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Image for the poem Early retirement Chapter 16

Early retirement Chapter 16

Early retirement Chapter 16

We played golf together six days over the next two weeks and used the community pool on most of the others when I was not playing with the Men’s League. Time flew until one day when we had just returned from the country club. I was in the bedroom changing out of my sweaty clothes when the doorbell rang. “I’ll get it,” Suzanne called out. She went to the door, opened it, and stood there in shock for a minute before telling her visitor, “I guess you’d better come in.” She walked down the hallway to tell me I had a visitor. I could see the anxiety and concern in her face so I hugged her and stroked her face while I told her everything would be okay. “I have been expecting this. Trust me—everything will be fine.” I had been expecting a visitor, so I was not at all surprised. I had just pulled up my shorts and slipped on my sandals when she walked into the room. In a minute I was walking up the hallway with her. “Go and get the file from my office, will you please? It is on the right side of my desk. Thanks, darling.” I gave her butt a little pat when she turned. She turned her head and smiled as she disappeared into the room. I took the remaining steps to the living room.

“Hello, Sandra…I’ve been expecting you.”

“Do not give me that, Robert. Who is THAT? And what is she doing in MY house?”

I waited until Suzanne had returned before answering. “To answer your first question, this lovely creature is my wife, Suzanne. Gorgeous, isn’t she?” I pulled her to me, wrapping my arm around her waist. “Now, to answer your second question, she lives here in HER house. It is not yours any longer, Sandra. You and I were officially divorced three weeks ago, and I was awarded the house. They take a dim view of desertion here in North Carolina, but that is not why you are here, is it? You are here because you do not have money. Frank has stolen all your money.”

“How…how did you know?”

“It is simple enough. Remember that I have access to your email. I saw the confirmation notices of all the sales that emptied your investment accounts. I doubted that you would do it so that leaves Frank—the big prick.” Suzanne could not stifle a giggle and I pulled her even closer.

“Actually, Sandra I am able to help you. You deserted me, but I did not desert you. Please sit down. Care for something to drink?”

“Yes, Sandra, please excuse my manners. Can I get you something?”

“I’ll have a Pepsi, darling.”

“Okay, coming right up, Bob.” Sandra was dumbstruck, but that was to be expected. Eventually she asked for an iced tea. I continued once Suzanne was back.

“As it happens, I know exactly where Frank is even though he is there under another name. Janet came here after you left to complain to me, claiming that none of it would have happened if I had gone along with the swinging and to tell me that they did not have money. Did you notice the foreclosure sign on their lawn?

“I learned later that her complaints were all a lie—part of their con. I gave her money to get to her sister’s and then I had a private detective keep an eye on her. Initially I was concerned for her wellbeing, but about two months ago she moved out of her sister’s place and into an expensive house of her own which was interesting considering she has never worked a single day. She also bought a brand-new car—a Lexus—paying cash. I checked your email when I got the report and noticed the first of the sales notifications. That account had more than two million in it. I told the detective to step up his surveillance then.

“He did a background search, and you will never guess what he found. Frank Sturgis is not his real name. He is really Vincent Farley, and he has done this before—twice, but you were their biggest score. There are warrants out for him in two other states. I checked the email every day and funneled info to the detective who has been collaborating with the Sheriff. I am sorry, Suzanne, but he suggested keeping you out of it. Mr. Farley/Sturgis has become violent in the past. The less you knew the better. Now he has contacted the FBI and I suspect that Vincent and Janet—that is her real name—will be arrested soon. I also know that Frank forged your signature which will make the brokerage firm at least partially responsible for the loss. My attorney has been working on that, too.

“You and I must deal with our joint account. I suggest we split it 50-50. That should give you enough to live on until the stolen money can be returned. Is that agreeable?”

“I guess.” I took that as an affirmative, so I phoned our financial advisor. He faxed the necessary paperwork. We drove to Joe Berger’s office to have the signatures notarized. I sent everything back by FedEx. Sandra had her money less than a week later. She stayed with us in the small bedroom until then. We had a visit from my friends, the sheriff’s office detectives, just before she was due to leave.

