Being AWOL

It's been an interesting couple of weeks.
I've had a bad patch with MH since some time in August.  I decided to wait it out for a while to see if the (regular, permanent) medication did its thing, because it's quite an amazing phenomenon to witness when that happens. Things are now going in the right direction. Although I usually rush back to work as soon as I'm allowed to, this term I've chosen to benefit from one school's music lessons policy, and the other school's laidback approach, in order to delay my return for a while. †I'm working very part-time this week and will be back properly next week.
In other ways, I've had a big step down in my abilities. †My EDS (Google it, I don't feel like explaining) neck/ shoulder, etc pain has been bad for a few months, thumbs have been giving up and now both elbows have joined in. †My bad left elbow (from a fall, four fractures at the joint and major surgery in 2009) has swollen up because I tripped and put my hand out a couple of weeks ago. †Since the operation I've been unable to put weight on the arm, so it simply buckled. †The bad arm is currently the better one though. †For the past few days, I've had a mysterious injury to the ligaments and tendons in my right arm. †I can still write a couple of sentences, but have lost much of the use of my arms. †I cannot lift or carry anything, drive, cycle, play the flute or piano, use a knife, manage certain clothing or brush my hair. †I can type with just my left hand, or an eraser-topped pencil.
In some ways, it doesn't matter if the new injury actually had a cause. †I can no longer use my thumbs unless they're taped, and realistically my body has really started to protest about the constant and numerous ligament injuries it's sustained over the past forty-odd years. †It's reached the point where I'm going to have to be held together artificially, so I'm now waiting for permanent splinting of my legs, thumbs, fingers and elbows. †I'm actively trying to limit the damage to my neck (sleep related) but the ligaments aren't strong enough to hold my head up properly all the time. †I fully intend to recover from this difficult patch, but recognise the need for things to change.
I remain focused on family, teaching, studying, writing and will aim to entertain at the first opportunity. I've also applied for a job (long story!) so have plenty to keep me busy and distracted.
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