King at last! Thank God Almighty I'm King at last!

By Stanley Collymore      
I just don't understand all this      
unseemly and exaggerated      
fawning basically over a      
96 year old dead woman and her  
undeniably, incestuously inbred,      
immoral, and let's be absolutely      
perfectly blunt quite essentially
discernibly criminally disposed  
family; as though this ordinary  
bunch of Windsors irrefutably        
belong to a quite rare species      
that's crucially set apart from      
the rest of us, who're literally      
regarded, as useless mortals.      
Since, all I can literally detect      
is, that it's evidently crucially      
naturally important to them,      
their odiously, brownnosing      
and thoroughly evil, blatant      
nepotistic, in vile rewarding      
and clearly, unquestionably      
so intentionally distinctively      
beneficiary terms, grasping      
stooges and visibly  gullible      
serfs to keep fostering that      
repulsively, sickening idea!      
Otherwise newly enlightened      
people might actually start      
to literally question what      
qualifications and experiences too
these quite unelected individuals,  
basically have, which distinctively
genuinely make them absolutely      
uniquely qualified for their truly,
rather highly lucrative roles. We      
don't ludicrously asininely keep      
Prime Ministers basically going      
until they die! And, should one
happen to literally die in office,      
we wouldn't automatically and      
most ridiculously as well allow      
that person's son or daughter,      
that's biologically the older, of      
that politician's offspring then      
to evidently immediately step      
into that job and likewise too,
basically simply carry on, as if        
nothing has actually changed.      
So why the Hell then should      
sensible aware and clearly      
intelligent people, rather      
asininely pander so unseemingly  
to this wholly Medieval mindset,      
thoroughly disturbingly; literally
obscenely privileged, physically      
undeniably, rather disgustingly      
wealthy through no distinctive      
skills, any visible natural merit      
or aptly, distinctly noteworthy      
education far less so relevant      
endeavours of their own and      
quite insultingly, are nothing      
more than a clear graspingly
avaricious, and an insolently
insidiously very perniciously      
quite arrogantly, delusional      
bunch of evilly self-entitled      
tossers, living sumptuously      
clearly in the 21st Century?      
(C) Stanley V. Collymore      
13 September 2022.      
Author's Remarks:        
Mass hysteria purposely and quite arrogantly contrived, and likewise cynically orchestrated by the clear, distinctly and visibly so, obscenely privileged, discernibly delusionally and quite arrogantly self-entitled, fittingly and self-servingly looking after their own specifically noxious and narcissistic interests is not, by any stretch of the most vivid of a fanciful or fatuous imagination, a society where the quite inevitable demise of its major architect should be solemnly mourned, attendant with the celebratory elevation of its principal beneficiary.
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Published | Edited 14th Sep 2022
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