Make Believe.....Fiction Writing

The genre of writing
That encourages your creativity
Make believe..something made up
From your none or unnone sensativities

I chose to be at this genre
The best the money could buy
If I was to perdue a degree in writing
I must give it more than a try

Entertain the readers and do
Make them feel as if the story's true
Make so exciting to the ah spirit
That they wish thy ah could ah too

When creating characters make
The characters so appealing to the eyes
That by girl or boy they'd one day wish
To have something that beautiful as prize

The situations and scenerios make
Line for line an interest ah keep
And be spontaneously accurate with
The writing as if only entertaining me

Poor I grew up at first and didn't have
One ounce of an ah problem ah with
I knew one day I'd need money for
Dreams of schooling to myself I'd ah gift

My will wasn't even to be the best writer
Only to be great enough to copy ah sale
Of the books according to genre written
That I may some of my homies ah bail

Out of jail situations, financial, and
Even funding their damn campaigns
For elections for some were politic
Minded and was accredited on that fame

My homies had dreams bigger than mine
I only wanted to travel to countries
Tasting their food, kid drinks, and wine
Enjoying by pay their snack ah munchies

People it takes money for real
To accomplish possibles only to u
Others will not feel this could be
Exit from and lose their ass too

If something's just to slow upon it
Then it's just too got damn ah slow
U have the speed eye upon thy ah pie
U know how to ah U ah go

I practiced writing fiction daily
Sometimes ghost writing off of T.V.
I'd even do it to music I'd listen to this
Isn't a money making scheme hear me

This is actual job for pay at different
Rates according to the genre's hire
Writing fiction could make u enough
Money in one year to make u from retire

I mean retire from society and it's
Woes from being in front of thy ah face
Writing fiction can make u so ah wealthy
U will look ah back at the ah grace

That people ah gave to ah u
How some sacrifice for the luv of them
When sometimes their mind was
Only hanging on by a damn ah limb

Fiction books annually gross
45 Saellion dollars ah day
That's books by authors each
Damn.....that's a hell of a payday

Some women have told me they don't
Believe this is a legit ah thing
That's also why I'm a thug always alone
I can only ah see what this my day bring

Written by Sandals (Birchel Devon Robinson)
Author's Note
This is a poem about fiction writing from my personal research upon outside of high school using the public library and internet books I once ordered! Y'all please do enjoy!
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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