“Hi, Mr. Young—your ex-wife here? I was told she would be.”

‘Yes, just a second. Nice to see you again, Detective.”

“Same here good to see you have healed up since the last time. I would like to speak with you privately once this is done.”

“Okay, here’s Sandra now.”

“Ms. Young, I am Detective Ross. I have been overseeing the liaison between the Sheriff and the FBI on the matter of your stolen funds. I must tell you—you really owe your ex-husband a big thank you. We caught Mr. Farley just as he was about to leave on a long vacation. I am not so sure he would ever have come back and if he disappeared your money was going to disappear, too. We found documents showing deposits of more than $6,000,000.”

“Oh, God--he stole almost eight million from me.”

“That’s not surprising, Ma’am. It is our experience that these people go on spending sprees that defy description. The house alone cost almost a million. Of course, you will get that, and I assume you will be able to sell it to recoup most of your losses. They also bought new cars—a Lexus for each—and jewelry. You will need an attorney to help you through this.” We spoke for more than thirty minutes before he asked me to step outside.

“I did not want to say anything in front of your ex. It looks like your torturers are trying for a plea bargain. The D.A. is willing to drop all the assault charges, but insists on the sexual battery, the rape, and drug charges. They should get a minimum of ten years on those charges. However, they want all the sexual charges dropped, but the D.A. says that is not going to happen, so I do not know what is going to happen. Right now, I would say it is going to trial, but that could change tomorrow. I do know that they are terrified about being in jail. Their bail is high, and nobody has come forward to pay it, not even their parents.

“What’s going to happen with your ex?”

“She is leaving for a furnished apartment tomorrow morning, but I am going to take her to see Joe Berger first. If he cannot help her, I am sure he will know someone who can.” I thanked him for coming and for all his help before returning to my wife and my ex.

Having Sandra under the same roof as us was interesting. Suzanne and I had just turned in the first night when she climbed onto my body. She pulled my shirt over my head and pushed my boxers down past my ankles. “You do know she’ll be able to hear us, don’t you?”

“Of course, I want her to hear. I want her to know what she is lost and how much I love it. I do love sex with you. I love the sensation of your hard cock within me. I think tomorrow we should do anal again.”

“Oh God, what have I done? I have turned an innocent young woman into an anal slut. Good thing I am married to her.” I could not keep a straight face and soon we were giggling and kissing. Then Suzanne straddled my hips and pulled my hard cock into her. Her moaning was unusually loud tonight, and she took it on herself to scream when her orgasm hit.

I was seated at the kitchen table the following morning when Sandra walked in. “Help yourself to a cup of coffee.”

“This suck—a guest in my own house.”

“Listen, Sandra if you are so uncomfortable feel free to leave at any time. You were not satisfied with what I could give you and you ran off with someone who is only redeeming quality was a big cock. Let us face it; that is all he had. He was a stupid and crude man, and he still is—and need I mention that his only real interest was your money. ”

Suzanne strolled in, a huge smile on her face. “I’m more than satisfied with what Bob has to offer, Sandra.”

“So I heard…several times last night. Don’t you two ever sleep?”

“Sure,” I replied, “but remember that we are honeymooners. Speaking of which—want to go someplace for a honeymoon, darling? I have a couple of ideas, but we should wait until this mess is straightened out.”

“That is a great idea, Bob. How about a golf vacation? Then we could play every day.”

I laughed at her play on words. “Yes, I do think we should play every day.” I could not help but smile when Suzanne realized exactly what she had said. We finished our breakfast and Suzanne drove us to Berger’s office. He knew exactly what to do and assured Sandra he would be able to have the authorities return her funds. It would take a while, but probably not more than a month. We returned home, Suzanne and I to play golf and Sandra to sit around the house. It was much more fun being with a woman who shared my interests and I had to admit—Suzanne was much better in bed. I had thought that Sandra was great, but in comparison—well, there was no comparison.

