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When Shit Hits The Fan.. Duck

Criminal, Cyber, Response, and Services Branch Department
New York, New York

Marcus returned to his office for his set of keys to his Land Rover he assumed he left on his desk. He heard two people talking from the corridor. He looked down at his watch. He assumed the janitor and him were the only two in attendance. Marcus walked in the direction of the voices. He stood outside Agent Pelican’s door and listened to him talking to someone on his speakerphone.

“Director Modarius, is getting way to close in bringing this investigation to a head. I swear, once that nigger gets wind of some shit, he will not let up, until he gets his man.”

“I thought we had his ass toasted with the grenades Dmeshii’s warriors were tossing his way.”

“What’s the plan now? There is a shipment due to be coming in. And have you heard from Tank?”

“Word has it he escaped, and he was heading over to Domenico’s house to lay low until the nigger and his cronies can figure out if his ass is at the bottom of the New York Harbor.”

Agent Pelican rubbed over his five o’clock shadow.

“Since Dmeshii is fucking that nigger’s white bitch. You would think your director would concentrate on keeping his dick inside, according to Dmeshii, that tight bitch’s pussy.”

“I made absolutely sure if the bitch did call in. Director Modarius was tied up and the call would have would have rolled over to me. From what I could assume, Dmeshii has already taken care of sticking that nigger’s pussy for tonight. I just advised him Director Modarius is on his way over to Miss. Delaro’s residence.”

“Knowing my boss, once he gets a sniff of that young ass pussy. That nigger may have a fight on his hand.”

“And who would she tell, since Dmeshii probably threated to kill her old man.”

“Which Domenico has paid a hefty sum to have someone to take out his boss again, and then once his ass takes out that bitch’s father. I will take out that fuck. No one likes a man who cannot be trusted. You take out your own boss, your agenda will never stop there.”

Marcus crept away from the door. He hurried down the hall. He entered his office rushed to his desk and snatched up his car keys. He walked over to the door, peeped out, and then looked both ways. He stepped out of his office. Since the janitor has not cleaned his office; he pulled the door close and left it slightly ajar.

Marcus walked to the fire exit stairwell. He opened the door and hurried down the first flight of steps.

“That bitch has been letting that motherfucker run his dick inside of her. Fucking whore.” Marcus balled his fist and hit the side of the wall. He continued down the remainder flight of steps.

“Agent Modarius, the man known on the streets, as the trigger finger dealer. It’s quite refreshing to finally make your acquaintance, since we seem to share a common interest.”

“Where the hell were you at between five and eight o’clock this evening.”

“Fucking a very beautiful woman; as a matter of speaking I still have the sweet smell of her pussy under my nostrils, Agent Modarius.”

 “You may want to keep your shit wet, or someone else may keep it dry.”

“Fuck you.”

“Your woman, I most definitely will.”

“I am going to kill that bitch myself.”

Manhattan, New York

Upper West Side

Zaniyah leaned over the toilet and retched. She held her stomach and waited for the queasiness to pass. She lifted a towel from off the towel bar and wiped her clammy forehead. She rested the fluffy towel back over the towel bar. Her cell phone rang. She turned and walked out of the bathroom. She hopes it was not her father again advising her he would have a car to pick her up this evening. She entered her bedroom.

A bout of nausea gripped Zaniyah’s lower stomach again. She ran back into the bathroom.

Marcus fumbled to insert the key inside the lock. He twisted the key and twisted it; he withdrew the key. He lifted his Glock from behind his waistband. He slowly pushed the door open and entered Zaniyah’s condominium. He pushed the door close and locked it. Marcus pointed his Glock as he crept inside the kitchen. He moved through the living room and looked around. He walked over to the glassed door leading out to the terrace. He tested the door to make sure it was locked. Marcus palmed the hand that steadied his Glock and walked back to the bedroom. He held his weapon up and hurried into the bedroom.

Zaniyah thought she heard someone in her bedroom. She lifted the hairdryer and walked over to the door.

“Who…whose out there.”

Marcus placed his Glock behind his waistband. He rushed to the bathroom and pushed the door open.

The door hit Zaniyah in her nose.

“Dammit Marcus.”

“You and I have some shit we need to discuss.”

Marcus seized Zaniyah by her upper arm.

“Marcus, you’re hurting me.”

Marcus pulled Zaniyah into the bedroom. He pushed her down on the bed. The hairdryer fell onto the carpet.

“You and Dmeshii are fucking, and I swear if you try to lie to me, I will strangle what breath you still have in your body.”


