide what to do next. Eventually, Sandra took the initiative. “Well, Steve it is too early for me to turn in so why do not you come to my place for a nightcap. It is still kind of a mess, but I am sure I can find a clean corner for us.”

“I…I…uh don’t want to be a bother.”

“You will not be. I would not ask you if I did not want you to come.” She chuckled silently at her choice of words. She really did want him to come—in her pussy, which is.

“Um, okay I think I would like that. Why don’t I follow you?” They walked to their cars, Sandra to the Mercedes she had had when she and Robert had been married, Steve to his Toyota SUV. Minutes later they were driving down the highway in route to their destiny. They parked in the lot and walked together to her door on the first floor. Once inside Sandra took his jacket and led him to the living room. To his surprise the place was spotless. He would never have believed she had just moved in if she had not told him.

He had found the dinner a wonderful time. The food was great, and he found Sandra even greater. He would have thought her in her mid-forties had he not known otherwise. She had a great body and big tits, too. She had paid plenty of attention to him during the dinner and now he was in her apartment. She liked him—even more—so why was he so nervous?

“What would you like to drink?” He was roused from his thoughts.

“Uh…have any scotch?” He continued when she nodded. “Rocks, please.” Sandra turned to the small galley kitchen where she poured a generous portion over several ice cubes and made herself a gin and tonic. After handing his drink to Steve she sat next to him, her legs tucked carefully under her body to cause her skirt to rise her shapely thighs. She smirked to herself when she saw Steve’s eyes linger over her flesh. She raised her glass for a toast.

“What are we toasting, Sandra?”

“How about we drink to…many fantastic orgasms?” Steve gulped several times unable to respond. “Oh, come now, Steve don’t tell me the idea hasn’t crossed your mind.”

“It has, of course—you’re an extremely attractive woman.”

“You left out horny—an attractive horny woman. That is what I am. I know it and you do, too. Isn’t that why you are here?”

“Wow Sandra, you sure are direct.”

“I am in my mid-fifties and divorced because of my horniness—because I let it get in the way of my judgment. I regret that, but there is nothing I can do but move forward. Would you like to help me with that, Steve?”

Steve gulped several times and noticed his hand was shaking when he replied, “Yes.” It was a whisper, but Sandra heard him clearly. She rose and extended her hand. Steve took it and followed her into the bedroom. She turned to face him, wrapped her arms around his neck and reached up for their first kiss. She pressed her sweet lips into his, her tongue exploring his mouth as her hands fell to explore his body. She took his hands in hers and placed one on her ass, the other on her breast as the kiss lingered.

She broke the kiss to remove Steve’s clothes. Slowly she unbuttoned his shirt, maintaining eye contact the entire time. Once his shirt had found its way to the chair she unbuckled his belt, allowing his slacks to fall to the floor. Her thumbs found their way to the waistband of his briefs to push them to his ankles. She helped him to step out of them to admire his hard cock. “Nice,” she said as she stood and gripped it for the first time. She reached up for another kiss, whispering into his ear, “Yes, Steve—you have a nice cock. I can hardly wait to have it in my pussy.” Then she kissed him again, pulling both of his hands to her breasts. Again, she broke the kiss after a few minutes to tell him, “Your turn now.”

Steve’s hands were visibly shaking as he reached for the blouse’s buttons. Sandra stroked his cheek as she kissed his face and neck. Her other hand found his hard erection. Soon her blouse and bra found their way to the chair. Steve moved his attentions to her skirt. His eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw her matching black garter belt and skimpy panties. Sandra could feel his cock pulse in his excitement and anticipation. She moved back, dropped her panties, and dropped to her knees to fondle Steve’s cock and balls—a prelude to taking him deep into her hot wet mouth.

Her soft hand cradled and massaged his sac, moving his testicles between her fingers. It was not long before Steve was trembling, his knees weak and unable to support his body. Seeing this Sandra gently pushed him back until he could fall back onto the bed. She took him into her mouth, her tongue leaving the shaft and head and driving Steve wild with lust. “Oh God, Sandra…Oh God!” Sandra was thrilled to have Steve in her mouth and soon she would maneuver him into her cunt. She was not kidding when she said she wanted him to come.

She eased up on his cock, not wanting him to waste his orgasm or his ejaculate in her mouth. Sandra climbed over his body to lie in the center of the bed. Steve followed her, his final position over her body, his hard cock hanging between her legs. “Got any condoms?”