That night we retired a bit early primarily to give Suzanne an enema. I lubed the nozzle and pressed it into her anus as I rubbed her globes and kissed her back. We talked as if nothing were happening while her bowel received the two quarts of warm water. I watched as she expelled it into the bowl. She really was an incredible woman. I never dreamed I would be doing anything like this. Once done she led me to the shower where we washed each other tenderly, joking and giggling as we kissed and touched each other.

Suzanne wanted to try it doggie style, so she was on her hands and knees, her head down against a pillow. Standing at the side of the bed I used my left hand to lubricate her anus. The first finger penetrated her, rubbing the lube into her muscular ring. Five minutes later I added finger number two and a bit later the third. I pushed into her cunt, finding her wet and hot, eager to receive me. She spread her legs even farther, inviting me into her body. I pumped her hard for a couple of minutes before pulling out and replacing my fingers in her ass mid-stroke.

Once in her butt I wiped my hand on a towel and reached forward to pinch and roll her nipples as I kissed and nibbled her back, leaving tiny bite marks as signs of our passion. I knew I was not going to last long, not with her sphincter constricting tightly on my cock, so I moved my hand to her clit. It was so hot, hotter than ever in the past. I pinched it between my fingers and twisted forcefully. I knew I was getting to her when she began to scream. “OH FUCK…FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKK!” She was screaming at the top of her lungs. I was afraid the neighbors might call the police. I blew my load into her rectum and collapsed on top of her as she fell forward onto the bed. I could feel her heavy breathing as she slowly came down from her high. Her hair hung in sweat-soaked ribbons as I slid from her ass and lay by her side to hold and caress her.

She was completely out of it when I leaned in for a tender kiss. Her eyes were glassed over. “You, okay?”

“Oh God, Bob—what was that? Did I have an orgasm? All I know is I…I lost it. I was completely out of it.”

“Well, I’d say you had a monster orgasm.” I wiped my hand on her thigh. It was soaked when I showed it to her. “Maybe we need to buy some more sheets.”

“Some other time; let us go to sleep. I am too tired to….” I pulled the blanket over her, whispered, “I love you,” and joined her.

Sandra was even funnier the following morning as Suzanne, and I pretended that nothing had happened the night before. We sat at the table drinking our coffee and eating the scrambled eggs and bacon that Suzanne had made for us. “What is it with you two?”


“Robert, you know exactly what I mean. What was that screaming last night?”

“Oh, that,” Suzanne replied, “Bob had his cock up my ass. I just lost it. Sorry if I woke you.”

“you woke the entire block. It was that good, eh? I have always been daring when it came to sex, but not for that. After my last adventure I am sticking to the fundamentals if I ever find a partner who is not out to rob me.” I kept my mouth closed, but I was thinking I might have just the person. I would be up early tomorrow morning for the Men’s League, and I would talk to Steve then.

We had finished playing and were enjoying a burger and a beer in the nineteenth hole. I waved to Steve when he came in. “Come over and join me,” I called out. Steve waved back and a few minutes later he took the chair next to me. “How’d you do,” I asked.

“Not bad…an eighty-two; I hesitate to ask you.”

“An even par with three birdies and three doggone bogies, but that is not what I wanted to talk to you about. Are you seeing anyone?”

“Why? You interested?” I gave him a quick elbow to the ribs.

“No, not me you fool; you’re not even close to Suzanne, but I’m thinking you might be good for my ex.”

“I thought she threw you over for some guy with a big….”

“Yeah, she did, but what he was really interested in was her money. He has been arrested and she has been staying with Suzanne and me. Now, let me tell you—she can be really uh…adventurous in bed. How about joining us for dinner tomorrow night?”

“I do not know. I do not think I would feel comfortable…you know, with someone who used to be your wife.”