“Dammit, don’t lie to me! Or I will drag your lying ass downtown and have you processed for obstruction of justice and tampering with evidence during an FBI criminal investigation!”

“Dmeshii means nothing to me I swear.”

“So, you did let that fuck ram his dick inside of you huh? Damn you!”

Marcus drew his hand back and slapped Zaniyah across her face.

Zaniyah palmed her face. She looked up at Marcus.

Marcus closed his eyes from the hurt mirrored in Zaniyah’s eyes.

Zaniyah rose from the bed and ran into the bathroom. She pushed the door close and locked it.

Marcus heard Zaniyah crying. He slicked his hand back through his hair. He has never placed his hand on a woman, especially a woman who he loved, shit he thought. Marcus walked over to the door and knocked on it.

“Zaniyah baby, I’m sorry. I swear that would never happen again, never; you have my solemn word. I just lost my head for the moment.”

Marcus reached down and twisted the doorknob.

“Baby, please open the door, please.”

Marcus got no response.

“Zaniyah open the door. I just want to make sure you’re right and then I will leave.”

Zaniyah twisted the doorknob and opened the door.

Marcus pulled Zaniyah into his arms.

“Get off of me, this relationship over.”

“Baby, I’m sorry. I never meant to place my hands on me. I’m pissed because this man truly loves you, yet, you allowed another man to touch you.”

“Let me go Marcus.”

“That’s the thing baby, I can’t.”

Zaniyah tried to push at Marcus’ chest.

Marcus held onto Zaniyah tighter.

“I hate you, where were you when that fucker gained entry into my residence, forced himself on me. Made me an instrument of his sexual desires. No dammit, you were out there chasing some…some other ghost of a person who was under your nose the entire time, in your woman’s bed, fucking her without a care in the world.”

Marcus branded Zaniyah to his body.

“I love you Zaniyah, never stop believing that. And as I recall I asked you have that no good piece of shit been in this residence, and you assured me, no he hasn’t. Had you been truthful, this shit would have been behind us.”

“I know, but baby, I’ve witnessed what the Russian Mafia is capable of doing, and I do not want my father or you to fall under their ruthlessness.”

“Baby, I am here to take care of you not the other way around.”

Zaniyah leaned her head back. She looked up into Marcus’ eyes.

“I love you so much.”

Marcus laid his forehead against Zaniyah’s forehead.

“Beautiful woman, I love you too. It’s my fault for what this investigation is doing to us?”

Marcus held Zaniyah tighter.

“I swear I would get that bastard for what he has done to you.”

“I’m sorry, I wanted to tell you, but he stated he would kill my father or me.”

“Baby, why didn’t you just come to me as your man? I could have that fuck behind bars for sexual assault.”

“That’s the point, it wasn’t sexual assault; it was consensual.”

“Consensual! What the fuck!”

“I hope you can understand my motive, but I had to protect my family’s name, and no woman wants to be stigmatized to admit she has been raped or sexually assault. A violating act such as that, would leave mental scars time could never heal, and I refuse to have that ugly stigma over my head, and the bitterness behind the act embedded in my heart. If you really want to mend this rift between us. You get that bastard, please.”

“I could never deny my beautiful woman anything. Oh, where is the cell phone I gave you.”

“Dmeshii somehow found out you left me that cell phone. I had to give it to him, once I did. He threw it into the fireplace last night. When I woke up this morning, he and the cell phone was nowhere to be found.”

“I made absolutely sure if that bitch did call in. Director Modarius was tied up and the call would have would have rolled over to me. Sadly, Dmeshii had already has taken care of sticking that nigger’s pussy or tonight. I just advised him Director Modarius is on his way over to Miss. Delaro’s residence.”

 “Knowing how your father thinks about the safety of his daughter. I’m sure he would have dealt with this shit had he known that fuck was here; maybe not according to the law, but at least it would have been swift justice.”


“I’m a man first and a FBI agent second. Dmeshii, better not cross my path again, if he does; he’s a fucking dead man. FBI agent or not.”

Marcus walked into the bathroom and slammed the door close.

“Not if I get to his ass first.”

“I have smelled your essence all over me today. A magnetic scent that will keep me coming back to this bed.”

“Why am I craving the touch of a man, I loathe.”

Long Island, New York

The Next Morning

“I want you to stay with your father. And dammit, to make sure you do, I will call you once I get home.”

“You’re not coming back.”

“I really need to take care of some personal business.”

“Marcus please do not do anything that goes against the principles of who you stand for. Just remember you are one of the good guys.”

