I'm not sure
Where i started from
But somehow
I ended up in Colchester
I was in a squat
It was empty when i'd moved in the night before
But when i awoke next morning
It was abuzz of activity
And i discovered i had been asleep
On some kind of stage
People were preparing banners of some kind
And there was lots of colours
And smiley faces
And no-one seemed the least bit bothered
That i had been sleeping
On what was clearly the main stage
I gathered my bits, and pieces
And loaded them into my rucksack
Put on my boots, and jacket
But couldn't find
My much treasured hat
And that's when the panic set in
I asked everyone, had they seen my hat
But they simply smiled
And said nothing
I began to feel quite agitated
As though
It was the most important thing
In the whole, wide, world
And then came the doubts
I asked what was this place?
Yet no-one would answer me
I asked if it was some kind of performance hall
They smiled, but remained silent
I tried to explain
That my hat
Had great sentimental value to me
And again the smile, And again the silence
And i began to start mourning
The loss of my hat
But began to also wonder
Why no-one would speak to me
And that in fact
I hadn't even heard anyone talk
I wondered if they belonged to some kind of religion
And were holding a vow of silence
Then the reality hit me
I don't know how i knew
I just did
That they were ghosts
The frightening truth, and reality of this was
If they were dead
Then perhaps
So was i
And that i'd died without my hat on
But how did i still have my rucksack?
this all put me into a frenzy
And i began wailing
Years later
I became known locally
As the Crying Lady
No doubt still mourning the loss of my favourite hat
But not my life!

by Jemia
Written by missjem56 (Jemia de Blondeville)
All writing remains the property of the author. Don't use it for any purpose without their permission.
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