Sandra smiled as she shook her head. “I will take my chances. I have a feeling it will be worth it.”

“Oh God, I hope so. I am so nervous I could pop the second I enter you. It has been forever.”

“Not to worry—if you do, we’ll just have to do it again and again until you get it right.” She smiled as she looked up into his eyes then she pulled him down, his reddish-purple organ into her seeping cunt. They both moaned as he moved into her, his organ disappearing into her core. In seconds they were moving together. Their passion and their lust had won. Steve looked down at his new lover. Her face was just perfect—her hair, her eyes, her cute little nose. He moved down, mouth slightly open as they kissed yet again. Sandra pressed her lips against his, driving her tongue deep into his mouth as her hands ran up and down his back, her nails leaving tracks as the bit into his skin. Their tongues dueled for many minutes as their pace increased until they were rutting like wild animals.
Sandra knew he was close from his breathing—rapid and shallow. She was not, but it did not matter—not yet. She was enjoying his cock and later she was sure she could get him to lick her to a couple of orgasms or she would ride him. Either way, she would cum several times this evening. The night was going better than she had hoped. She reminded herself to phone Robert in the morning to thank him. That thought had just ended when he grunted loudly, depositing millions of sperm into her cunt. He sagged onto her chest as his recovery began. In time he rolled off, still breathing heavily from his exertions. “I feel a little guilty, Sandra. You were fantastic. I have not cum like that in years.”

She put her fingers to his lips. “Okay…you will owe me one.

“Let us make it a couple—that is how great it was. I will do you with my mouth if you wish; just a few minutes to get myself together.” He lay back breathing deeply. A minute later he leaned up on his arm then slipped between Sandra’s legs. She smiled down at him running her fingers through his salt and pepper hair. Steve moved up, his nose just below Sandra’s cunt. His first lick surprised him. Her taste was sweet…and as delicious as any cunt he had ever enjoyed. He dove in with unabashed enthusiasm, licking even her asshole several times before shifting his ministrations to her tunnel.

Sandra was so aroused—more so than she could recall, certainly much more than with Frank. What had she ever seen in that man? He had a big cock and that was all. He had no personality whatsoever. She missed Robert’s cock and tongue, but there was nothing to be gained by living in the past. Steve felt surprisingly good inside her, and he had a talented tongue, too. She came, shuddering and bathing his face in her ejaculate as spasm after spasm rolled through her body. She felt so peaceful and so tired she hardly felt Steve crawl up the bed next to her.

She reached out to hold and kiss him. Just before falling asleep, she whispered, “I usually wake up around three. Let us do it again….” Steve realized he had been invited to spend the night.

She did wake up and they did make love again, this time Steve, on the bottom, outlasted her, giving her two wonderful orgasms before spurting into her smooth tight tunnel. She rolled off him, her legs and hips resting on the bed, her head resting gently on his chest.

Suzanne and I were enjoying a light breakfast of coffee, juice, and English muffins when the phone rang. Being closer to the wall I reached over and answered as Suzanne excused herself from the table, “Hello.”

“Oh hi, Robert I just wanted to call and thank you for the dinner last night. I loved the restaurant. I thought the food was excellent—as good as some of New York’s better restaurants easily. And I must also tell you that I enjoyed the company, too. Robert, I really like Suzanne. I am sure you know how much she is in love with you. The two of you are so good for each other.”

“Thanks, Sandra…glad you enjoyed it. I would like to talk to you, but I must be at the country club for a lesson with Steve in half an hour.”

Sandra laughed, “I would not hurry if I were you. He is here in bed with me, and he is still asleep. I wore him out last night. Thanks for that, too. He is really a wonderful person...and a surprisingly good lover, too.”

I laughed and laughed. “Well, tell him I will be there if he wakes up. I have already promised Suzanne she could come with me, and I am sure she had beat me if I reneged.”

“Uh…Robert, Steve just woke up and rolled over. I can feel he is interested again. God, it is as hard as it was last night. Do not expect him for a few days, okay? Bye.”

“What was that all about, Bob,” Suzanne asked me as she walked back into the room.

“You’re not going to believe this; it was Sandra—Steve spent the night.”


“Yup, reading between the lines I’d say they…uh, interacted several times last night and were about to do it again. Sandra called from her bed. Steve just woke up and he is hard again, so I doubt she will let him get away without…well, you know. Oh, she also said she likes you and she knows how much you love me.”

To be continued
Written by nutbuster (D C)
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