Marcus stroked Zaniyah’s cheek

“How did I get so lucky to land a very beautiful and smart woman?”


Marcus leaned his face inward. His lips touched Zaniyah’s lips. He cupped the back of her neck and pulled her face into his kiss. He rested his forehead against hers. “I love you beautiful woman, no matter what.” He kissed her on the tip of her nose. “I will call you later on. Are we in agreement for you to stay put.”


“And I’ve already discussed this arrangement with you father.”

“Marcus you didn’t.”

“Someone has to advise you the danger you face once you step out into this big bad world.”

“I do not believe you, but I do love you for it.”

Marcus winked at Zaniyah.

Zaniyah reached for the door handle.

“I have it baby.”

Marcus unsnapped his seatbelt. He opened the door and stepped out his Land Rover. He walked around to the passenger side of his vehicle, and opened the door for Zaniyah.

Marcus held his hand out.

Zaniyah clasped her hand in Marcus’ hand. She stepped out the vehicle.

Marcus pushed the door close.

“When I call you later. I expect to hear you are in the bed; you hear me beautiful woman. I cannot do my job when I’m worrying about your safety.”

“I will not move.”

Marcus wrapped his arms around Zaniyah’s waist and pulled her body closer to his.

Zaniyah linked her arms around Marcus’ neck.

Marcus leaned his head downward.

Zaniyah tilted her face upward.

Two pairs of lips greeted each other.

Marcus held onto Zaniyah tighter. His lips fed off hers.

“Oh baby,” Marcus moaned between kissing Zaniyah. He slowly lifted his lips from off hers.”

“Baby please be safe.”

“I will, I have a very beautiful woman, I must get back to.”

“Yes, you do.”

Zaniyah turned and walked to the front door of her father’s residence.

Miss. Jikonis opened the door after hearing someone strike the knocker against the plate.

Zaniyah turned and waved at Marcus.

“I love you beautiful woman.”

“I love you too Director Modarius.”

Marcus turned and walked back around to the driver side of his Land Rover. He got inside, pulled the door close, and snapped his seatbelt. He placed his vehicle in drive and pulled around the circular driveway. Marcus drove down the stretch of a mile before blending his vehicle with the flow of the bustling highway.

That Same Afternoon

Zaniyah’s cell phone rang. She walked out her bathroom. She smiled, hoping it would be Marcus. Zaniyah sat on the bed and lifted her cell phone from off the bedside nightstand. She slid it open, looked down on the screen, and then placed it up to her ear.

Manhattan, New York


“Oh, you mean the woman actually still has a cell phone she never uses to call her girl.”


“And folks she still remembers my name.”

“Forget you girl. How have you been doing?”

“Since your face has been all over the news. The question is, how have you been doing.”

Zaniyah looked around her childhood bedroom.

“I’ve seen better days.”

“How is that caramel coated hunk you’re dating? His fine ass is handsome and the director of the FBI, girl talk.”

“I’m fine, and our relationship is progressing.”

“Good, however, I called for another reason as well.”

“What is it?”

“Martinez, wants us to meet her in Manhattan something about a surprise.”

Zaniyah bit down on her bottom lip. She told Marcus she would not venture past her father’s front door, but she has not seen her girls in a while.”

“I can’t stay out too late.”

“Girl leave your father’s mentality where it belongs, behind the doors of that fortress. Tonight, we are going to live it up, New York style.”

“You heard what I said, as long as I’m not out too late.”

“Girl, meet us both in front of the David H. Koch Theater.”

“I will be there.”

“After that, we will let Martinez know if her surprise is a no or a go.”

“I will be there; I’ll talk to you later.”

“Love you girl.”

“Back at you bye.”

Zaniyah slid her cell phone down.

Brooklyn, New York

Little Russia

Dmeshii slipped inside his black Kenneth Cole suit jacket. He looped his shag at the back of his neck with a black band.

“I’m sorry Zaniyah what did you say.”

“I will not fight you.”

“Good, because I want you to enjoy this dream as much as I shall.”

There was a knock at the door.

Dmeshii clasped his second diamond cufflink. He looked over at the door.

“Come it.”

Minow opened the door and stepped inside Dmeshii’s bedroom.

“Sir the car has been brought around.”

“Thank you.”

Minow stepped back and pulled the door close.

Dmeshii lifted the five tickets to the ballet from off the dresser. He stuffed them inside the inside pocket of his suit jacket. Dmeshii looked over at his King size four poster bed.

“Damn, I would love to have that tight pussy decorate those sheets.”