“Steve, she is a good-looking woman who loves sex. That was the problem, but she is an intelligent and decent woman. Of course, she is good looking—I was married to her for thirty years. She hurt me, but that is how I met Suzanne, so I am not upset. So, how about it? We could meet you at the Red Stag. It is Suzanne’s favorite…and mine, too. I will owe you a favor.”

“Like a couple of short game lessons?”

‘Okay; seven o’clock good for you?” Steve had been after me for some lessons on chipping and pitching, but I had hesitated. I liked him, but I would have much preferred to be with Suzanne for obvious reasons. I set the date and went home to make the reservations.

I had just kissed Suzanne and told her about my round. She always asked how I did—not how much money I had won, but how I had played. I had continued her lessons and her handicap had fallen like a rock. She had a thirty-six handicap when I had first met her. Now she was at 20 and regularly breaking one hundred. Most sports are more fun when you play well, and golf is no exception. I phoned the restaurant and made reservations for four. Then I phoned Sandra and asked her to join us for dinner. I did not mention Steve. That could wait until tomorrow.

Suzanne and I played golf the following day, returning home around 3:00. We showered together and took a brief nap. We held each other and kissed, but no sex. That would have to wait until tonight. We awoke at 5:30 and dressed. One of the things I loved about Suzanne—she used minimal makeup. She combed her lustrous brown hair and put it into a ponytail—my favorite. A little eyeliner and some lipstick and gloss were all that she needed. She dressed in a fancy red dress, one that hugged her slender body and showed off all her long legs, finishing her outfit with the diamond pendant and earrings I had given her on our wedding day, the pendant sparkling as it hung between the soft flesh of her breasts. I wore a multi-colored silk shirt and charcoal grey slacks with cordovan loafers. It did not matter what I wore—nobody was going to look at me with Suzanne in the room. We left at 6:30 for the twenty-minute ride to the restaurant. We wanted to be a bit early to greet our guests.

I was surprised to find Sandra in the lobby. “I’ve never been here so I wasn’t sure how long it would take from my new apartment.” She hugged me and air-kissed Suzanne. “Aren’t we going in?”

“Not yet, we have one more guest.” She gave me an inquiring look. “A buddy from golf.” When I saw her next look, I continued. “Didn’t you tell me you wanted a man who was not interested in your money? Well, Steve has as much as you do. He is a nice guy, too—very funny at times. Ah…here he comes now.” I handled the introductions—he already knew Suzanne from the club. I could tell that Sandra intrigued him. They walked in together behind Suzanne and me.
The Red Stag is an expensive restaurant, but the food is great. We all enjoyed a few bottles of wine with our steaks and huge lettuce wedges. We skipped dessert—by then we had all eaten too much. I was pleased to see Sandra and Steve getting along, just as I hoped they would. Suzanne and I said our good-byes at the door and drove home. I had done as much as I could. If they were interested, they would take the next steps themselves.

I first spoke about the evening once we were about half-way home. “Well, what did you think?”

“You mean about dinner or about Sandra and Steve?”

I thought for a second before replying, “Both, I guess.”

“Okay…dinner I thought was superb. The service was impeccable. I cannot remember ever having a better filet and I loved the lettuce wedge. You felt the same way because I noticed you were shoveling it in as though I had not fed you in a week. I did notice that Steve and Sandra talked together a lot and, of course, we talked a lot in the lady’s room.”

“What is it about the restroom? When guys go, they do their business, wash their hands, and leave. I doubt there is ten words said in the place all night.”

“What is the expression in French--‘Vivi le difference?’ We just are not like men. The lady’s room is like a social place. There is a lounge with a couch and a couple of chairs in there where you can relax.”

“What? A couch? Chairs? Incredible! “

“Well, let me tell you…we each went to a stall and when we were done, we fixed our makeup, not that either one of us wears much, but we talked for almost five minutes while there. She really appreciates your attitude toward her. She thought you would hate her. Anyway, she told me she was enjoying the dinner and Steve even more.” I did not comment. I just nodded, grinned, and drove the rest of the way home.

To be continued
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