Dmeshii lifted his MP412 Rex 357 Magnum Revolver from off the dresser. He lifted the back of his suit jacket and stuffed it behind the waistband; he then lifted his MP 443 Grach from off the dresser and slid it behind his waistband. He pulled the back of his suit jacket down over both. Dmeshii lifted his alligator skin wallet from off the dresser. He stuffed it inside the back pocket of pants. He walked over to the door, opened it, and walked out his bedroom.

Dmeshii’s two cousins, and his two brothers stood upon his arrival.

“Man, are you ready.”

“Yes.” Dmeshii looked down at his Rolex. “The meeting is to take place after the ballet.”

“The ballet.”

“Da, eto lichnoye, gostepriimnoye, i eto pokazyvayet, chto amerikanskiy narod - eshelon Russkogo Bratstva - dostoynyye grazhdane.”

“Ne etot kuzen.”

All five men laughed.

David H. Koch Theater
20 Lincoln Center
 New York, New York

Two Hours Later

Zaniyah looked down at her Cartier watch. She looked up, and then around the Koch Theater. She adjusted the spaghetti straps to her Donna Karan silk white gown.

Martina and Rosalina walked into the Koch Theater.

Zaniyah spotted her two friends. She hurried in the direction where both were glancing around.

Martinez spotted Zaniyah’s presence first.

“Girl you look fabulous.”

“I feel fabulous, since I’m out with my two girls.”

Martinez glanced down at her Movado watch. She lifted her head.

“Let’s go and find our reserved private balcony viewing box.”

Rosalina and Zaniyah looked at each other.

“Classy,” both uttered in union.

“Come on you two.”

All three women walked to the white marble staircase.

David H. Koch Theater
20 Lincoln Center
New York, New York

Dmeshii rested his back against the cushioned seat. He looked down at the arriving congested patrons making their way over to his or her seat. He leaned over and whispered to his brother, “I may have to slip out before this ballet performance is over. I have to take care of some urgent business outside this meeting.”

“You need any reinforcements.”

Dmeshii peeped down at his watch.

“Everything has been taken care of to the latter.”

New York, New York

Marcus pulled his Land Rover in front of his loft building. He looked out his review view mirror and waited.

The tinted window black SUV continued to ride pass his parking-lot.

Marcus unstrapped his seatbelt. He felt behind his back for his two weapons. He opened his door, got out his Land Rover, and pushed the door close. Marcus looked around. He walked over to the glassed front door of his loft. He glanced around again. Marcus ran over to a green dumpster. He concealed his presence. He reached behind and slowly pulled out one of his weapons.

The SUV pulled near Marcus’ Land Rover.

The driver dimmed the lights.

Marcus peeped from behind the dumpster.

A door opened. A man stepped out and pushed the door close.

Both back doors opened.

Two more men stepped out the SUV.

Marcus looked at the two Uzi’s pinned in each man hand.

The driver pointed his Mac 10 at Marcus’ vehicle and squeezed the trigger.

Marcus gritted his teeth as the casings rebounded off his vehicle.

One of the men lifted a hand grenade.

Oh, shit Marcus thought.

Marcus lifted his two other weapon and clicked them together. He peeped from behind the dumpster. He shot the one man holding the grenade in his hand.

The grenade hit the concrete and exploded.

Marcus watched the man’s body lift into the air.

Several of the man’s body parts landed on top of his vehicle.

The other two men looked over at the dumpster and fired their weapon.

Marcus held his glock around the dumpster and fired. He placed the two guns up to each ear as the bullets hit metal.

Marcus slipped down the dumpster. He peeped his head from around the dumpster. He lifted his 357 Magnum and shot one of men in the face.

The man’s body fell backwards. His weapon continued to fire as his back hit the concrete.

Marcus ran from behind the dumpster. He rapidly fired both of his weapons at the last man standing. He hit the man in the side of his neck, his chest, and then in the middle of his forehead.

The man’s body dropped to the concrete. His weapon slid across the concrete.

Marcus ran over to one of the dead men. He placed his 357 Magnum behind his waistband. He squatted down and patted the man’s back pocket for a wallet or some form of identification. He lifted the wallet out and opened it.

“What the fuck!”

Marcus looked down at the FBI badge.

“You corrupt mothafucka.”

“My sentiments exactly.”

Agent Pelican hit Marcus in the back of his head with the barrel of his weapon.

Marcus’ palms released his weapon and the man’s wallet. His chest graced the concrete.

Written by SweetKittyCat5
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